Join us in the world premier launch of Awakenings Academy with the evolutionary course, Mastering the Law of Attraction. Awaken your divine potential and rediscover your divine purpose.

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What is Awakenings Academy?

Awakenings Academy is the premier persistent learning platform designed to provide you perpetual support and leading-edge education based upon both classical sources and the best of new knowledge.

Personal growth and spiritual development are the keys to an authentically empowered life, and are essential to true fulfillment and success. With Awakenings Academy, you will learn how to master your self and thus how to master your life.

As a member of Awakening Academy, you will have exclusive access to the best new material as it is made available with weekly training modules that include video training sessions, supplemental audio components and even live training sessions.

Membership in Awakenings Academy is only $50/month, and you can cancel at any time. Furthermore, you will have lifetime access to any courses you acquire as a member.

Additionally, as a member of Awakenings Academy, you will have exclusive access and discounts to previously released courses and content, on average saving 50% on tuition fees.

“Seeking knowledge is a duty upon every believer.”

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ [Ibn Majah]

Exclusive Leading-Edge Education

Awakenings Academy is designed to bring you the absolute best and leading-edge information and training in a premier user experience.

As a member of Awakenings Academy, you will have exclusive access to the best information based in both classical and traditional sources, as well the best in new and relevant knowledge based in the latest developments in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, physics and more.

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Each week, you will receive new and leading-edge professionally produced content that will enable and empower you to continually take your life to ever-ascending levels of success.

What You Seek is Seeking You

The great master and mystical poet Rumi (qs) wrote, “What you seek is seeking you.”

Rediscover the Law of Attraction through a deeply spiritual perspective and learn how to consciously create the circumstances that by divine will seek to reach you.

Mastering the Law of Attraction

Learn to master the law of attraction with the very first course released for Awakenings Academy. In Mastering the Law of Attraction, you will learn how to consciously attract circumstances and results that correspond to the deeper calling of your soul, and thus to the flowering of your potential while upon this plane of existence.

Mastering the Law of Attraction is a transformative three month course that will take you to an entirely new plateau of peace, prosperity and divine purpose. Following is a tentative weekly course outline and schedule.

Mastering the Law of Attraction: Level 1

In Mastering the Law of Attraction: Level 1, you will learn the foundations and basis of what is commonly known as the “Law of Attraction,” and how to consciously align yourself with divine purpose to naturally attract that which you truly seek and which will serve your greatest growth.

 Week 1: The Law of Attraction
 Week 2: The Power of Responsibility
 Week 3: The Power of Possibilities
 Week 4: The Power of Choice

Mastering the Law of Attraction: Level 2

In Mastering the Law of Attraction: Level 2, we will learn how to consciously attract and create by the choices we make and the intentional actions we take daily. At this stage, you will begin seeing significant changes and improvements in the quality of your life and circumstances

 Week 5: The Power of Speech
 Week 6: The Power of Vision
 Week 7: The Power of Belief
 Week 8: The Power of Action

Mastering the Law of Attraction: Level 3

In Mastering the Law of Attraction: Level 3, we will dive into the deeper dimension of attraction and creation, and learn of the divine power of state in relation to our results. At this level, through progressive self-mastery, we experience greater levels of life-mastery and the realization and experience of life as it is meant to be: joyous, peaceful, prosperous and on purpose.

 Week 9: The Power of Emotions
 Week 10: The Power of Non-Attachment
 Week 11: The Power of Be-ing
 Week 12: The Power of Joy

Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity and join us in Awakenings Academy, in which you will learn how to master the Law of Attraction and create the results and experience you were destined for and that is in harmony and in alignment with Divine Will and your divine purpose.

“Whosoever treads a path in the pursuit of knowledge, God will make easy for him or her the path to Paradise.”

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ [Muslim]

Additional Courses

Knowledge is light and the perpetual growth through learning, development and evolution is the purpose of life for the believer.

The Awakening Academy platform is designed to provide a persistent learning environment that is conducive to progressive growth, development and success, and that will continually improve quality of life and awakening to ever greater levels of peace, prosperity and divine purpose.

In addition to Mastering the Law of Attraction, the following are just a few of the courses planned for members of Awakenings Academy to continue to grow and evolve with.

The Beginning of Guidance

In this course based upon the great Imam Ghazali’s Beginning of Guidance, we will learn fundamental keys to practice in the path that leads to success through self-purification and the cultivation of sincerity.

Mastering The Divine Matrix

Based upon the pioneering work The Divine Matrix by Greg Braden that bridges the understanding between leading-edge physics and classical spirituality, this course will support the realization of a deep and profound spiritual path and practice based in the awakening of human potential and possibility.

Surrendering Self-Direction

In this course based upon Illuminating Guidance on the Dropping of Self-Direction written by the great 13th century sage and scholar Shaykh Ibn Ata’illah as-Sekandari (qs), we will develop greater clarity and consciousness in deep-rooted trust and reliance upon the Will of the Divine, thus diminishing stress and anxiety, and increasing strength and success.

Much, Much More…

As a member of Awakenings Academy, you will have exclusive access to the best leading-edge courses and content designed to help you realize your greatest possibility and to awaken to your divine potential. New and innovative courses will be developed and released in a persistent platform that will lead you to ever greater levels of success in both this life and the next.

“O Allah, I ask you to grant me knowledge that is of benefit.”

Prayer of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ [Ibn Majah]

An Exclusive Learning Platform

As a member of Awakenings Academy, you will receive exclusive access to leading-edge courses as they are created in addition to exclusive discounts on previously released material.

On average, Awakenings Academy members will receive a 50% discount on enrollment in any courses offered and available, in addition to priority registration and special access to courses not currently open to public enrollment.

At only $50/month, premier learning and education is affordable and accessible to all. Furthermore, there are no terms and you can cancel at any time, while preserving lifetime access to any courses acquired as a member.

“O my Lord! Increase me in knowledge.”

Surah Ta-Ha [Holy Qur’an, 20:114]