Awakening Vital Life Force with Daud Scott: Session 02

In this second session of this series, Dr. Daud Scott begins going into much greater detail and specifics with regards to the healing power of foods and lifestyle choices, and how specific things contribute to the body’s innate ability to heal by catalyzing the vital life force.

Topics covered include hydration, gut health, movement, the dangers of sitting, an alternative paradigm to health, healing and wellness, the preeminence of prevention over cure, treating root causes rather than just simply managing symptoms, the body as a sacred and divine trust, and the absolute importance of personal responsibility towards one’s health and wellness.

Dr. Daud also goes into detail regarding the healing power of foods, the significance of the very hues and colors of natural foods, the effect of foods not the brain and upon mental clarity and function, the importance of different tastes such as the sour and the bitter, the importance of proper rest and honoring natural circadian rhythms, how foods and dietary choices affect the quality of sleep, the importance and effect of exercise upon both cardiovascular health and the flow of vital life force, the unique benefits of strength training, the efficacy of herbs and spices, the value of supplements when taken as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle, and much more.

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10 Comments on “Awakening Vital Life Force with Daud Scott: Session 02”

  1. Assalamu Alaikum Dr,

    Excellent material, Alhumdulilah.

    One question please – I try very hard to avoid antibiotics at all costs, I have only taken them once in maybe 15 years or so (Alhumdulilah that I havent had the need).

    However, I have had a probable tooth infection for a week and may need to take some now, very reluctantly, as its not clearing up. What can i do to reduce the negative impact of these things ? I would be very grateful for your advice.

    Jazakallah khair.

    1. Walikum Salaam.

      If you have not been prone to taking antibiotics and are now finding yourself in a situation where you may have no choice but to take them: this is actually when they work best. Because you have been careful for many years to watch out and take care, I don’t believe that taking them for this acute situation will be overly harmful. But you will want to follow it up afterwards by detoxifying the body and resetting the balance of your gut flora because it gets thrown off balance when antibiotics are taken. Once the regimen is finished, Spirulina is excellent for detoxifying the effects that antibiotics have on the liver, and then a good healthy Probiotic can help reestablish your gut flora.

      After all is done, you may want to consider Oil Pulling (many articles on it) for oral care. It is a long term approach, but has worked wonders for me personally and those I know who are doing it.

      Allah Hafiz.

      1. Jazakallah Khair for your reply Dr, I appreciate it very much and will try to implement the advice.

  2. Adeeb try Alicin C Max it’s a garlic extract and powerful alternative to antibiotics and has worked well for me and my family

    Thank you brother Duad for enlightening talk.

    1. Afwan Arshad.

      And yes the Aclicin extract out of garlic is very effective. If anyone is wondering in general what some of the most powerful natural antibiotics are: Garlic, oregano oil extract, echinacea extract, golden seal extract, rosemary extract and apple cider vinegar. Personally as a practitioner, use garlic as an antibiotic, as a probiotic and as a heart regulator. If anyone is thinking of using garlic, just please be aware that it does lower the blood pressure slightly; so timing is everything. Oregano extract and oil are use in my home. Alhumdullilah, thus far these have done their jobs well and no one in the house has had to take antibiotics thus far.

    2. Thanks for your advice Brother Arshad,

      I have already (very reluctantly) started taking the antibiotics, what I will do is ensure to take garlic apple cider vinegar along with it.

      In sha Allah the infection will clear up very quickly without the need for taking them for much longer.

  3. As salaam alakium,
    I have benefit already from you video sessions. I’m reminded to keep up with fluid; water. Keep living a natural healthy life style and sharing these concepts with my family and friends.

    1. Shurkran Zena,

      This is the overall intention inshallah. Each one, be an example for one. Have a blessed day.

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