Awakening Vital Life Force with Daud Scott: Session 03

In this third and final introductory series on awakening vital life force with Dr. Daud Scott, we discuss the preeminently important topic of emotional and psychological health and wellness as it relates to physical vitality and the body’s ability to heal.

Dr. Daud explains in this informative session the absolute importance of learning how to love and treat oneself with mercy, compassion and forgiveness, and how failing to do so not only compromises the body’s ability to heal and maintain a vital state, but is also causal in failing to take adequate care of oneself to begin with.

When a human being due to trauma and negative experiences in life internalizes disdain and dislike for oneself, it increasingly manifests in self-neglect and self-abuse, leading to poor health and lifestyle choices, ultimately resulting in disease and debilitation.

Dr. Daud also emphasizes the importance of personal responsibility with regards to one’s health and wellness, the necessity of both “tying one’s camel and trusting in Allah,” and how healing your relationship with yourself is key to healing your relationship with your Lord and Creator.

Lastly, Dr. Daud speaks to the importance of overcoming cultural conditioning and seeking out knowledge, mentorship and coaching in the vital and key areas of one’s life, particularly with regards to health and wellness, in addition to personal growth and spiritual development.

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9 Comments on “Awakening Vital Life Force with Daud Scott: Session 03”

  1. Salaams brother Daud…Holistically n nutritionally what do you think about the doshas to heal ones self from illness ?….Hand in hand with the spiritual work we need to do…

    1. Walikum Salaam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakathu.

      If you are speaking in terms of Ayurvedic medicine in practice, the reality is if we put its perspective on Deen separate from the healing art, there are some benefits practically speaking. We just of course use the halal aspects of the herbs, and foods. This is what the Unani Tibb Muslim doctors of the past were able to do, take the good of an healing art and put it in context to Islamic lifestyle. Just in the same way that you can find good in Traditional Chinese Medicine and other healing modalities, the person has to sometimes learn what flows and what to leave aside . The good news though, is that Islam has its own dosha, energy and Lataif healing traditions for healing. I plan on going into this more during our Live Webinar inshallah. Appreciate your question.

  2. beautiful guidance by the grace of Allah Subhanatalah dr daud …
    may Allah Subhanatalah bless you, ihsan alexander & your team for your efforts …
    loved this video …
    jazak Allah khairn

    1. Ya Rabbi Shukr.

      These efforts are for the people. I am glad you have enjoyed this series. Please join us if you can for our Live Webinar if you are able.

      As Salaam Alaykum.

  3. Beautiful guidance and series. May Allah Subhanatalah bless you. I am a little confused about self-love that you mention and the spiritual concept of self-lessness which I learnt through Islamic meditation program. Is the goal to love our selfs, or letting our selfs go. I would really appreciate some guidance from Ihsan or the Dr Said Scott on this topic of self.
    Thank you!

    1. As Salaam Alaykum Amra. Mashallah this is a great question.


      When speaking of ‘Self-Love’ in the context of this series, I am talking about the ‘self-love’ for looking after your health, caring about the foods and thoughts that enter our being and mental well-being in the most positive aspect to be able to have the best life we can while in this temporary plane of existence. This is the more accepted and encouraged type of self-care that is encouraged, because through that Vital Health, you would be able in turn to benefit society in some way.

      Then there is the negative, egoist type of Self-Preoccupation and “love” that indulges without thought or care to outcomes of someones actions. It is just based in the fulfillment and concern without consideration of health, positive thoughts and what could be given to others. Inshallah I hope this clarifies this for you and may your path continued to be widened and illuminated for you.

      Allah Hafiz.

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