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Awakenings Academy

The path of progress requires persistence and can be likened more to a marathon than a sprint.

With Awakenings Academy, you will have the opportunity to join a growing community of visionaries throughout the world committed to personal development and spiritual awakening so as to realize your inherent divine potential as an honored deputy of the Divine.

In addition to new training modules and resources made available first and foremost to members, you will also have the opportunity to participate weekly in live group coaching calls and sessions during which you can interact directly with me as well as with other members.

In seeking to create change, nothing can be more vital than a supportive and encouraging environment, and with Awakenings Academy, you can ensure you will get the persistent and leading-edge learning you require to take your life and your results to the next level.

I look forward to working with you and having you join our growing community of dedicated individuals continually seeking to establish sincerity, success and excellence in every dimension of life.

To your divine and eternal success.


Currently Closed for Enrollment

Please note that Awakenings Academy is currently closed for new enrollment. Please make sure you are on our newsletter for updates and to be notified once enrollment is open again. And please join us in one of our other leading-edge courses in the meantime.

“O Allah, I ask you to grant me knowledge that is of benefit.”

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ [Ibn Majah]

Exclusive Leading-Edge Education

Awakenings Academy is designed to bring you the absolute best and most leading-edge information and training in a premier user experience. Each week, you will receive new and leading-edge professionally produced content that will enable and empower you to continually take your life to ever-ascending levels of success.

As a member of Awakenings Academy, you will have exclusive access to the best information based in both classical and traditional sources, as well the best in new and relevant information based in the latest developments in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, physics and more.

In addition to weekly Group Coaching Calls and sessions of suhba, during which you can join us in live and interactive sessions by phone, you will receive exclusive access to new and current Awakenings Masterclasses each month designed to empower you towards new levels of health, wellness and success in both this life and beyond.

Additionally, in the Meetings with Masters Masterclass, you will get exclusive access to leading-edge interviews and training sessions each month with current and evolutionary teachers and guides, enabling you to continually advance your development and learning, and thus your results and experience.

Lastly, the exclusive Awakenings Academy WhatsApp Group will provide you the opportunity to connect with like-minded souls throughout the world and likely within your geographic region, providing spiritual companionship and support in your journey Home to the Divine Presence of God.

 Current and Leading-Edge Information
 Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls
 Monthly Awakenings Masterclasses
 Monthly Meetings with Masters Masterclasses
 Exclusive Community WhatsApp Group
 Program Cost: $95 Initiation + $40/Month

Program Components

Awakenings Academy is designed to deliver overwhelming value and to support you with the most relevant and applicable information and training to empower you towards your best possible life.

For less than $1 per day, you can become a member of Awakenings Academy and join of a growing community of seekers and believers throughout the world who are committed to personal growth and spiritual excellence, and who with the grace and guidance of God will serve as the emissaries of divine light and beauty in the world to come.

Following are details of the program components.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Members will have exclusive access to live and interactive Group Coaching Calls each week during which you will have the opportunity to get real support upon your personal path of spiritual growth and development.

These sessions of suhba, or companionship and association, are a vital component of a comprehensive program designed to empower you towards your greatest, happiest, most fulfilled and most successful possibility.

Monthly Awakenings Masterclass

The Awakenings Masterclass is a comprehensive training module created to provide you the tools, resources, information and training you need to increase and augment your level of awareness, and thus to begin healing and awakening your heart and your inherent divine potential.

Each month we will dive in depth into a new and leading-edge topic that is relevant, and that will with the light and blessings of God empower you towards health, happiness and success in both this life and beyond.

Monthly Meetings with Masters Masterclass

In addition to the leading-edge coaching and training listed above, members will receive exclusive access to new and current interviews and training sessions with evolutionary teachers and guides that will help advance your level of learning in new and blessed ways.

The Meetings with Masters Masterclass is a special opportunity to benefit from pioneers in the fields of spirituality and personal development who are beautifully harmonizing both classical knowledge with current science and information.

Members WhatsApp Group

Upon the path of change and transformation, companionship and association are vital to ensure and sustain consistency and progress.

Members of Awakenings Academy will have exclusive access to a members WhatsApp Group through which you can connect with like-minded souls across the globe and likely in your region who are committed to personal growth, development and the awakening of the heart's sacred and divine potential as an emissary and deputy of the Divine.

Member Testimonials

"This Group is Truly Amazing"

Wow! Wow! Wow! So many amazing insights going on. This group is truly amazing. We are having the kind of conversations that should be happening and needs to be happening but haven't been. We right now can be that change!

Shana (Brunei)

"Touched My Heart Profoundly"

Thank you very much for today's Group Coaching session. It touched my heart profoundly with the topic, especially about keeping the right companionship.

Kaneez (Saudi Arabia)

"Incredibly Grateful"

I am just so incredibly grateful to be here.

Melissa (United States)

"Thankful For This Blessed Group"

Alhamdulillah, I thank Allah Almighty for giving us this blessed group. I look forward to reading all the sharings every day.

I just finished listening to the replay of this week's Group Coaching call. Masha-Allah, it was amazing! Alhamdulillah, your words touched my heart and the tears just started flowing. May Allah ease our hijrah and transformation. Ameen!

Nooreen (Brunei)

Exclusive Leading-Edge Education

Awakenings Academy is the premier persistent learning platform designed to provide you perpetual support and leading-edge education based upon both classical sources and the best of new knowledge.

Personal growth and spiritual development are the keys to an authentically empowered life, and are essential to true fulfillment and success. With Awakenings Academy, you will learn how to master your self and thus how to master your life.

As a member, you will have exclusive access to the best new material as it is made available with weekly training modules that include video training sessions, supplemental audio components and even live training sessions.

Membership is $95 to join and then only $40/month thereafter, and you can cancel at any time.

I look forward to welcoming you to our growing community of authentically empowered individuals who are healing their hearts and awakening their potential.

Currently Closed

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