10 Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan

The reasons for fasting in Ramadan are innumerable, however in this article, I present 10 powerful reasons for fasting in Ramadan.

By consciously aligning your intention with these 10 reasons for fasting in Ramadan, you position yourself to get the most out of this divine spiritual practice, and so to truly progress in your personal growth and spiritual evolution.

What are the Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan?

At present, nearly two billion human beings on planet earth are counted among the Islamic faith, and fasting in Ramadan is a unique annual event shared by a large percentage of Muslims in what is undoubtedly one of the most profound global spiritual experiences in the world.

Why do Muslims observe fasting in Ramadan, and what are some of the benefits of fasting in Ramadan?

While in reality the rewards for fasting in Ramadan are countless and its full benefits known only to God, the following are ten very important reasons for fasting in Ramadan, and why Muslims are encouraged to take advantage of this unique social and spiritual experience.

10 Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan

Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan, #1: A Pillar of Islam

The foundation of Islamic spiritual practice is known as the Five Pillars of Islam, which form the basis for a spiritual culture designed to provide an ideal environment for personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Fasting in Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, constituting one of the most valuable spiritual practices designed to empower a human being in overcoming the self and transcending the ego, the one true veil between a human being and his or her Creator.

Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan, #2: Spiritual Purification

One of the primary benefits of fasting in Ramadan is spiritual purification, the essential goal of Islamic Spirituality.

Although we tend to think of the mind, body and spirit as separate components, in reality they are all connected and interrelated, and improvement in any one naturally effects improvement in the others as well.

Fasting in Ramadan purifies the mind, body and spirit, leading to greater clarity, sensitivity and health.

Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan, #3: Health

10 Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan : HealthIt has now been scientifically documented and demonstrated that one of the most effective factors in improving human health and longevity is the reduction of intake and consumption.

Fasting in Ramadan allows the digestive system, the engine of the body, to rest from the normal demands of processing and breaking down food, freeing up system resources to cleanse and purify the body of accumulated toxins, thereby allowing more effective healing and tissue repair.

Fasting in Ramadan keeps the body healthy and youthful (provided one does not overindulge when breaking fast).

Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan, #4: Family and Community

One of the greatest benefits and reasons for fasting in Ramadan is renewing solidarity and cultivating positive relationships with one’s family and community.

Only one who observes fasting in Ramadan can truly know the beauty and joy of breaking fast with others, celebrating the gift of life daily for thirty days with loved ones.

Fasting in Ramadan is truly one of the greatest social experiences a human being will ever have, and this is one of the most important aspects of this unique pillar of Islamic practice.

Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan, #5: Gratitude

It’s true that one generally does not realize what he or she has until it’s gone or not available, and by fasting in Ramadan, Muslims become acutely aware of the unlimited abundance of divine favor God Almighty has blessed humanity with, particularly with regards to sustenance.

The cultivation of gratitude is a core purpose of Islam, and few spiritual practices cultivate gratitude as does fasting in Ramadan!

Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan, #6: Humility and Selflessness

By fasting in Ramadan, a Muslim realizes how totally dependent we as human beings are upon the divine grace of God for survival, and humility is a natural result of this realization.

Generally, we take things for granted and become heedless as a result of living in the world, dunya, yet by fasting in Ramadan, we are continually reminded of our frailty and dependence upon the Divine, leading us to humility, reverence, piety and selflessness — primary goals of Islamic Spirituality.

Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan, #7: Empathy and Compassion

10 Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan : Empathy and CompassionAlthough we live in a world of natural abundance, of divine grace and providence, unfortunately due to a  lack of empathy, compassion and solidarity among human beings, there are many throughout the globe who still struggle with hunger, poverty, lack and scarcity.

When a Muslim observes fasting in Ramadan, he or she feels the hunger that many experience daily as a normal consequence of their circumstances.

By fasting in Ramadan, we develop the holy qualities of empathy and compassion, becoming more aware of our intrinsic connection and oneness with all human beings regardless of borders or labels that create artificial separation among the citizens of the human race.

This then leads us to greater contribution and selflessness in the service of our fellow human beings, constituting one of the most valuable reasons for fasting in Ramadan.

Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan, #8: Restraint and Self-Discipline

The modern world and its culture are largely defined by materialism, consumption and instant gratification of desires. This results in the diminishment of human consciousness, the regression of planetary culture and the suppression of the soul.

Yet by fasting in Ramadan, a Muslim consciously curtails this unhealthy norm by intentionally practicing restraint and self-discipline, separating him or herself from the animal kingdom which is governed by the unconscious drive to satiate one’s immediate physical needs and desires.

Fasting in Ramadan is thus an essential practice for attaining true freedom and independence from dunya, the external world of form and appearances, and for the liberation of the soul from the self, the mind-body that is unconsciously driven by fear and the struggle survival.

Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan, #9: Simplicity and Non-Attachment

When living without discipline and restraint, life quickly becomes overly complicated, leading to a heavy burden that results in unnecessary stress, anxiety, unhappiness and difficulty.

By fasting in Ramadan, we limit excess and indulgence, facilitating the return to simplicity and non-attachment, releasing one from dependence on dunya and so contributing to psychological health and happiness, and practical wellness and balance.

Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan, #10: Focus

With the constant demands of modern life, it’s all too easy to become lost and forget who we are, and so to unconsciously forget our divine purpose and destiny.

Without constant reminder, we become lost in the dream of dunya and become disconnected from reality.

Fasting in Ramadan for thirty days is a powerful practice in restoring and strengthening focus, direction, balance and purpose to our lives.

Fasting in Ramadan is a Gift from God

The opportunity to observe fasting in Ramadan is a gift from God, allowing us to grow and develop as human beings, enabling us to become more compassionate, caring, kind and grateful.

Fasting in Ramadan is a unique opportunity to develop spiritually and gain strength and control over our selves, our egos, the nafs, the unconscious automatic primitive nature that tends to dominate our lives when unchecked.

By observing fasting in Ramadan, a Muslim has a profound and unique opportunity to become more peaceful, present and spiritual — the very goal of Islam.

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Share Your Experiences and Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan

What are some of the benefits and special experiences you’ve been graced with by fasting in Ramadan? What insights have you gained? How has fasting in Ramadan helped you as a human being and as a Muslim?

Share in the comments below and let us know!

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  1. Jazakallah bro, may the Almighty Allah reward you for passing on this powerful knowledge for this Blessed month.

    Sis shaheen

  2. assalamualaikum…ihsan bhai thank u very very much fr this beautigul article..may allah fulfill all your jayez dreams and may u get prosperity in life..aameen..if possible pls forward some article with the prayers and dua and ayats to be recited in ramadan to make it more graceful…dnt gorget to remember in dua..allah hafiz

  3. Assalamualaikum Ihsan,
    After reading your “10 Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan” I am becoming more and more knowledgeble of the Ramadan’s meaning and great value. I do hope, insha Allah, one day in the near future you would have an opportunity to visit my country Indonesia for some kind of da’wah mission.

  4. Mashallah brother this really helped…..thank you and may Allah bless you and your family and may this ramadan be a very blessed one for you and may you have many more blessed ones to come Inshallah.

    1. thanks a lot this really helped me i am doing a Islamic project in school and this really helped…………….


  5. fasting has so many benifits,we would come to know only if we do fasting,
    this is helping me a lot to gain self control on me, and to walk in allahs way.

  6. May Allah bless u for making greatest effort 4r compiling said…I’m Wahid Waheed 4rm Budgam J&K
    May Allah give us understanding so dat we may know the true values of Ramdhaan…Aameen

  7. Thank you for passing this on, it has been extremely helpful as I had to explain to the young ones as to why we fast

  8. It’s a grt experience because during Ramdan we break our fast in a group which is a grt joy.I proud to be a muslim,the purest and truest religion

  9. M practising islam.. I remember ven last year my 1st roza during ramdhan i wz siting wth my bf in beach n der wer mens siting 4aftari dey saw me n askd roza.. N dey gavd me sum snacks.. Dey were unknwn 4me.. N dat wz sumthng new 4me.. I’l alwayz b a part of islam.. Til d end of my lyf.. Inshallah n b a perfect muslimaah..

  10. Ramadan Mubarak to all and may Allah, SWT, grant each of us the highest station with humility and devotion. Ameen.

  11. Thank you for sharing this most enlightening explanation for all the innumerable benefits ofRamadan. I wish you and your close ones a most blessed month!

  12. Dear
    A very good article from your end. But i think we must not concentrate on reasons to do a thing. We must do fasting because Allah has order us to fast and will be happy if we fast. So we must fast for love of Allah.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Amir. I would simply like to point out that by increasing our understanding, we increase in our ability to formulate a beneficial intention, as the Prophet (SAWS) said, “The value of an action is based upon the intention.”

      Also, he (SAWS) said, “An hour of contemplation is more valuable than seventy years of worship,” thereby implying that as we increase in comprehension, we increase the value of ‘ibadah.

      Best regards!

  13. Excellent summary for importance of sawm and may Allah increase your knowledge and spiritualiry. Amiin

  14. MashaAllah, Ramadan has as much benefits that we can’t express the Characteristics and befits of Ramadan even in 100 pages

    1. Jazakallah for shareing such a beautiful article for it was soooo helpfull o me once agin i thank you ishan

  15. Assalamu Alaykum
    Thank you for very useful and interesting article. I leave my work 30 minutes earlier because of Ramadan. Yesterday my boss was curious and asked again about my fasting. (He is knowledgeable person). I explained and gave more details, reasons like you wrote which is helped me lot. Shukran.
    Ramadan Kareem.


    1. Alhamdulillah, and as we can show the depth of meaning behind our practices, we open the doorway to appreciation and light for others. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I love the way all over the world Muslims follow the rituals of Ramadaan……………I find the whole path very scientific……………..May God (Allah, Ishwar) bless the whole Islamic world for their strong scrifice…………..

    1. Brother Abhishek, I am overwhelmed in seeing your comment filled with goodwill and fraternity with your Muslim brothers. This type of mutual respect and love is the need of the hour in our country. Mohamed Kutty from Kerala, India.

  17. anyone who dies not in the way of islam is not worthy of heaven.pls i urge everyone to look unto one God,the God of islam.the exorted,merciful and the magnificient one who own the universe.

  18. thank you brother Ihsan for this, indeed we tend to forget about so many things and need reminders like this to bring us back to ourselves and closer to our Creator. I experience sensitivity in Ramadan. Usually, I am teary and any mention of Allah the stories of His mercy, make me cry. Not sure if it is good or bad, it is just is 🙂 May Allah accept all our fasting and prayers and be pleased with us. Ameen.

    1. It is the sign of a soft heart that one is moved to tears upon the mention of God Almighty and His Prophet (S). Masha’llah, may Allah bless you always, and heal our Ummah.

  19. Thank you for documenting the benefits of fasting of ramadan. It’s gonna help me point out the benefits of fasting of ramadan to the people who don’t fast or/and are not muslim.

  20. Thank you for the article! Ramadan truly is a special time of the year and I hope we can all make the most of it. Just wanted to point out something with everyone though regarding this point…

    “Fasting in Ramadan is truly one of the greatest social experiences a human being will ever experience…”

    This is very true for most MUslims but unfortunately not for all, especially those who have converted and have not been wholly welcomed into the community, or even born Muslims who are different in culture or belief. so it is my personal goal this Ramadan inshallah to invite Muslims to my house for iftar who are usually not invited or who I want to get to know more, since feeding a fasting person in itself is a great reward and good way to foster friendship and community . I really encourage everyone to do the same inshallah.

    Heres a recent article which inspired me to make this goal

    1. Yes, mahsh’allah, thank you so much for pointing this out! This is one of the best things a person can do during Ramadan.

      Needless to say, Allah Almighty is not in need of our fasting, prayers, or anything else. Islam is for the benefit of humanity, and the best form of service in Islam is to serve Allah’s creation, to bring joy to the hearts of others.

      Again, thanks Nida for pointing this out and for the suggestion. Allah Hafiz!

  21. Jazak Allah Khair, May Allah swt always bless you and give you more hidayaat to continue with this beautiful work.

    A very peaceful and prosperous Ramadhan Mubarak to all our muslim brothers and sisters, may we always have a thought for all those who are suffering all over the world.

  22. Masha Allah great points about Ramadan Brother Ihsan, I love your work may Allah Azawajal give you more progress, I just don’t like the photo for this article. it seems a christian family, would be greatful if you can change it! Jazak Allah Khair wasalam!

    1. Masha Allah for this very informative article. Bless you for your good works. I can see where Bro. Touseef might think the picture looks like a “Christian” or even a “Jewish” family, what I don’t see is why he can’t see it as a Muslim family. We are free to dress modestly in our homes. We are directed to pronounce the name of Allah over the food we consume and it is a great time to come together as a family and vocalize our thanks to Allah for what we have. This could very well be a picture of my own family getting ready to eat. The “Christians” don’t have a controlling interest in the act of giving thanks to The Almighty for what we have.
      [respectfully submitted]

      1. Many salaams, yes, indeed, this is a photo of a family breaking fast and having dinner in the comfort and privacy of their home, hence it is understandable that there may not be an evident “Islamic” appearance evident. Nevertheless, thanks for the comments and best regards!

  23. bissmillahi wa al salato wa salam alla Mohammed wa alihi kathiran, I would like to point out briefly the importance of the use of name of Allah instead of God for those who like to worship in addition to what they saying or writing. Allah in sorat Taha addresses profit Moses by introducing himself to his profit Moses by say that ” I am Allah, worship me and stage salah in my remembrance”. From this Ayat we should address Alla by his name which he choses to identify himself with !!! the ayat in arabic ” إنني أنا الله فأعبدني وأقم الصلاة لذكري”

  24. Assalamu 3alaykom, jazakoumou Allah kola khayr for this article, it is very useful soubhana Allah yesterday my daughter of 12 years asked me about it, I respond her but your response is very vast and clear I think you get all points, I like it so much, but just one thing for the family photo you have published with the article I think it is not related to a Muslim family at all.

  25. Thank you Brother Ihsan to sharing very important article regarding the month of ramadan, any one can understand perfectly the benefits of the Holy Month Of Ramadan in your article.

    “O you who believe fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you so that you can learn Taqwa” (Quran 2:183)

    May Allah accept our fasting, forgive our sins, and guide us all to the Straight Path. May Allah bless us all during Ramadan, and throughout the year, with His forgiveness, mercy and peace

    1. Ameen, Nadeem, thank you and may Allah Almighty bless, heal, guide and illuminate our Ummah with the light of His Divine Presence.

  26. Assalamu aalaikum

    hey ihsan.. i alws wanted to know the benefits of fasting… n now i know there are innumerable. . Nyc article. Tnx fo sharing d knowledge. And as a science student i understnd that it actualy benefits our health wen we fast. Keep sharing
    Thank you

  27. I learnt that mismuls ( followeres of Islam) pray 5 times a day! On tuesday 14th we visited the mosque, near toxteth. We met a women named after the mosque!!! We had a look around, we had to take our shoes off. Their only god is Allah. Muslims do wudu before they pray. Wudu is were you wash yourself. Muslims have to go to Mecca once in their lifetime. Islam is the worlds 2nd popular religion . There are a billion mismuls in the uk only ( 2.7 percent). RE WAS AWESOME!!!!!

    1. Very happy you had a pleasant and positive experience, Jose. May the Almighty continually guide your steps and your heart towards His Divine Presence and towards the realization of your personal divine potential as an honored child and servant of the Creator. To your divine success and happiness.

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  31. Beautiful and thought provoking. I have one question, was it not also told to us Muslims that if we are to fast it also teaches us to survive in the our surroundings, so in case of natural hazard we are prepared? To teach us, especially those that lived in those days in the beginning of Islam that our strength does not come from sustenance but from our spirituality with God? I was curious, if this is correct or not? Please offer advice? It is worshiping Allah but also for practical purposes?
    Thank you for your time.

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