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The Islamic Renaissance is Now

Islam once shone like a brilliant light, a beacon of human excellence, illuminating the darkness of the world and banishing the evil that lurks in the depths of the human being.

It was the beauty and brilliance of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) and the sincerity of his original Companions that created the greatest spiritual revolution the planet has ever seen, spreading the light of God from east to west.

The Islam they spread was not a religion of ritual and form, but a path of spirituality and enlightenment, a path of deep inner peace and presence.

And so, the Way was embraced among all nations and cultures, regardless of borders and languages.

Yet it was not long before the perfection and excellence of Islam was obscured, and the Community lost the spiritual reality of the Way, leading directly to the current Second Age of Ignorance, a time of pure materialism, and in which Islam has been largely distorted beyond recognition.

“A day shall arrive when there shall remain nothing of Islam save its name.”

— Prophet Muhammad (SAWS)

Yet now is the time. It is darkest before the dawn, and it is the will of Allah Almighty that the truth and reality of the Way be given back to humanity.

This site is dedicated to this Islamic Renaissance. A renaissance not of form, of identity, but of spirituality, of essence. We now have the greatest opportunity to reclaim the divine path, the Way, perfected and purified.

It will be through spiritual purification, through personal excellence, that Islam will re-emerge as the clear and straight path to Source that it was destined to be.

“Islam began unfamiliar, and it will become unfamiliar again just like it was at the beginning, so blessed will be they who are unfamiliar.”

— Prophet Muhammad (SAWS)

Join Us

Ihsan : Islamic RenaissanceThis is our opportunity to stand together for the excellence, perfection and beauty of Islam. To heal ourselves and our own lives, and so, to be of some value and service to the rest of humanity.

I invite you to join me in this mission, to become part of the Islamic Renaissance, by re-committing to the Islamic Spiritual Path of personal enlightenment.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

To Your Divine Success,

— Ihsan

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  1. Your islamicmeditation.com videos on Islam’s dimensions, stages, and meditation forms are a refreshing breeze, a cooling to the eyes, and a warming of the heart. The peaceful *maqam* of Ihsan’s presentation embodies, enacts, and expresses the *salam* & *mutma’inna* of truly lived and practiced Islam. I say this as an aspiring Sufi and an Assistant Professor of Islamic and Religious Studies at Central Michigan University. Having spent decades exolaining Islam to students, I assert that his is among the best presentations of Islam I have ever seen. In sha’ Allah I will ask my students to watch these excellent videos. Thank you and *Jazak bi’l-Khayr Allah.*

    1. Post

      Thank you Talat for your kind endorsement and thoughtful feedback. Wishing you the best always, may you be covered by Divine shade of the Almighty in this life and the next!

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