A Guide to Living as a Highly Sensitive Person

It is now estimated that as many as 1 in 5 people are what may be called a highly sensitive person. Do you find yourself easily irritated, quick to anger and low on patience? Do sudden and loud noises disturb you excessively? Have you found yourself experiencing unusual health problems? Are you becoming more sensitive to the foods you eat? If you are experiencing some of these symptoms which are commonly associated with hypersensitivity, you may be a highly sensitive person, and learning about the condition can make a significant contribution to your health and happiness.

Guide to Living as a Highly Sensitive Person

Definition of a Highly Sensitive Person

Highly sensitive people, also known as individuals who are hypersensitive or people with overexcitabilities, are simply otherwise normal human beings who happen to have the as of yet still uncommon trait of being extremely sensitive to stimuli, both internal and external.

Hypersensitivity can be an asset yet more often than not is a handicap because HSP’s, as they are also known, usually are not sufficiently aware of or educated about their very own nature, and so tend to suffer silently. In fact, highly sensitive individuals are often plagued with physical and health problems, occasionally resulting in debilitating physical handicaps when the mismanagement of their lives is not rectified.

Common Symptoms of Hypersensitivity

Following is a list of common symptoms and experiences that highly sensitive people normally suffer from. If in reading the following list of symptoms you find that you can identify with these experiences, there is a good chance you are a highy sensitive person. Recognizing and understanding the phenomenon and its role in your life will be critical to being able to not only live a full, healthy and happy life, but will also be essential in awakening to your divine purpose.

  • Easily bothered by sudden or loud noises.
  • Troubled by disorder in the environment.
  • Unduly affected by the emotions and states of other people.
  • Deeply troubled by conflict or violence.
  • Sensitive to foods, smells and environmental chemicals.

Hypersensitivity Explained

Highly sensitive people are typically empathic, and this further complicates their lives. Empaths are those who feel very deeply the emotional energy of others, and for the HSP who is untrained in recognizing and understanding the condition so as to be able to learn how to shield and protect oneself from the chaotic and imbalanced energies of other human beings, life can be a living hell simply as a result of the people they are surrounded by.

It appears that a growing percentage of the population are becoming hypersensitive. Some estimates put the ratio at even 15-20% of all people. For the most part, hypersensitivity is a genetically influenced trait, although environmental factors play a significant role in its expression and in the experience of the condition. The increasing energetic chaos of modern life, amplified by technological development, seems to be increasing the occurence of hypersensitivity among human beings.

Drawbacks and Dangers of Being a Highly Sensitive Person

Hypersensitivity which is not properly addressed and managed can lead to even debilitating consequences, affecting every aspect of a person’s life. Here are some of the potential consequences of not understanding and addressing your unique needs.

  • Poor Physical Health. An entire slew of physical conditions typically affect highly sensitive people, ranging from mild to serious food sensitivities, allergies, joint and muscle pain. If the trait is unconsidered and aggravated enough, it can eventually leads to auto-immune disorders such as lupus, fibromyalgia and even cancer. The excessive energetic imbalance to which HPS’s are susceptible interferes with proper hormone production and can result even in damaged and inflamed organs, further complicating one’s health condition.
  • Emotional Instability. The highly sensitive person can be described as porous, and as such they typically have little defense against the energetic states of other people. Because of their open nature, they are particularly sensitive to anger, conflict, depression and unappiness in others. HSP’s tend to internalize these imbalanced states and emotions as if they were their own, and so may often be plagued with pain in relationships. Consequently, hypersensitive people tend to become irritable and quick to anger, although they tend not to hold onto these emotions. Unfortunately, persistent emotional instability typically leads to some form of substance abuse as a means of coping, and HSP’s can succumb to the abuse of food, alcohol and even drugs.
  • Practical Problems. Due to their increased experience with pain, highly sensitive people are often overly cautious and fearful, particularly when making choices. Because they tend to think deeply, they are generally unecessarily encumbered by the fear of consequences even when addressing trivial matters. They tend to be indecisive. And because they feel at a deeper level, they are often more timid, shy, and even reclusive.
  • Relationship Trouble. Because “normal” people do not experience things as profoundly as do hypersensitive individuals, their friends and companions  often do not understand the extreme sensitivity of HSP’s, in effect wounding them almost continually out of ignorance. Non-HSP systems are different, and whereas a normal individual usually has a much thicker layer of protection against stimuli and energy, the highly sensitive person typically has practically no defense against external chaos. This can lead to extreme complications in relationships with normal people who often simply do not understand what the HSP goes through.

The truth of the matter is that the highly sensitive individual has an overly developed sense of self, ego, and this necessitates spiritual development. For the HSP, failure equals death, and so out of a deep fear of failure they are often doomed to unhappy and ungratifying circumstances, seldom realizing their unique gifted potential.

On this note, I will quote here what Pearl S. Buck, recipient of the Pulitzer Prize in 1932 and of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1938, said regarding the highly sensitive person:

The truly creative mind in any field is no more than this:

A human creature born abnormally, inhumanly sensitive.

To him… A touch is a blow,

A sound is a noise,

A misfortune is a tragedy,

A joy is an ecstasy,

A friend is a lover,

A lover is a god,

And failure is death.

Add to this cruelly delicate organism the overpowering necessity to create, create, create… So that without the creating of music or poetry or books or buildings or something of meaning, his very breath is cut off from him. He must create, must pour out creation. By some strange, unknown, inward urgency he is not really alive unless he is creating.

— Pearl S. Buck

Benefits and Advantages of Being a Highly Sensitive Person

The above quote now leads us to the significant and unique advantages of being a highly sensitive person, and to the unique gifts you have to offer the world.

Dr. Kazimiers Dabrowski in his Theory of Positive Disintegration and Overexcitabilities shows that highly sensitive people are gifted with a higher development potential. Usually, HSP’s are:

  • Creative by nature. It has been said that all truly talented and gifted human beings are highly sensitive persons, yet most HSP’s never express their true creative genius.
  • More aware. Because of their open and sensitive nature, HSP’s are usually aware of much more than the normal person. This gives them a much more sensitive tool with which to learn, grow, develop and understand.
  • Have a greater development potential. Hypersensitivity is indicative of a spiritual energy field that is resonating at a higher frequency, hence its increased alertness, and so HSP’s are genetically predisposed with a great potential and capacity for personal development and evolution.

Suggestions for Living as a Highly Sensitive Person

For those who are hypersensitive, the following suggestions and guidelines can make the difference between happiness and misery, success and failure.

  • Be physically active. Because the highly introspective and intelligent nature of highly sensitive people will generally draw them into occupations which are more mental than physical, a lack of grounding will exacerbate imbalance in their systems and lives. For HSP’s, daily physical activity is a must. Exercise daily to keep your energy system operating efficiently and this will lead to greater confidence, creativity, health and emotional state.
  • Adopt a healthy diet. Because oversensitive individuals will tend to react much more strongly to foods, it is highly suggested that you embrace as natural and raw a diet as possible. Avoid processed foods, typically prepared with chemical additives and preservatives and devoid of real nutrients. In addition to being physically active, with a proper diet you will experience even greater levels of vitality, balance and well-being. Because the HSP system is so much more sensitive, it responds rapidly to changes and proper conditions. By eliminating overstimulating foods such as caffeine and sugar, you will begin experiencing greater energy levels and a much more powerful immune system. I have found the Longevity Now Program by nutrition expert David Wolf, one of the world’s leading pioneers in the field of human health, to be one of the most comprehensive and intelligent approaches to taking back control of your health through proper choices and education.
  • Detoxify your life. Avoid toxins not only in the foods you eat, but also in your environment and in your relationships. Learn to identify foods that adversely affect your system. Embrace a holistic lifestyle as much as possible. Chemicals found in common household products and manufacturing are toxic and can wreak havoc on the HSP immune system. And until you learn through spiritual development to process negativity, avoid negative people, situations and environments as much as possible.
  • Learn to focus. Master the art and skill of focusing your attention on one thing at a time. Because we live in an age of technological innovation, take extra care particularly when working on a computer, an instrument that tends to inherently disperse one’s focus in endless directions. Do one thing at a time. By controlling and limiting the focus of your attention, you will not only be more productive and efficient, you will avoid the unnecessary stress and overwhelm that plagues most people. For an idea of what the end result of unbridled technological immersion can do to the human nervous system, see the movie Johnny Mneumonic, starring none other than Keanu Reeves.
  • Engage in spiritual development. Last, but certainly not least, engage in spiritual development. This is really the heart of the matter, and the true gift of being a highly sensitive person. For the highly sensitive person, developing mentally, emotionally and spirituality is critical. It may be said that this is the very reason, the necessity of evolution, for the global increase in sensitivity. To necessitate evolution.

Your Divine Purpose

Throughout this article, I have described hypersensitivity primarily in terms of the physical nervous system. Yet the reality of the matter is that the phenomenon is energetic, or spiritual in nature. Also, I have deliberately avoided the the term “disorder” when referring to hypersensitivity because in reality the phenomenon is a gift. Hypersensitivity is a sign of a spiritually evolved soul (or it may be said of a soul that is ready to evolve), and this latent potential deserves to be developed.

rose-bush-vineyardBy learning to develop your soul’s capacity to process life, you will un-limit your creative capacity which otherwise remains dormant. Through overcoming the fear and inertia that tends to keep hypersensitive individuals unnecessarily stuck in life, they become free to not only pursue purpose and passion, but to make a significant contribution to the lives of others and to the world at large.

Because highly sensitive individuals respond so much quicker than the general population to stimuli, HSP’s are human indicators of a divine guidance system to assist development in accordance with the will of Life. They see and feel the effects of certain courses of action well before the general population becomes aware of them. In this regard hypersensitive individuals are not unlike the rose bush, which is often planted in a vineyard as an early warning system of disease in the soil. Because the rose will react much sooner than the grape vines, it provides an early warning system for measures to be taken to save the crop.

Now that you are better educated about your own nature, you can begin using it to unveil your divine purpose and assist the world in moving forward, in progressing intelligently in harmony with nature and Divine Will.


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    1. Thank you so much. This article is so accurate to describing my son’s situation, I genuinely think this will save our lives.

  1. Great website and resource, Jim. Best wishes in assisting individuals who are Highly Sensitive towards a full and rich life.

  2. I thought I was always annoying to my friends because I am everything I just read. Relationships are tough even with family because I’m sensative to people touching me.

  3. Absolutely excellent written article. I feel like I have come home to myself after aimlessly wandering my entire life not knowing what is really wrong with me. Unfortuneately I have sufered with several illnesses I know where brought on by my being a highly sensitive soul. But…on the other hand I have given so much to so many and raised two wonderful sensitive children.
    Again thank you……

  4. I do not know why this website page opened up, but, OMG! This is me….I always feel like people don’t want to be around me, I get really sad when I see someone sitting alone (even though they probably like sitting alone), I really feel when I see a sad news story. For the first time in my life I feel that maybe I can be normal and I think my mum might be hypersensitive too. I can’t wait to tell her about this. Thank you.

  5. Thank you for your illuminating article on the HSP. I had never heard of this categorization of this constellation of human traits. They match me to a “T”. I will be learning more about this subject. And I will pass on what I learn to members of my family.
    Thanks again!

  6. thank u so much, i really was in need of such type of an article…..as i was wondering if i hv some problem with me as i used to feel very bad when i react on a trivial matter even my friends and family feel a bit wierd……thanks

  7. Thank you very much for giving this to the public. Wow sounds like it could be me and I think it is me. You have given me insight and a direction to go in…….
    Thank you again

  8. Oh my godness, I see myself when I read this article. I thought all the prayers for those I knew nothing about was just my way of being God’s earth angel! Now I know there are others crying because they see others crying and not knowing why, escpecially when you didn’t know why the person was crying in the first place (the tears could have been tears of joy)! I would become sad because I saw a lady and her children walking, asking God to get them a car and bless their family! The emotions were sometimes just so overwelming always wanting to do good and help, and being upset when I felt I was no help! Thank you so much for this article!

  9. Just what I have been looking for, this article covered all the area’s I needed addressing/confirming I thank you very much. Although living as a sensitive is overwhelming I have to be honest and say that I wouldn’t want it any other way . I love been so passionate and caring and so un judgmental to everything. I now am becoming more aware of why I feel so different, and do see it as a blessing and not a failing.. I’d love to get in touch with other sensitives also, as I think it would be ideal to support others, esp those with no understanding of this state of being..

  10. Dear friends,

    Being spiritually sensitive requires skill and development to manage, and to grow and evolve as is necessary now. In our continuing effort to better serve you, we are launching the Spiritual Excellence program.

    The Spiritual Excellence program will provide resources, community, tools and training — in effect, a comprehensive educational system — for those seeking to move forward in their personal evolution and to rediscover a powerful purpose in their lives while becoming part of a powerful community of like-minded people.

    For more information, please visit:


    To your divine success,

    Emil “Ihsan” Torabi

  11. As an Emotion Code Practitioner, I have discovered that throughout life I have trapped tons of emotions in my body — both from my own experience of the world and also from the emotions of others that I have been around. What a blessing to finally be able to identify these trapped emotions and easily release them through The Emotion Code, without having to go through the emotion all over again. At last, I am able to be truly present in the world so that I can make the difference to others that I’ve always wanted to make.

  12. I love this stuff!! i m really a very very sensitive person through these years and im changing my life consciously to higher good use of positive emotions and right intentions !! Thank you!!!

  13. Thank you so much. This truly helped me understand why I felt so different from everyone the majority of my life. I never understood why I cried so often over things that normal people would not cry over. I thought there was something wrong with me. It feels nice to know that what I have is not a disorder, but a gift. I feel so special. Hopefully I can stop feeling so empty & alone & finally embrace what the Lord gave me. Again, thank you.

  14. I first discovered this disorder in Marie Claire magazine, there was an article and a survey. I had always questioned why certain things bothered me to a whole different level than other people, this was a clear cut answer. I will definetly make changes in my life. Thank you.

  15. I am 58 years old and have for a few years thought of myself as hypersensitive for many reasons over the years in the ways I experienced the world around me ….I could never understand why I would react or feel a certain way when everyone was enjoying themselves…..I am a caregiver and recently had a physical issue that became physiological and had anxiety and heart palpatations……I said to a friend that I have thought that I was for some time now “hypersensitive” so Im reading up on it more and realizing Im different and God made me for his purpose and its ok…..I am a Christian, and I know what I know , what I know…being sensitive to Gods Spirit has been awesome to me and he uses that for his Glory…..I am doctoring and getting better everyday …thanks to prayer and Gods healing and the doctors he has given me….and I will be asking my Doctor about the hypersensitive person ……

  16. thank you for writing this.. i feel kind of ridiculous becuz it makes me tear up a little.. after reading about HSP.. it’s like i’ve found my home..

  17. I am 17 years old. I was told by my teacher when she was helping me write my college essay that I was deeply sensitive and I wanted to find out what she meant by it. I was too afraid to talk with her about it and I didn’t know what to think. Then, I looked on the internet and found this. This article describes my life. I was even just diagnosed with arthritis. Thank you so much! I feel so much better that I am not a crazy person & I am finding out who I am and learning to accept myself!

  18. I am a high sensitive person, discovering it recently, when I am 34 years old. Now I can understand why the feeling to be different of the other people. A part of my strengh is this sensibility with the food for example; I choose the right things to eat, with the feelings of others; I can feel the intentions and I can manage better under these situations, with the intuition when I have to take decisions. I consider in myself the hipersensitivity a strengh much more than a weekness. The weekness is for me with the social contact, I am no easily to open to the people, but if I am in a competitive environment as my work or my study I convert myself in a very social person; under pressure for me is better, I feel more control.

  19. I always felt i was different, smhow.. when i was a little, i hv no idea about who i am. Getting older, actually this last couple of years, i got more curious and curious t find out, trying t figure out who i am, i read a lot and found that im a true melancholy, introvert person. It has been a relieve t know, that there’s a ‘condition or a personality trait that i belong to, and reasons why i act the way i am, cause i often feel different than my friends or others.

    But i still not satisfy, im still willing t find out more about psychology, personality, at last i found out about HSP over this past year, and kinda shocked at the beginning knowing that i might be having that.. I oftenly feels anxious, always nervous, palm sweating, a lot fears and nerves, plus i have a father who physically abuse us, he often beats me and my siblings when we were a kid, he’s such a yeller, often emotionally abuse my mother and i feel sad most of the time, not knowing why, i think there;s so much pain and heartbroken, i dont mad at my father, but theres always a certain sadness in my heart. i feel like there’s something missing inside of me, a longing of smthg.. a deep desire t be loved, t be content n peacefull,, i pray that knowing that im a HSP, God will show me the way, t meet my purpose, His wondeful plan, and that He could use me t help others.. (:

  20. I couldn’t help noticing something. You are getting comments from devout Christians, etc. and no one is attacking you for being a Muslim. Probably because the commenters are all Highly Sensitive Persons. I think if you lock a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, a Buddhist, a Hindu and a New-Ager who are not HSP in a room and come back in an hour, you will find they will have beaten each other to a pulp. However, if the same group is HSP, on returning you’ll find them in a friendly discussion and swear they are talking about the same religion. Different paths perhaps, but if you follow them to the end without getting sidetracked, you will find yourselves in the same spot. (Or as my grandpa used to say, we are all headed for the same watering hole.) Maybe the world needs more HSPs.

  21. Thanks for this article. I am a highly sensitive person, but am dealing w/it. Now I live w/my Mom and she was driving me crazy. But now I understand: Oh, this is her being highly sensive to the broccoli I am cooking and the temperature in the room. It helps me to cope and deal w/her…and myself.

  22. I want to thank you very much for posting this web site that I accidently found. I have all the above sypmtoms youve talked about to the tee. I can predict earthquakes, feel others pain and hurts, ai know when a women is pregent before she is, I know when some one is going to sell there house on the block, Im now on stress leave from work and broke down after this happened because i couldnt deal with issues at work.
    Im some what releved to see that im not crazy and feel Im to sensitive for the world and deal with chronic depression and fibromagia,
    This article couldnt of describe me better, Im a very spirtual person, and a co dependent becuase of the pain I feel of others
    Thank you so much

  23. thank you so much for writing this!! i’m an HSP and i never knew i was until i was in counseling for my self injury. my counselor told me about it and, when she did, it clicked. but even just being aware that you’re highly sensitive isn’t enough. i never knew the things i could change in my diet and lifestyle to be happier until i read this article. now i understand the things that are holding me back. i understand why i have so many health problems and psychological issues. so thank you!!

  24. Why don’t doctors seem to know about this? I’ve asked the same question of four or five doctors over the years who were psychologists. “Why do things that are sad seem to hurt me much worse than they do other people? In a way that it NOT healthy….” They just get a glazed look in their eyes like I asked them if it tastes great or is less filling. These websites seem to start around ’09. So if this was just discovered less than two years ago, it would explain the glazed looks. I’ve always thought I was TOO sensitive. So the term should be “hyper” sensitive, right? So I googled it and EUREKA! It’s amazing to see the symptoms match up, one by one.

    I’m agnostic. (We all are by definition) so red flags go up when too many code words (“blessed” instead of lucky, etc.) pop up. Too many trails lead deceptively up to the bottom line. “We’d like you to accept Jesus in your life.” Most comments (except for one, which almost made me leave the site) were discreet, so I’ll just have to read a little further.

  25. Wow, I am completely lost. I am 17 and I never understood why it is that I have aalways been alone or why it is that I sketch,write poetry,play the violin and piano. Or why it is that I am so sensitive! I can’t be touched because I just go flying the opposite direction, seriously, one touch no matter how light I freak out! And then their is the pain. Once I got kicked hard on the thigh and then I got really dizzy everyone thought I had issues. I don’t think I’m a HSP. I’m not spritual and stuff. I don’t belief in god I’m just nuetral. Also do any of you ever get sleepy when it rains? I do. Am I just weird or am I an HSP?

  26. how can one protect oneself if one is a hsp.i am for certain but i wish iwas strong and thick skinned ive suffered alot being one my eldest daughter is hsp i worry if she doesnt become strong life experiences will quickly ware her down like they did with me.what do you suggest.

  27. This all makes SO much sense. It explains everything. I just thought I was the crazy one and couldn’t handle anything. When in actuality, I’ve done extremely well in handling the slugs and arrows of normal life. THANK YOU! I no longer feel like an oversensitive freak. Now, if the doctors would just understand – and my husband.

  28. Thank you for this article. I thought the term hypersensitive was a term simply used as a negative criticism of people who overact to people, events or stimuli. I did not realise it was an actual condition!! Now to tackle it and try to explain to those closest to me.

  29. Thank you for this website. I’m 19 years old and I’ve finally been diagnosed with hypersensitivity after 19 years of taking 12 different meds for “ADHD, OCD, depresssion, and bipolar” and have already had epidurals and other procedures for the everyday pain I am in. I’ve felt alone in this aspect of my life for awhile, and I’ve felt bad that the doctors make fun of me when I walk in the door. But it’s nice to have a resolution and finally understand that what I do is normal for me. I find the easiest way now to tell people about what I have by giving them a copy of this page. It makes me happy to be able to learn about hypersensitivity while I’m young and possibly prevent anything worse from coming my way.

  30. Thank you for this article, as a kid I was always sensitive to those around me and “picked” up their traits, good and bad as an adult I’ve learn to process this and use it for the good helping other kids

  31. Hey all, I read this book called “The Highly Sensitive Person” by Elaine N. Aron. She describes the HSP trait and how you can live with it. Quite an interesting read, she describes the trait in a very positive way.

  32. this is garbage and not helpful to anyone. it makes people who are sensitive think there unhealthy or going to die. and it discribes these people as handycaps who ever wrote this is an absolute fucking moron. lol

  33. Thankyou for this article, I always wondered why I felt so much pain and emotion. I suffer with Fibromyalgia, arthritis and depression, I have never been any good at forming relationships with others, finding I either love too deeply or seriously find someone irritating. When I am feeling low I feel that I am not of this world because this world is too cruel and I feel the pain of others, it’s like I am being continually whipped. I have only just found out about having HSP after years of feeling a complete freak, I now feel I have finally found my true self and it’s great to know I am not alone. It was a total accident in finding I had this “GIFT” condition after visiting my GP and glancing at her computer screen which had “a known Hypersensitive” on it. I now feel good about myself , and am thankful to God for choosing me to be (Special). I can now work with this to make all I do positive instead of negative and will be sending your article to my son, who is also HSP. Kind regards. X

  34. I sometimes feel completly alone in this world! And now i understand that may be not alone… Does someone really understands my nature? Still a bit ceptic….

  35. wow.

    where can i find more on learning to “process negativity” ? I definitely internalize emotional pain from outside, and I seem to attract it –to the point of being crippled by it– and my intuitive impression is that i’m suppose to ‘fix’ or ‘clean’ it somehow before i can get on with my life. Is this common, and how is it done?

  36. i find sympathy in this article. I will translate this article to give to my brother. We are both HSP as this article says. We really need courage to have a better life. It is challenge,and make us progress. I find the book ” heart of the soul” is so useful> It shows us faults to overcome.

  37. WOW – I never had words to describe how “cinnamon pollution” in the air is so oppressive to me – almost painful – now I understand

  38. Thank you so much for this article. The thought that I am not alone is so great! I always thought there was something so wrong about me. Now I understand so much. I take the weight of the world on my shoulders. But now I can see that it’s not such a bad thing. I feel so much better now.

  39. Oh my! Thank you so much for this article! For my entire life since I was a child I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with me, why could I feel things other people felt, why did I always know the answers in school, why I am aware of things others are not, why do I feel the need to drink sometimes…? So many of my questions have been answered through this article. I have been diagnosed as having several types of anxiety disorders. But after getting to know my, my doctor realized that I was just really sensitive to my environment. But I never know their was a term for it, or that other people were the same way! I feel so giddy, and happy. So many years of suffering alone, being afraid to say anything because I would be coined as knowing everything, of people thinking I was strange because I would tell them not to feel something that they were not expressing. I feel so, so, so….it is hard to explain! Just not insane anymore!! lol! I have always been artist, I am now a graphic designer as well. Much of my artwork and designs are based off an emotional response rather than something representational. One of my mentors once told me, that she thought I was beautiful and so talented because I could create with my heart not with my eyes.

    Again, thank you! Bless you! Please visit my website at http://www.wix.com/drkgrphks/christina where I have most of my artwork posted. I have finally discovered who I am. After feeling so out of place for most of my life and trying to understand why I feel the things I do…I have finally found a reason why. A real reason. I am an HSP. Finally I feel complete. Now when I suffer silently, I know why I am suffering… 🙂


  40. Wow this whole page is me in a nutshell.

    I just thought i was super sensitive. I was bullied in high school a lot and thoughts why i was hps.

    My mum oftens “ur too sensitive” well now i have a reason.

    I have fibromyalgia and i thought i got that because my ex smoked in our apartment and i got bad bronchitis then fibro appeared and that was nearly 10 years ago.

    I can see when others are in pain, or if they are sad, i get upset so easily, doesnt take very much sometimes to hurt my feelings, i see/read news items and i get saf for the people on the news item, i get attached to people so very quickly also romantically too.

    I find it hard to make some decisions, just yesterday i had to get a friend on skype to help me pick out what to wear to dinner with2 friends i havent seen in a few years.

    People sometimes say things as a joke and i think they are serious or picking on me.

    I was so in love with my ex even though she was repetatlly hurting me by cheating on me, i put her on a pedestal like she was a saint. Then when i got hurt i thought i did something wrong.

    I can be quite creative i cross stitch which ive done since i was about 10.

    I have been quite sick, as i got mono in Octobet last year and im still not 100%, i got a cold in march which lasted 3 weeks ofstead of the “normal” week to get over it. I have quite low energy.

    I hate being single and i am very very lonely.

    I could write more lol.

    Thanks do much for ur article i am on facebook and joined up a fibro page snd one of the woman said about hsp so i asked google and found ur page.

  41. I agree with the other’s, Finally! a reason why I know things about people that other’s don’t. I’ve been fighting this so called disability for so many years I thought I was loosing it! I have lost so many jobs and friends in my life due to not trusting preople or “knowing” things about other I shouldn’t. In the past I used my “gift” as a party favor to pick up girls but now that I’m older I just seem like the creepy guy that freaks people out… Lol.
    Also, when it comes to my health! that’s another story- Try being blind in the left eye, Diabetes for 22 years and having a kidney/pancreas transplant 5 years ago after being on Kidney Dialysis… YES! I’m a statistic..ha-ha! Anyway, thanks for some understanding/clarification for what I’m up against.


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  44. Great article and comments people have made here. Very helpful to hear what others have to say about this subject. I think I will dispose of my longstanding Mental Health labels now and substitute it with the HSP label.

  45. WOW. I’m still in a state of shock.. it’s a good one though.. Thank you so much for this article. I always found myself being “too” sensitive to everything around me and noticed and was bothered by the most trivial things. It felt like other people’s emotions (esp. in negative situations like arguments where I couldn’t just stand for my opinion cuz I felt and understood the other’s emotions about their opinion too when I knew that person didn’t even care to think of mine… :S) were like mine.. it was so confusing and hard to deal with. I always had trouble saying things that I knew others won’t like even when it’s necessary, because I FELT (or predicted should I say) the rejection, disappointment, dislike, etc that they would feel. But I am definitely able to understand myself better and and deal with the hypersensitivity. Use it in a good way. Turn it positive. I didn’t know there were other people out there like me!!!! 😀 Now it’ll be so much easier to explain this “thing” to other people who don’t understand me. I’m so happy and feel more comfortable in my own skin. Because there is a REASON for all these feelings. How great it would be if HSP could all meet and talk and share about these things.. and encourage each other. :’)

  46. So nice to read something positive about hypersensative people. I too have heard one reason is the over developed ego and was referred to a book called the “The Power Of Now” by Elkhart Tolle, which helps to understand the over active thinker. I’m currently reading the book trying to help myself with the havoc a hypersensative nervous system can have on the body. This article is reassuring to know that there is some good from this condition. Wishing everyone the best!

  47. Thank you for this article.. Its such a weight of my shoulders understanding I’m finally not weird. Since early childhood 2. I have always known I was a little different and very much a recluse now. Its difficult and a lonely journey. Your article as helped me Sooo much than you. All the best people! I have started asking to date people whom are also hsp otherwise the world is a very lonely place. Good luck and safe journeys.

  48. Thank You!Thank You!
    Now I understand why I am so short tempered and could not show my work in 4th grade math but got the correct answers anyway.
    I also many years ago thought about manufacturing products by submitting the directions into a computer and having the materials on the other end assembled from the directions on the computer with no human interface.
    I also imagined a lot of other things however I gave up on them because I did not have the money, patience or belief in my self
    I now am 74 years old and am sorry that I did not pursue these and some of the many far out ideas I have had.

  49. Amazing…amazing amazing. Just like the rest of you commenting here – I can’t believe that this is like…a thing! that other people experience! This explains so much…and I am so happy to hear that others are like this. My mother tells me that when I was a baby I would completely lose it over normal noises such as turning the page of a newspaper. She said that she couldn’t hold me and feed me at the same time because it was too much stimulation for me. She went to the doctor about it it all, the pediatrician told her that I was hypersensitive. I spent my childhood and adolescence experiencing all these things… I remember getting so worked up as a child that I felt like my head was spinning with the energy of everything around me. It continues today – I can’t deal with too much stimuli at one time, I become so overwhelmed in normal day to day situations, even just with a couple things happening at once. It’s incredibly intense. My husband says I have a problem with fabrics, I never noticed this until he brought it up – the feeling of clothes and sheets and blankets, towels even, have to be a certain way or I feel like I just can’t deal. Lighting…forget about it. It has to be just right or I don’t feel right, like *really* not right. Any sudden noise, even if quiet, will startle me incredibly. I die of anxiety over really trivial decisions. I was even just wondering recently why I get so upset when my husband is. I stopped going to the big grocery store here to do my shopping because it overwhelms me so much…the lights, the music, the colors, the smells, all the people! and the decisions! It makes my head spin and I feel like I’m absorbing everything all at once. The list goes on and on… it’s so amazing to me that other people experience this as well. My mind is blown.

  50. I feel as if bumping into this article was no mere coincidence but destiny. A mirror to which explains alot of my early life fears and experiences now more something to smile about than to run from… Peace to whoever posted this and God bless I will give it my all to improve my physical,mental and spiritual self…. Thanks again Lazaro

  51. Wow, I really did not like what the nobel man said, sounds like someone with a borderline personality. I really really hope that people dont see me like that, then I need serious help

  52. Why the hell ME… Even a dog in pain affects…:( life gets heavy n pain in the a@” ;). Hmm … some changes n I ‘ll head to my max potential:)

  53. I am so happy ….. I cried for two days because im not alone. I spent the last 10 years of my life trying to be TOUGHER. Im 24 years old I just got married a year ago. I always worried that my husband would just give up because i cry all the time. he thinks that he cant keep me happy but its the opposite he is the only thing/person that helps me with anxiety and gird. I thought i was depressed but i happier than depressed people. lately i fill the need to hide in the bathroom when i cry ( i used to cry at work too) I have been unemployed for almost a year they made me feel broken and weak. I questioned my personality traits and i believed them. i took me longer than most to learn the job due to my need to be perfect mistakes are not okay. I love to cook, i love music, art animals and nature now i know why THANK YOU THANK YOU

  54. Thanks for the article. I am a highly sensitive person and an introvert. I realized that there’s nothing wrong with me after reading Susan Cain’s Quiet. Being a HSP, I cried while reading the book because I knew I’m not alone, and that the world needs me.

    Oh, but I don’t regard failure as death. I used to, when I was younger. Plus, I also listen to loud music 🙂

  55. Thank u so much, just a day past i ended my relationship with a girl which hurt me so much.. It’s best for an hsp to be alone stay healthy and cool, we just dont need any relation since it would be always more harm than good.. Now all i want to be is what i used to be ignoring the fast lane or walking in the fast lane but paying attention to no one. People used to called me cool and awesome..hehe.. Im happy im hsp..:)

  56. Wow. This article really brings to light what I thought was just a hot temper and being easily annoyed by noises and others’ emotions. I think I must be a hypersensitive and haven’t even known it until now. Very informational. I will take this article to heart. Thanks.

  57. Hi

    I feel this article paints HSP’s in a negative light. Reading the article and the a[[arant negative aspects of being HSP is actually quite disturbing to the sensitive mind. I felt quite upset. It paints a picture of the HSP as a freak. The latter half of the article is more positive, but not enough to balance out the start of the article. It’s actually enough to make one depressed and feel hopeless.

  58. When I first read this article, I related to it very much. But, after reading some of the comments, I realized that, even if there was such a thing as hsp, we are all still different. Perhaps even too different in the way we express ourselves and even react to this article to classify ourselves all within a single category of people. This information is very interesting, but we should keep an open mind.

  59. As an HSP I was HS (lolol) to the fact that you referred several times to other people as “normal” people, thereby inferring that HSP are not “normal”. I must say that I strongly resent being referred to, even if indirectly, as “abnormal”. It is about time that the world realized that HSP’s may be different from the mainstream, but they are by no means abnormal.

  60. Two weeks ago, I found your blog entry, A Guide to Living as a Highly Sensitive Person. It is the biggest and best help I have found in three years of knowing I’m an HSP. It included everything I wanted to know and stressed the importance of spiritual development. I am a Christian.

    From birth, I have struggled with unusual health issues. You even addressed the increase in HSPs, something I suspected. Two years ago, I lost 10 pounds because I couldn’t eat due to previously nonexistent food sensitivities. Best of all and without subtlety, you provided practical solutions. I thank you.

    The thing that was the most memorable about your blog post was how most HSPs never achieve their true creative genius. Ever since, I’ve been making up for lost time where I previously procrastinated. Another outstanding fact is that your post is dated about one month after I met the person who told me I was sensitive. The word coincidence is not in my vocabulary.

    Thank you again for the help.

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  62. All this time and I thought I was mentally unstable, always knew I was different. Thank you so much for letting me know I’m not alone. I had to stop listening to the news because any news about someones pain and suffering was unbearable to me. Anger, out of control but it never lasts long. I thought I was messed up because I hate crowds, noise, music. Wow!! I was beginning to get depressed, thinking why am I not normal? I over think things. It’s exhausting.

  63. Blessings <3 <3 <3 I am this person… my body is in a current state of disrepair…thank you for giving me the push I need to get healthy…can't eat and drink like everybody else….

  64. Im very spiritual and sensitive but didn’t know how it came to be. The reason i went searching for help online is cos my gran-daughter was molested and i couldnt cope with the stress. I have now known i can handle it so as to help her. I will contact you more and help others. Thank.

  65. Stumbled on to this article by mistake by battling some of my demons . What a light on my personality . Honestly the energies from outward has beat the snot out of me, but not complaining because my spirituality and creative nature has always kept me from tipping totaly over . Have made many attempts at bussiness and have started to be seccessful with most and would loose interest and would move on to something new and old freinds(no freinds now,mostly a recluse .) would say what a waste gaing all that knowlage and through it in the garbage . Always thought not having a big interest in having more money than what I needed was the reason . Although I have much disturbance in my life , I do like myself , best freind I ever had lol. Thanks for this article and I will research more . Anyone reading this hope you are smiling cause your gifted too . Weld

  66. Very interesting article. For the last 3 years, I have noticed myself feeling different then others. I started college and went out drinking with friends but I hated it. I couldn’t understand why people would do that to their health night after night. I also noticed myself not being able to wear certain fabrics, certain shirts would just make me feel uncomfortable, very hard to explain, but I finally am glad to see that other people are the same way. If anyone wants to talk more about their experience, email me Andrew.delcolle@gmail.com. I would love to talk to people who experience the world like I do.

  67. I found out that I am an HSP five months ago after reading a similar article on the internet. Since then my life has improved considerably. I had always considered my over sensitivity as a weakness because I was constantly misunderstood by most people, even my own husband. I have since then encouraged him to read about my type. He does not complain any longer about my sensitivity but rather came to perceive why I tend to act differently from most people. From my end, I have started cherishing my strengths rather than focusing on the drawbacks associated with my nature. I am also trying to avoid as much as possible ‘toxic’ people and environments.

  68. For the longest time I didn’t know why I was easily upset, why I needed alone time and felt people’s energy (often times I absorbed it which was horrendous.) I have always been drawn to writing and am finally writing my book after 7 years. It is true that HSP’s are creative and I have always felt a connection with a higher being even as a young child.
    Thank you for writing this article, because now I see the sensitivity as a gift. Life is truly amazing and I know I can benefit others through my contribution and service.

  69. Greetings to all, I am a highly sensitive person. I just had another overload of extra sensory issues.
    I cannot be in large or small crowds. I get over whelmed. There are people that make me cringe with their energy.
    There has been issues dealing with being sensitive to temperatures changes, the sun, barometric pressures, noise, certain stores, towns that feel oppressed, and the list can go on.
    This is all too crazy for me. I am glad to see others who are also going through this in life.

  70. I’ve always known this to be true, even as a small child. I need to further
    my spiritual development, as mentioned in the article. Can someone please offer
    some suggestions? And I don’t mean yoga, meditation, etc. I already engage in these. I mean a deeper development. One fit for someone who has unusual skills such as OOBE’s, lucid dreaming, some psychic abilities, and possible spiritual invasion from high energy sensitivity. Thanks in advance!

  71. Forgot to mention this. I don’t have the food sensitivity or get angry easily or lose my patience, and such. Perhaps I am not hypersensitive, but rather something else. I know a gifted writer on the paranormal who thinks I have a rare gift….??

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  73. I have been dealing with this for my whole life and have been told repeatedly by my wife of over 30 years that I am in a way, abnormal (weak). She insists that I need to “change” to save our marriage but I just cannot no matter how hard I have tried. I literally jump when I hear a loud noise and I avoid loud groups of people, internalize things, and of course am extremely sensitive to criticism and conflict. I feel enlightened to know I am not alone and more importantly I am just wired different. It seems as though an HSP will have a hard time living a happy life with an aggressive extravert such as my situation. If I even bring this up with my wife she will explode (from my perspective) and probably leave for good.

  74. This article was amazing. It completely encapsulated me in so many ways. I appreciate the perspective and will absolutely use it constructively. It hit so many targets. And so much of the “advice” was relating to realizations I have already come to but further solidified them. I’m grateful. Thank you.

  75. This was an illuminating article, completely setting at ease feelings I’ve been experiencing for years. Thank you so much for addressing this type of person!

  76. Thank you so much for this article. I have been struggling with this my entire life, being told I was too sensitive about everything. Therefore avoiding most situations so I would be voided of emotion. This has opened my eyes. Bless you!

  77. Great article. I have for the most part been quite aware of my gift and like others seem to know stuff that most people don’t see. I suffered from ill health in my early 20s and went to a homeopath who has helped me ever since. Having a good diet has helped but she has always kept a close eye on my energy. I have often picked up negative energy which has really been quite troubling at times. I believe this is a great gift but there is the part where you have to relise that most people don’t see things the same way and let’s face it, no two people see things exactly the same. I have recognised this as a gift and am better at controlling it. I am now studying in a field where I can use to the benefit of others. Life is amazing.

  78. Thank you for describing HSP so well. I know I am a HSP when I was in my teens, but never know how to handle it. I have turned towards spirituality to heal my pain which is caused by mostly “trivial” factors to others. I thought I would become numb, I waited for it.. but it never happened. Spirituality is helping me to reason out why I suffer but I still didn’t find a way out.
    I think I need a guru to see the light.. As the saying goes, you cannot chose your guru, guru chooses you. I await him to find me.

  79. I always wondered why I was so different. I know I drive my poor husband crazy with my intense “feelings”. Everyone has labeled me as “overly sensitive”. Smells drive me nuts. I cry at songs, stories, even commercials. Good-byes are so painful, I can never take someone to the airport, that just kills me. I have ended up in a “psych ward” when I was much younger because I was hurting so much I just wanted to die. I give every homeless person money, I cry when I see animals mistreated, it kills me when people are mean to their children. I feel what others feel all the time. I can decide without fault, who people I can trust are, and who I cannot trust, just within minutes of meeting them. Riding in a car fast through traffic paralyzes me with fear. I have to take a sedative to make the journey. The plus side is substantial though, I see beauty in everything. I am a very creative person and I make my living doing art shows. I know who is a good ally and who is my adversary. I get an intense tingling in my head when I know something is about to happen, which it always does. I love people so much it hurts. I am in my 50’s now and life is grand, I wish I would have understood what was going on with me when I was much younger, so I would have enjoyed life more, rather than being incapacitated by my over sensitivity. I am reading a couple of books on being human angels, which also resonates clearly with me.

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  81. I have been practicing these suggestions for balanced living for many years now. I have found tremendous balance in my life. One thing I do not see find is a good woman who matches me as a partner. I simply stopped dating two years ago because it seems so futile. Where do I find a woman who understands high sensitivity and perhaps is sensitive herself?


  82. This article is very helpful for me as I still struggle to fight off energies, in particular of the earth
    that so frequently now discharges its fury

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  84. John, I too have been practicing these for many years and stopped dating a while ago. Just wanted you to know it’s hard for me as a woman as well. May we all find our greatest and highest love.

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  86. I am so very glad for your article since it has really helped me in diverse ways.I am a hypersensitive person and never knew of it until I read your article.I just love it!

  87. Hi Everyone, I would love to get to know you better. It would be great to get a group going/ growing and maybe even have travel meet-ups somewhere beautiful or something just to meet similar people like us! I would just love to get to know more of you. It would be a refreshing new change “Peace“ turquoiseblue22@hotmail.com

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  92. Woaw, i just want to say thank you, because i recently find out about my hypersensitivity, and reading this really helped me, it opened my eyes! I understand so much about myself now, its just amazing.. I have lived all my life thinking that there was something wrong with me because i always felt different and not a single person could never understand me. I dont want to write an essay so im just gonna keep it short, but i’m glad that there is actually other people like me, and i am also struggling a lot with relationship! wether its friends or more.. And i agree, it would be such a great idea to do some get together!

  93. Below is information about my new HSP book. I think you’ll find the success stories both inspiring and helpful.

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    After each uplifting story, additional advice on each vignette’s theme is given, which frequently includes specific information on how to integrate that story’s success into your life. So sit back and enjoy reading these delightful and inspiring stories from HSPs as you learn new methods to empower yourself.

    “This book provides what every HSP needs: a full understanding of our trait through a diversity of stories that will empower sensitive people.”
    -Elaine N.Aron, Ph.D.

    “The Power of Sensitivity contains many fascinating and inspiring success stories from the global HSP community that will help sensitive people lead a peaceful, confident and joyous life.”
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  96. John and Sk I just want to let you know that there is someone out there for you and more likely, they will be drawn to you. I got lucky because I met my bf in college, I’m 23 now and been dating for almost 4 years. I am super emotionally sensitive, I cry a lot, I suffer from depression and anxiety that have at times severely affected my life and left me hopeless. I felt this way all of freshman year, but my bf adam rly liked me and he kept trying to date me, I wasn’t interested for a while until s year later in the summer I realized that this guy has helped me through so much pain caused by my emotional, anxious nature ( plus the depression) that there’s no way I can’t date him. And there have got to be other ppl like my bf out there for you, who will stick with you despite your ups and downs, quirks concerning noise, sensitivity etc Also, I have asked adam multiple times why he ever wanted to date me because I know I can be difficult and he never has a straight answer. He just says ” idk, I just love you the way you are”. That made me think maybe he was attracted to my highly sensitive nature because he is the complete opposite of emotional and sensitive, yet we teach each other how to live our lives better through our differences. Sorry this is long! I just want you guys to know that being a HSP does not mean there isn’t someone out there who is attracted to you exactly the way you are. I truly believe it can happen. Adam was a blessing for me and you both will find your blessing too.

  97. I think I m a super hypersensitive person. I managed to sense many things in my country before ugly things happen. I m lucky that I am alive.

    It was hard to grow up there. No one believed me and my mom always blamed me that I m a very sensitive person. I started realizing my gift because I love animal planet and I could see that HSP senses any change in the environment as certain animals, which sense any pollution and these animals are signs of good health of the environment.

    I think that HSP have higher potentials to see, hear, and think using their hearts. I believe that living in my heart helps me better than living in my mind, which sounds funny because I planed to be a scientist.

    I also think being alone from time to time is healthy, and being assertive about who enters my life too. For unspecified reasons I attract negativity as well as positivity. I found out that what I focus on becomes bigger. It took me my whole life to realize that negative people enjoy taking all my energy then looking at me in pity bec I m sick or that I did nt achieve my goals. They simply stole and used my energy without knowing!!!

    I m in a phase now, realizing that not everyone is my friend. It seems that I can see good potential that these people have but they do not develop it. So I see the depth more than I think and possibly more than they can see about themselves. This conclusion made me wonder what is that?

    Recently, I started expressing my saddness when they come to suck my energy, they leave, but surprisingly I follow them. I feel that I can help them! It took me a while to realize that they are mirrors for my own weakness points that I can grow out of it as a seed.

    Honesty: I also think that being honest about who I m, what I need and want, have a clear idea about my vision and mission in life, assist me alot in my journey.

    So I think that to enjoy being HSP are:

    Be honest with yourself.

    Love, breath, think, feel, follow and live in your heart.

    Use the others as mirrors, their negativity show good possibilities for growth, their possitivity empowers you.

    For people who look for romantic love, you might find it outside your own culture and religion and there is a high possiblity it is a true love. Just express it, and even the answer is no after no, keep express it, love will change its shape and figure and come back to you.

    Always follow your guts feeling, intuition, and heart immediately. The shorter time, the higher possibility that you
    get or achieve your goal.

    Be true.
    if you are a woman or someone who is perceived differently in his society, express yourself, show who you really are. I came of a society that suppress women. This could kill. I mean not expressing who you are truly are.

    Enjoy Nature. See the creator in every living artistic expression of life. This ability will heal you and bring peace to your life.

    Do not poision your life with lies or accumulating materalistic objects.

    Pray. Pray.
    Pray while walking or when you are silent or when you are alone or in pain. Pray in a way that makes you comfortable, you have to find this way alone.

    Love.. love… love…
    Just writing love, feels beautiful….

    Create a habbit that makes joy flows into your life. Do things that make you happy ..even the little things… apprciate them. Joy is a treasure.

    Bless all of mankind: the HSP and othets

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  99. I have never read anything that has given me better insight into the struggles that have plaqued me for my entire life. Liife changing. Thank you!

  100. Good article.
    I am very sensitive, growing up in an unstable environment I always thought was why I seem to be so debilitated. Why was I born into a family, to a father that took advantage and laughed at how he broke my spirit as a teenager, through hard work on the buildings. All my brothers had to do it, like we had no choice,but maybe I was too weak, I could not see any other reality than school which I hated or working under him. Come home from school and be bullied. His treatment of animals on his bit of farm which we slaved for him was or is Specieism, but I guess thats just farming. We used to laugh how he cared more about the cows than he did us. But most all of my siblings have been scarred, we all get along. I always wanted to farm in my own organic, idealistic permaculture way, as I see that as a cure for the Irish economy. I had to familiarise myself with the idea that even though I am the youngest son and was being bred to be the benefactor, thats usually the way it works, I will never be able to do things the way I’d wish with him there as a very moody, difficult, demanding, trouble making, manipulative and psychotic person. I am now confused about the next step I will take, my ex from and who will be permanently living in Brazil, is due pregnant in November and that consumed my mind away from an Art degree I am currently considering taking a year away from. The most important thing to me right now is my life as I have never had the great courage to live it 110% for the last 9 years and my daughter. I bitch and moan here, and I apologise for that, today it had me under stress and confusion. SPIRITUALITY, its so hard, the confusion, the fears and self doubt and self debilitation.

  101. You know I’m just tired. I’m tired of the faux spirituality people throw around when they don’t have a clue what they’re babbling about, its embarrassing to read. I know that’s everybody some of you are real but jesus man

    Life can be amazing but most of the time this place is hell and ‘HSP’ or whatever itis feels like punishment. there’s so many articles im thinking of as i type this going on about being positive and mature and life’s not easy lifes not fair and blah blah blah you know what? SHUT THE F&%K UP i hate god this is sick

    How am i supposed to live like this? How do i make money in a place where its literally the only thing that matters and you can go die in the gutter for all anyone cares if you don’t have it? Ive never been able to hold down one job in my life i just volunteer pretend work like a gimp and limp along going nowhere. As a kid i was in the tard class and as an adult i got nowhere but the mentalhealth walk-in; its like the same damn thing. I guess I’m never getting married or having kids or a family that looks to be off the menu, as is any kind of travel to some place that’s not this drooling retard society, but be grateful r Life is such a blessing, life is amazing, don’t compare yourself to others yadda yadda crap

    Just talking to people cuts deep inside, what is that sh*t? Thats pathetic how do i get by like that,how do i be with anybody? I dont want to be a monk hermit loner but everything is so SHARP and heavy and FAST. no one gets this stuff and im a GUY. They all just try to get by and im off in my head thinking about the meaning of life and all sorts of pretentious crap no one cares about, not practical not profitable not sexy. I can barely keep up with the speed of everything around me, my head races already, doing it their way would just make me psychotic (unless i want to drug myself into olbivion of course, take some SSRIs & shoot up a schoolyard, right kids?)

    You know it was great going insane as a kid with nobody to get me, i should be so grateful about that, never stop thinking and live my life because oif the terror and being all alone with it, im so grateful! life has turned out so wonderful , oh thank you god all the attacks and delusions and pills and isolation and broken divorced family what a wonderful gift what a blessing this world is what a wonderful gift to be part of a psychotic monkeyspecies and to feel every bit allthe time oh namaste namaste dear ones blessings love is all love lovelovelove LOVE

  102. I feel every word you have typed.i genuinely believe we must have much greater purpose for something larger and bigger and deeper….i would hope after a lifetime of such suffering and such internal agony….there must be more than just this ..what is wrong with me? Why do people feel the need to classify my as “not normal” .I allow myself to age gracefully ,as i do so ….ive come to find im glad im not like the “normals” people are cruel and unforgiving and judgemental….so i accept exactly what ever I may be ,its hard every step of the way however id rather have suffered everyday just the same than to be anything else, or anyone else….and even though inside im frayed thread…im a beautiful person because i and others like me can offer something beautiful…we just need to search for it…dig it up..brush it off ..and let it shine…ive learned optimism..without it is like to be without faith..and i cannot be without faith ,i need something to hold on to .

  103. THANK U n tnkx a lot for this article n th rst comments 🙂 Mr. jonn u jst try 2 make a MBBS degree holder so she can understand u……all th bst gyzz…..!!

  104. En este vídeo porno podemos ver a esta madura peruana metiéndose un consolador
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  105. Thank you for helping me understand myself. As a man I have been embarrassed countless times crying at inopportune moments. I have tried to “cure” myself for years. I have always felt like an outsider because of this. This article really helped me understand myself. I’ve ordered a book on this subject and can’t wait to find a better way to live with this.

  106. I enjoyed the article very much. But is there anyway you could delete the comments from Argentinas? It’s very offensive, and really put a sour note into a beautiful website. Thank you for your site.

  107. The objective of being hypersensitive is clearly mentioned here and it is Spiritual evolution. HSPs feel very calm and comfortable whenever spiritual hunger is satisfied. And hence can solve the problems of world under the divine guidance.
    It is really nice article. God bless you

  108. Thank you so much for this article. I have just found out today that I am a HSP and have been suffering for many years, trying to change myself into something others approve of. I have embarked on the body, mind, & soul journey for almost a month and have started doubting myself these few days. After reading your article, I felt inspired to put more effort in this journey. I kept asking the Divine what my purpose is and your article does spill some light! Thank you once again for such a meaningful article.

  109. It’s so wonderful to hear from so many other people who suffer from being highly sensitive. So many don’t understand… But, and this is a big but, there are things and people out there that help. Of course, I am sixty one, so I’m not in the horrible pain that I was in when I was younger. Things like spirituality, Christ, caring people, nature, etc., really have helped me understand myself and my path in life. I wish that there was a way for us to communicate regularly. Is there a way for us to set up a chat room? I’m not very computer smart. God bless

    Yes, it would be nice if someone would get rid of the
    disgusting remarks by the individual who claims to be
    Argentinian, but, for my part, I’m going to choose to
    try and forget about it, and remind myself that he is
    more to be pitied than censured.

  110. I found out im hypersensitive to external stimuli & I get hurt very easily. Its also very hard for me to let go of resentments & all the negativity. After yrs of crying and being sensitive i found out i may be hypersensitive. Whats worse if that ive untreated social phobia. No it wasnt learned I had it since a kid. Except I didn’t talk. I was Selectively mute. It was not a choice. Its an anxiety disorder.
    Anyways, Define normal. I dont like it when they say normal people. Then what are we ? Weirdos? Just different & special like a fragile flower. Unlike the ignorants who are made of steel & bricks. Theres no normal. Im normal & im hypersensitive.

  111. Pretty helpful except for all the new age crap. Jesus is the great physician! He is the way the truth and the life

    1. Really? As well as the god Horus who is the way, the truth, and the life in Egyptian mythology. Stop trying to distract someone’s spiritual development by telling them to follow some mythological character. America’s most dominant religion is Christianity and all sorts of people profess Jesus, but still America is the most inhumane, violent, and censor free country in the world! Do some historical research and stop believing everything written in one book!

  112. It’s not a disorder. If we call anything a disorder I would say it’s the lack of sensitivity which causes and enables behaviors that are harmful to people, animals, and the environment.

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