Facing Addiction with Farhad Ameli

Addiction, whether with regards to substance abuse or in the context of behavioral addiction, is a universal malaise, and the Muslim Community is no exception.

In this engaging interview on Soul of Islam Radio with Farhad Ameli, director at 2 Shine Again Treatment Center in California, Ihsan discusses the nature of addiction and how one must take a proactive and positive approach to healing and helping others heal from self-destructive behavior.

The nafs, or the self, is naturally prone to addictive behavior as it seeks to escape the present moment and the imminent Divine Presence of God. Hence, human beings often find themselves seeking escape in drugs, alcohol, food, music, entertainment, video games, gambling, pornography and the like.

Additionally, most individuals engage in habitually compulsive behaviors that are also forms of addiction, and these include the addictions to consumption, negativity, drama, argument and conflict, among others.

If unrecognized and untreated, addictions will increasingly cost us the serenity and tranquility, and the health and wellness that Allah Almighty wills for us.

Due to genetic predisposition, some individuals are more prone to succumbing to addiction than others, and from a professional perspective, addiction must be treated as impartially and compassionately as a medical condition. By defining addiction as a disease, we liberate friends and family from the additional bondage that pejorative connotations place upon the individual.

Of essential value in overcoming addictions and unhealthy behavior is the presence of positive and elevating companionship or suhba, as it is known classically.

In becoming increasingly aware of our own addictions, we have a blessed opportunity to grow in self-awareness and to purify ourselves of such drives, in the process, drawing nearer to excellence and the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty.

Listen: Facing Addiction with Farhad Ameli

As human beings, we are naturally prone to addictions and addictive behaviors, and when unchecked without proper support and guidance, these drives can lead to our ruin as well as to great pain and suffering not just for ourselves, but those we love and who love us.

In this episode of Soul of Islam Radio, join us as we discuss with Farhad Ameli, director of 2 Shine Again Treatment Center, the topic of addictions and the necessity to face their reality whether they manifest in substance abuse or behavioral addictions.

Farhad Ameli has over 20 years experience in intervention and counseling, and has helped thousands of individuals regain control over their lives through a wholistic and spiritual approach to recovery and healing.

You can learn more about brother Farhad and his dedicated work at 2 Shine Again.


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