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Understand How the Universe Works

What you seek is seeking you.

Rumi (qs)

The Universe operates based upon fundamental laws established by God the Creator for the divine purpose of spiritual growth and awakening, and the law of attraction, like the law of gravity, is in operation at all times.

By learning how to understand the events and circumstances of our lives, and by fully embracing personal responsibility, you empower yourself to make the most of the gift of life that God Almighty has given you.

In this leading-edge 12-week course, you will learn how and why the law of attraction works, the divine purpose that it serves, and how it is meant to guide you to an internal state of be-ing based in joy, peace, harmony and happiness, also know as the State of Islam.


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“What comes to you of good is from God, yet what comes to you of evil is from yourselves.”

Surah an-Nisaa [4:79]

Master Yourself and Master Your Life

Mastering the Law of Attraction is a leading-edge 12-week online course in personal growth and spiritual development designed to empower you with information to live the life you were meant for.

Each heart has been inspired with that which leads to an individual’s greatest possibility and potential, and through which one fulfills their divine destiny.

Join us in this evolutionary course and awaken your divine potential as a happy, healthy, harmonious, joyous and successful human being.

 Become Magnetically Attractive
 Progressively Experience Positive Results
 Learn to Master Your Psycho-Emotional State
 Increasingly Experience Happiness and Joy
 Develop Your Spiritual Path and Practice
 Deepen Your Connection with Your Creator

Course Curriculum

Mastering the Law of Attraction is a comprehensive 12-week course based upon understanding the subtle laws upon which the Universe is based, and how to best live in harmony with Divine Will.

Below is a comprehensive course curriculum.

01: The Law of Attraction

  • The relationship between the law of attraction and al-Islam.
  • The relationship between the law of attraction and the law of gravity.
  • The function of the Universe as a mirror.
  • The importance of a proper paradigm and belief system.
  • Spiritual growth and awakening with the law of attraction.

02: The Power of Responsibility

  • The relationship between personal responsibility and spiritual maturity.
  • The secret psychological position to authentic empowerment.
  • The relationship between internal state and external circumstances.
  • Victim psychology and how it harms and disempowers you.
  • The first step in gaining control and mastery of your life experience.

03: The Power of Possibilities

  • The reality of infinite possibilities in accordance with the Greatness of God.
  • The relationship between a positive paradigm and true faith and belief in God.
  • How to experience a reality in harmony and alignment with Divine Will.
  • The internal state of paradise based in peace, presence, gratitude and love.
  • The power of focus and how it determines the reality you converge upon.

04: The Power of Choice

  • The divine secret and capacity of choice for human beings.
  • The cumulative and progressive choices between heaven and hell.
  • How to consciously choose happiness, peace, joy and success.
  • The truth regarding what the God Almighty wants for you.
  • How to align yourself with your greater divine destiny and the Will of God.

05: The Power of Speech

  • The unique gift and capacity of the human being for speech.
  • The importance of excellence in both thought and speech to attain success.
  • How to affirm that which is positive and in harmony with Divine Will.
  • How to become aware of and shift from negative patterns into positive ones.
  • How to dissolve dysfunctional programming and conditioning.

06: The Power of Vision

  • How subconscious expectations are formed and shaped in early childhood.
  • How subconscious paradigms and beliefs attract our results and circumstances.
  • Why life necessitates trauma, pain and wounds to be triggered.
  • How to cleanse the heart from negative images and subconscious expectations.
  • How to heal your heart and reclaim your fitrah (natural state of innocence).

07: The Power of Belief

  • The secret to the ultimate power within the Universe.
  • How the light of iman awakens us to who we truly are.
  • The divine power of belief and the necessity of transcending the mind.
  • The importance of shifting to heart and soul-based consciousness.
  • The importance of recognizing your inherent worthiness.

08: The Power of Action

  • The reality of the relationship between belief and action.
  • The relationship between action and divine support.
  • The most powerful way to attract to yourself positive circumstances and results.
  • The absolute importance of consistency in action to attract success.
  • The relationship between action and du'a (supplication).

09: The Power of Emotions

  • The vital importance of developing emotional awareness and intelligence.
  • How conditioning and programming lead to automatic emotional responses.
  • How to consciously choose the emotions you experience consistently.
  • How to rise from unconscious emotions into the peaceful state of al-Islam.
  • How to become magnetically attractive to positive circumstances and results.

10: The Power of Non-Attachment

  • The key difference between attachment that repels and love that attracts.
  • How attachment in reality precludes and is an impediment to true love.
  • The paradox of how need and dependence repel rather than attract.
  • The relationship between surrender and true love.
  • The necessity of transcendence and in-dependence to attract what you want.

11: The Power of Gratitude

  • The relationship between gratitude and the highest states of faith and belief.
  • The power of an attitude of gratitude.
  • How gratitude cultivates joy, awe and wonder.
  • How gratitude aligns us with the Divine Will of Allah Almighty.
  • Why gratitude is so powerfully rewarded by the Universe.

12: The Power of Joy

  • The realization of joy and happiness not as a destination, but rather as the path itself.
  • How to consciously choose happiness and joy consistently every single day.
  • The relationship between your emotional state and your beliefs about God.
  • How your ultimate emotional state is perpetuated into eternity upon death.
  • The relationship between your state of happiness and God’s happiness with you.

Member Testimonials

“Powerfully Truthful”

This was so powerful and truthful on a spiritual and practical level. May Allah reward you for the very calm and tranquil way you share such valuable information, and give you the best of this life and the hereafter. Jazakallah khair!

Ameedah (United States)

“This Course Has Awakened My Soul”

Subhanallah! I cried at so many points whilst listening to you.

Being on this course truly has awakened my soul. So many things you have said resonated with my own thoughts, feelings, experiences and realizations. Allahu Akbar! God is truly Great!

I I feel so overwhelmed with love right now, knowing and truly believing now that God loves me. Thank you so much for bringing me back to the path of love, the path of light.

 Alhamdullilah! Alhamdullilah! Alhamdullilah! In God we trust. I surrender.

— Shana (Brunei)

“Beautiful and Valuable Information”

Masha’llah, again a beautiful lesson with a lot of valuabale information. After understanding the law of attraction, lots of puzzle pieces have fallen into place.

I have been asking myself continiously, why am I facing so many similar scenarios in life? The law of gravity explains why. We are attracting the same to its kind.

This is a real eye-opener, understanding that Allah wants us to become successful and happy. Taking responsibility for everything in our life and not playing the victim will make us stronger.

Thanks for sharing this valuabale visdom with us!

— Djumalee (Netherlands)

“Truly Wonderful and Very Helpful”

Truly wonderful.  I will use the suggestions you provided about humbly serving others for the sake of Allah, forgiving myself and others, and moving toward gentle change in life patterns. This was very helpful.

— Ameedah (United States)

“Immensely Impactful”

Alhamdulillah, your courses are impacting my life immensely!

— Thomas (Belgium)

“A Blessing”

Thank you for allowing me to participate in Mastering the Law of Attraction. This course is such a blessing! I am listening to the lessons every day, masha’llah. May Allah Almighty reward you.

— Hanan (Denmark)


May Allah bless you with peace and more wisdom. Everytime you came with something new and revolutionary. May Allah strengthen your passion to enlighten humanity.

It's awesome to have such amazing courses to improve mental, physical and emotional conditions within. This course creates massive enthusiasm in me to be a part of great activity.

— Shahbaz (Pakistan)

“So Very Grateful for this Program”

I am so very grateful for having been guided to this program, it resonates with my core, and I have listened to each lesson over and over again.

May Allah Almighty reward you in this life and the next. Amin.

— Peju (United States)

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