Compassionate Communication with Jamil Popatia

Soul of Islam Radio : Compassionate Communication with Jamil Popatia

Compassionate communication, also often professionally referred to as Nonviolent Communication, is the conscious, aware and mindful approach to connecting with others from a state and intention of love, compassion, empathy, patience and sobriety.

Al-Islam continually calls us towards developing a character of beauty and to exemplify nobility and excellence in all aspects of our lives as did the holy, noble and blessed Messenger, Sayyiduna Muhammad ﷺ. Nowhere is such excellence more necessary than in our personal relationships and in compassionate communication with others, for the Holy Prophet ﷺ stated that, “The best of you are they who are best to their loved ones.”

By learning how to engage in compassionate communication and thus to approach life from a state of Islam, we progressively embody the fundamental goal of al-Islam, which is to attain the state of Islam, a state of peace, light, beauty and grace only possible through deep internal spiritual surrender.

Compassionate communication and a heart and soul-based approach to life and living enables us to progressively develop true faith and belief, known as iman, and thus to manifest the noble character of a Muslim, which the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ continually called humanity to.

Through a sincere seeking to engage in compassionate communication and thus to transcend the anger, fear and frustration that are indicative of the resistance of the self and of ego-based consciousness, a human being not only evolves and awakens personally, but becomes a source of guidance and light for others, increasing peace and love in their personal environments and in the world.

Jamil Popatia is a leading-edge coach, trainer, facilitator and mediator in the field of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), which can also be referred to as Compassionate Communication.

In this illuminating interview and conversation with Jamil Popatia, discover the fundamental necessity of learning to communicate, and thus think, compassionately.

Compassionate communication forms the basis of healthy and loving relationships, and is essential in developing the character and state of a true believer, a Muslim truly and sincerely following in the footsteps of the blessed and noble Messenger, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

When we learn to communicate with compassion, love and patience, and thus to think, live and breathe compassionately and with love, we not only heal and augment our relationships with others, we purify the self and thus draw nearer unto the Divine Presence of our Lord and Creator, Allah Most High.

To learn more about Jamil Popatia and his work, and to contact him directly, please visit his website Mawaddah, and feel free to send him an email directly.


Discover the Power of Compassion

Only through continual and consistent learning can we advance through life with grace and poise, and attain the divine pleasure of our Lord and Creator, Allah Most High.

Learn how you can increasingly transcend fear, anger, frustration and doubt by progressively shifting from mind-based consciousness to heart and soul-based consciousness.


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