Awakening Vital Life Force with Daud Scott: Webinar

Dr. Daud Scott : Awakening Vital Life Force: Webinar

In this live webinar with Dr. Daud Scott, we discuss the topic of awakening vital life force and vibrant health and wellness as it relates to the key and critical dimensions of our lives, such as with regards to spiritual development and the clarification of consciousness, effectiveness in business and career, and joy and love in one’s personal relationships.

Additional topics covered include the classical and wholistic model of health and wellness in contrast to the segmented and symptom oriented current medical model, the importance of exemplifying the Islamic ideal in our lifestyle choices and states of consciousness, the preeminent importance of embracing personal responsibility in one’s life, a balanced understanding of divine destiny, and much more.

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  1. This series of videos + webinar were fantastic and very useful. Thank you very much.

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