How to Eliminate Stress in 60 Seconds

The unfortunate consequence of a life and culture immersed in the pressures and burdens of the world, or dunya, is that we as human beings are chronically stressed. If unchecked, this perpetual pressure eventually takes a significant toll on the body, heart and mind. Although pervasive, stress can be overcome, and in this brief article and video, you will learn how to eliminate stress in 60 seconds.

How to Eliminate Stress in 60 Seconds: Awaken (15 Seconds)

The first step in learning how to eliminate stress as rapidly as it manifests is to become conscious and aware that you are stressed.

Often, we suffer the effects of stress without taking the brief moment to acknowledge and become aware of what is actually happening. By simply taking a brief moment to awaken to the fact that you are stressed, you will have already made significant progress in learning how to eliminate stress and to purge and purify it from your system.

To eliminate stress, take 15 seconds to simply acknowledge and become aware of what you are experiencing. Consciously acknowledge what you are experiencing and feeling. Begin to become still.

How to Eliminate Stress in 60 Seconds: Breathe (30 Seconds)

The second step in learning how to eliminate stress from your system in record time is to simply begin breathing consciously.

Become aware of any tension in your body, and gently relax as you begin to breathe. Begin resting into and with your breath. Allow your breath to sink deeply into your core, and allow your abdomen to expand with each breath as you relax and release tension.

Your breath is sacred, and by becoming one with your breath, you are in fact inviting the Divine Presence of the Eternal into your being. The Light, Love and Presence of God are sufficient to dissolve any tension and stress, so enjoy the gift of simply breathing.

How to Eliminate Stress in 60 Seconds: Remember (15 Seconds)

Lastly, to eliminate stress, take a few seconds to remember and affirm the truth. Calm yourself with affirmations and statements that remind you of the Power, Omnipotence and Omnipresence of God.

For example, “God Almighty is in control. All happens but by His Will. I am at peace. I am surrendered. I trust. I believe. This too shall pass. My breath connects me to my Creator. His will for us is love, healing, strength and success.” And so on.

Because the world continually seeks to influence and control us with fear, in learning how to eliminate stress, we must take conscious control of our selves by first surrendering and the remembering the truth.

Thus, you strengthen the power of your belief, and with belief comes the support, Light, Power and Presence of God.

How to Master Transcending Stress

To become a master of eliminating stress from your life, it is vital to practice consistently. A daily meditative spiritual practice of 5-20 minutes can be profoundly beneficial in developing your capacity for presence, and thus your ability to stay calm, centered, rooted and anchored within when challenges arise externally.

It is but by the Will of the Divine that modern living has become so uniquely challenging with stress and anxiety now the norm, necessitating spiritual development, growth and awakening not just to survive, but more importantly to learn how to thrive.

Master the Ability to Transcend Stress

Eliminate stress from your life with the leading-edge Islamic Meditation Program, a premier six week online course featuring guided meditations, video training modules, a manual and a private member site.

May Allah bless you. Your work has reached many and has helped me more than I can describe. I ask Allah’s mercy, blessings, and joy be continually upon you.

Evelyn (United States)

Experience the Benefits of Mindfulness

23 Comments on “How to Eliminate Stress in 60 Seconds”

  1. Just listening to that serene voice would calm down any ferocious Hulk out there in 60 secs. :)) I’ve Learned a lot here in this video. Bless you always.

  2. Peace and grace of Allah be upon you! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world. This technique is indeed beneficial. As someone who has been practicing this forany years by Allah’s grace, I can vouch for that. It is always a relief to just be instead of getting lost in doing. The story of who we are that runs in our head persistently absorbs our attention. In seeing this for what it really is, just a bunch of thoughts, our awareness can ease back into itself. This is the beginning of the end of suffering. Please carry on your good work and spread the light. God bless. It is only from your writings that I truly understood the meaning of taqwa. This helped me connect more deeply with Islam. Thank you so much for this.

    1. Ameen, and eternal light, peace and blessings be with you, Thehseen. Thank you for your support. May we, together as a community of believers, again be models and exemplars of Allah Almighty’s divine will of excellence and beauty for the world. To your divine success.

  3. Mr. Ihsan,

    Nice piece. How to transcend the mind – consciousness, when it takes you over, is the million dollar secret. If becoming conscious, through conscious breathing was so easy as it is made out, then the whole pain from the human race will vanish in thin air. Teach us how to get in union with the universal consciousness as a lifestyle and not when we are in pain.

    1. Blessed salaams Makawosa. Unfortunately, we are programmed and wired since birth by the world for fear, stress, tension and anxiety. To transcend this perpetual discomfort and dis-ease, it is essential to keep a daily practice and keep the company of believers upon the path. If you are not yet a member, I highly recommend joining us in the Islamic Meditation Program to establish the foundation upon which peace is built. To your divine and eternal success.

  4. Thank U so much Sir ……!

    You are rendering indeed excellent service to humanity by firming our beliefs in the Omnipotence & Omnipresence & many more Attributes of Allah Almighty…….. May God raise your Ranks in Heaven and Stay Blessed for ever………
    . Regards…..

    1. Allahumma ameen, may we rise together in excellence and light, Qamar. To your divine and eternal success.

  5. Thank you Shaykh Ihsan, I appreciate this reminder in my stress-filled in box. It is a sorely needed reminder. May your work continue to be filled with blessing and benefit. Sincere wishes

    1. Ameen, thank you Kelly. May your breaths be filled with the Light and Presence of God, and may all stress and tension be dissolved with His Love. To your eternal peace and prosperity.

  6. So instant and so centering… to be reminded of how close to Allah we truly are is so emotional and calms me instantly….. mashAllah. Thank you for this reminder.

    Peace and blessings.

    1. Allahumma Sali ‘ala Sayyiduna Muhammad ﷺ, happy and blessed New Year Hijri, Tania, may the future be blessed with the guidance, Light and Presence of God for you and your loved ones.

  7. Salaam Ihsan,

    I have been meditating and practicing Qigong on and off for many years (sometimes more consistently than other times) and these practices have helped me tremendously. I love your free videos and the work you do. May the Divine Mind and Reality bless you always.



    1. Allahumma ameen, walaykum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, brother Murtaza. Thank you for your support and for your commitment to your personal growth and spiritual development. With your awakening, we all awaken. May His light illuminate your heart and your path. To your divine and eternal success.

  8. salam alaikom
    thank you sir ; I think this could be a revolutionary method of relieving the pain caused by stress and anxiety and other symptoms ,but I have a question if could clarify for me ,has this practice been noticed before or reported by any of the sahaba of our prophet ?

    1. Walaykum salaam Adnane. Yes, in fact it has. The Prophet ﷺ continually advised to be in a state of dhikr, and pure present conscious breathing is the foundation of remembrance, as Allah Almighty affirms in the Qur’an that the breath is your connection to He [38:72].

      Furthermore, conscious breathing has been mentioned specifically be great ulemma and awliya, most notably Shaykh Abdul-Khaliq al-Ghujdwani (qs), who established it as the First Pillar of the Spiritual Path, and who is a direct spiritual inheritor of the blessed and noble Companions of the Prophet ﷺ, Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (ra) and Salman al-Farsi (ra).

  9. Salam, dear ihsan 🙂

    I cannot remember one time that i watched a video from you, or read an article or a mail from you without being completely grateful. I would like to thank you from my deepest being for everything you accomplish and all the wise knowledge you bring to us. Thank you for helping us remember. Remember our source, remember to wake up in a sweet and delicate way. Always leaving us with a smile on the face 🙂
    I hope that one day, i’d be able to attend to one of your retreats and share a positive human experience.

    May god bless you and help you achieve even more.

    1. Allahumma Sali ‘ala Sayyiduna Muhammad ﷺ, masha’llah, thank you Souheir for the kind and generous feedback, and the blessed duas, ameen. May Allah Almighty bless you always and grant you the best in this life and the next, and may He (SWT) facilitate the opportunity to meet for the sake of His remembrance, light, love, knowledge and presence.

  10. Assalamu Alaikum, Brother Ihsan; and, thank you for your service to the humanity. May Allah give you barakah. Your emails are always refreshing and enlightening. I believe people like you are the harbingers of hope in this crisis-ridden time all over the world. I believe people like you are better equipped than many others, who are claimed to have a leadership role, to represent Islam to the humanity in general. I hope someday we will be able to work together for the sake of the Truth only. May peace and blessings of Allah be with you always.

    1. Dear brother Rashid, ameen, Allahumma ameen. Now is the time in which we must as believers come together to awaken the light of God, Allah Almighty, in our hearts and so in our communities and the world. Now, what matters most is sincerity, humility and belief. It would be our honor for you to join us in Awakenings Academy in which we are coming together towards these specific goals, seeking the pleasure of our Lord Most High. To your divine and eternal success.

    1. Allahumma ameen, thank you Ussif, may Allah Almighty increase us all in knowledge, light and love. To your divine and eternal success.

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