Awakening Vital Life Force with Daud Scott: Session 01

In this first session, nutritionist and holistic practitioner, Dr. Daud Scott shares key insights on human health and happiness, particularly as they relate to spiritual development and the awakening of human potential.

In this illuminating video, Dr. Daud also begins to explain the classical concept of vital life force and how this divine energy not only animates and sustains life, but how it is also the key to creativity, connection, health, happiness and healing.

He also begins to share essential tips on augmenting your vital life force so that you can both begin healing physically, mentally and emotionally, and living life to your true, divine and God-given potential.

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41 Comments on “Awakening Vital Life Force with Daud Scott: Session 01”

  1. Alhamdulillah. All praise be to Allah. I am happy because I could start the day watching such a rewarding video-lecture. Ma sha Allah. May Allah reward you all. Waiting to listen to the next lecture.

  2. Thank you brother Ihsan for another great inspiring video on living consciously, may Allah reward you abundantly and elevate your work as you are awakening our consciousness to what is possible. I look forward to seeing the next video.

    1. You are very welcome, Peju. May 2019 be the foundation for a bright, healthy and powerful future for you and your loved ones. To your divine and eternal success.

  3. What an absolutely insightful and wonderful session BarakAllahufik! This strongly resonates with me. Ever since I came across how every place in Qur’an Kareem Allah swt always commands us to eat not just Halaal but “Halaal and Tayyab” I have been out looking for answers to what truly constitutes “tayyab” (good) food and all the awareness is leading to a lifestyle overhaul. Looking forward to the upcoming sessions.

    1. Bismiallah,

      Jazakallah Khair for your responses and interest in this aspect of healing that has often been overlooked for some time now in the Ummah. Please feel free to share and discuss with others at will to get this aspect risen again. Please stay tuned for more videos and more chances to engage soon inshallah. As Salaam Alaykum.

    2. Masha’llah, exactly right Mahjabeen. As believers, we first and foremost have the blessed opportunity to embrace excellence in every area of our lives. Stay tuned, more great content on the way.

  4. asalaamoalaikm
    a beautiful & profound way of life for all!
    jazak Allah khair to all who contributed in making this video …
    may Allah Subhanatalah bless you all for your efforts abundantly, with eman health wealth and happiness .ameen

    1. Ameen Syeda. Please keep us in your duas and more videos and information will be coming soon to follow this one up.

    2. Allahumma ameen, thank you and may you and your loved ones be blessed with health, happiness and success always. Insha’llah Session 02 will be up very soon.

  5. May Allah reward you and all those involved in producing this video. I have a question – which foods do you promote for reviving our vital energy? Jazakum Allah khair

    1. Thank you Gigi for your interest and for taking the time to watch this. You asked a good question and it is actually going to be covered in the next two videos that are going to be released very shortly; you don’t want to miss it! I will be getting into some initial foods and starting points to start to brighten and recharge access to the Vital Life Force. Please stay tuned.

  6. Salam
    This was much needed, thank you brothers for contribution, BarakAllahu feekum and as always waiting for the next gem video 🙂

    Wa Salam

  7. Thank you so much for this insightful and enlighting talk Dr. Daud:)
    Alhamdullah, by His Grace, Allah has allowed me to go through a phase of rediscovering my vital life force through meditation, breathing and healthy eating.

    So, your speech has really resonated with my recent state of being and just because I was ready, Allah willed that I listened to these words of wisdom of yours!

    Subhan Allah, it is so true when the student is ready, the teacher appears:)

    So GRATEFUL! Jazakum Allah khair, you and brother Ihsan for all the good you do and the love you spread to humanity:)


    1. Ya Latif.

      Nermeen, I am so glad that you have found your path towards your own healing and light. It is our hope that this and forthcoming sessions are going to be a part of a larger conversation and movement inshallah. Please stand by for much more to come. Afwan for your support.

  8. Asalamu Alaikum!
    I am a retired 69 years old Indian and have “asthma” since childhood, heavily dependent upon medicines (Inhalers, antibiotic and steroids also whenever required). Will the program be helpful? I couldn’t however see any video. Allah Hafiz,

    1. Asalamu Alaikum,
      Well, I have gone thru’ the video. It’s very preliminary and descriptive, and without any concrete suggestion or action. I think it needs to be more direct and practical action oriented.
      Allah Hafiz.

      1. As Salaam Alaykum Amanulah.

        Yes. This is just the first of 3 videos and of many conversations to come forth with this focal point. We are looking to establish a starting point to really see where we are and how to move forward by having a beginning to an honest conversation about health in the Ummah. With every video, people like yourself may be going through a specific issue. You will have an opportunity to move forward for personal time with me specifically, shortly to tailor a program that is specific for you. Please stay tuned for much more to come. This is just the beginning.

  9. Very enlightening.
    Looking forward to hear more and then to do the amaals.
    May Allah azzawajal bless you Dr Daud Scott.

  10. Alhumdulilah. I did watch it once but I may consider watching it again to make sure I heard it all as I tend to be multitasking many times. I pray that Allah subhanawataallh will continue to bless you all as you share your expertise in these areas. Ameen.

  11. It was absolutely valuable , insightful & inspiring session.

    I am grateful to you both ( Brother Ihsan & Brother Daud Scott ).

    Looking forward to the next sessions.

  12. Extremely enlightening Dr Scott…thank you so much…Looking forwards to your next session…Unfortunatley the worlds population have taken on Orthodox meds like theres no tomorrow…It is easy and accessible, it is hard working on your own self…

    1. Ameen. Haqq.

      Right and exact sister Yasmin. While standard pharmaceutical medication can be critical in extreme life- threatening situations, it is the preventative aspect of healing that is lacking in our current health care model. Food, herbs, movement, internal stress regulation and connection to that Infinite Power needs to be sought after by us on our own. That’s were the true healing begins.

  13. Thank you brother Ihsan for another great inspiring video. May Allah swt reward you abundantly and elevate your work as you are awakening our consciousness to what is possible. I look forward to seeing the next video

    1. Alhamdulillah, and thank you for tuning in, Hasina. May Allah Almighty continue to bless your heart and your path. To your divine and eternal success.

  14. Masha Allah, it was enlightening. May ALLAH give us the ability to choose the right diet and lifestyle for our ultimate spiritual and worldly success.

  15. السلام عليكم و رحمةالله و بركاته
    Dear Dr. Scott and Br. Ihsan,

    Your lecture in this video confirms what we’ve been taught in the madrasa taleem ( mind/عقل, body/جسم & spirit/روح ) we received.
    Authentic, sincere and well presented.
    A Sahabi/Companion who had just accepted Islam and moved to Madinah Al-Munawwara came to our Master Sayyidina Rasool’Allah Sallallahu Ta’ala A’laihi Wa Sallam and said Ya Rasool’Allah by profession I’m a Greek Doctor and would like to serve our community by opening a clinic fee sabeel’Allah with your permission? Holy Master Sallallahu Ta’ala A’laihi Wa Sallam blessed and permitted him. So he opened a clinic in The Holy Madina Al-Munawwara and week or two gone by no patients so the doctor comes to the Holy Master and complains Ya Rasool’Allah Sallallahu Ta’ala A’laihi Wa Sallam per your permission I opened the clinic but it’s been days with no patients why?
    So The Holy Master Sayyidul Ambiya Wa Al-Mursaleen Sallallahu Ta’ala A’lahi Wa Sallam replied: our secret of no illness and in a state of good health is we only eat when we are truly hungry then when we do eat we only eat half the stomach.
    Hadith Shareef meaning/مفهوم Sahih Bukhari Shareef.
    I’m looking forward to the next video.
    Appreciate your hard work and sincere efforts in educating me. May Allah A’azzah Wa Jal with the blessings of His Beloved reward you abundantly and shower His Mercy upon you and your loved ones.
    Ameen, Thumma Ameen!
    شكرًا و جزاكم الله خيرًا كثيرًا

    1. Ya Latif.

      Your insight and historical reminder of the Seerah of our community and balance of health among the Sahabah (r.a.) is again another reminder of what truly is possible in terms of health and wellness. When we allow the power of Spirituality to fully engulf us, it only gets more heightened and electrified when we have as much of the charging foods, herbs and healing drinks flowing within us, which is supplied by Allah (a.w.j). I truly feel that we are at a precipice of a major shift of consciousness thats about to take hold in the world when it comes to the view of what is possible in terms of health; I am already seeing it daily in peoples lives. We are very grateful to be here in this moment. Please keep us in your duas.

      The second session video is now live. Please feel free to view and share at will. Your love and support is appreciated and what drives this work.

      As Salaam Alaykum.

    2. Masha’llah, and thank you for sharing. Indeed, the blessed and noble path of the Prophet ﷺ is whole, complete and balanced in every way. May Allah Almighty inspire us and our community to truly and sincerely rise in excellence and to success in both this life and the next. Blessed regards.

  16. Beautifully said and I’m about to watch the next episode. I’m a Kinesiology Practitioner and it is sad to see the state of the majority, it breaks my heart. Alhamdulillah there had been a shift in the last few years and I hope InshaAllah this will only grow. Our bodies are sacred and amazing and when given the right environment they have the ability to heal themselves. Allah bless you brother Daud for sharing your knowledge and you too brother Ihsan for giving us this opportunity. May Allah give you both much success and make you the means to help others 🙂

    1. May your search and quest on that shift in perspective continue to blossom and be expanded for you sister Ayesha. We appreciate your listening. All sessions are up and you can conclude it with the Live Webinar that was recently done as well. Jazakallah Khair for your words and support.

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