A Heartfelt Interview with Sheikha Maryam Kabeer

Sheikha Maryam Kabeer is one of those rare individuals who from a young age was called and guided by the light of God to seek truth and to continue journeying towards the Divine Presence regardless of the challenges and obstacles that face they who sincerely seek awakening.

Her quest for knowledge, wisdom and understanding led her throughout the world and to the threshold of many teachers, yet she found the deepest expression of light amongst the wisemen of al-Islam and embraced the path without resistance.

In this heartfelt interview with Sheikha Maryam, she and I discuss the state and condition of the Ummah and the world, the importance of light in the life of the believer, the value of patience, tolerance and compassion, the ability to see and witness the signs of God that continually manifest in our lives and upon the path, and much more.

About Sheikha Maryam Kabeer

A woman and community leader of great compassion, light and love, Sheikha Maryam is the author of Journey Through Ten Thousand Veils, an autobiography and account of her life journey into the path of al-Islam.

She is an active community leader and mentor who seeks to serve selflessly in the way and tradition of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and of all great teachers, and spends much of her time traveling for the sake of God and His Light, giving talks, facilitating retreats and meeting with individuals.

You can learn more about Sheikha Maryam at her website, Unite in the Light.

5 Comments on “A Heartfelt Interview with Sheikha Maryam Kabeer”

  1. Rüyada yılan yemek; rüyayı gören kişinin, pek de sevmediğibirinden fayda göreceğine tabir
    edilir. Çok nadir görülebilecek birr rüyadır ve bu tabir kesin çıkar.
    Rüya sahibi öğrenci ise, zayıf olan bir dersini, ufak
    bir çaba göstererek geçebileceğini, notunu yükselteceğini ifade eder.
    Rüya sahibi eğer bir işe adım atmayıplanlıyorsa, ancak yüksek rekabetten dolayı adım atamıyorsa, kapsamlı bir araştırma yapmalı ve
    bu konuyu olumlu değerlendirmelidir. Ancak bir istisna var, eğer söz
    konusu iş,helal kazanç sağlamayan bir iş ise, bu işten keinlikle uzak durulması gerekmektedir.
    İlk başlarda kişiye bol kazanç getiren bu durum, kısa süre sonra kötü bir sürprizle noktalanacaktır.

  2. She is an amazing woman that I had the pleasure of meeting in Monroeville, PA in March. We talked two days in a row and she really was a blessing. If you ever get a chance to hear her speak or talk to her personally, I highly recommend it! ♡

    1. Masha’llah, truly Sheikha Maryam is a deeply connected soul and a blessing to those who have the opportunity to connect with her. Thank you for sharing, Shelly. Best and most blessed regards.

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