Meditation in Islam

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Allah Almighty said, “Neither the heavens nor the earth can contain Me, save the heart of a believer.”
The doorway to the Divine Presence is in your heart. Through meditation in Islam, you learn to look within. You learn to awaken the capacity for consciousness in your heart. Through meditation in Islam you learn to surrender yourself. You learnt to root and anchor yourself in a state of divine presence. You learn to connect with the Divine Presence of Allah.
Meditation is absolutely essential in Islam. In fact, meditation is Islam. It is the state of Islam, and nothing can be more necessary now.

Meditation in Islam

In this video, I discuss the preeminent position of meditation in Islam, and how this foundational practice establishes the inner constitution necessary to truly and fully submit to God Almighty and to Divine Will as it manifests in each blessed moment.

In learning about meditation in Islam, you will also learn about the mind-body connection, the importance of physical relaxation, and how meditation in Islam serves to cultivate the presence and sincerity necessary to truly benefit from worship and spiritual practice.

Meditation in Islam: Spirituality

In understanding the importance of meditation in Islam, it is necessary to remember that before the blessed Prophet Muhammad (saws) was appointed as the last and final Messenger, and to call humanity to the pure worship of the One God, it was his practice to seclude himself in a cave known as Ghar Hira upon Jabal Nur, the “Mountain of Light.”

At the time, there was no other religious practice established. During such periods of seclusion and meditative spiritual practice and presence, the Prophet (saws) cultivated the capacity to carry the light and power of Allah Almighty. The blessed Prophet (saws) simply sat in long periods of stillness and surrender seeking Truth and the Presence of the Eternal Lord of Creation.

Meditation in Islam is essential to cultivate the spiritual capacity that makes the forms and rituals of the religion truly beneficial.

Meditation in Islam: Surrender

“Islam” literally means the “Way of Surrender,” and by practicing meditation in Islam, we learn to truly and fully surrender and submit to Divine Will as it manifests in each moment.

Meditation in Islam teaches a human being how to become present and to live in the Now, the only moment there truly is and the doorway to the Divine Presence.

The ego, or nafs, is continually seeking escape from the Eternal Now and perpetuating itself into past and future. Yet through meditation in Islam, we learn how to transcend ego, time and dunya, the illusory world of form, and connect with that which is Absolute and Eternal.

Meditation in Islam: Transcendence

The blessed Messenger (saws) described the holy struggle to transcend the self as jihad an-nafs, and taught that the way to the Divine Presence of God is in overcoming the lower self, ego consciousness as it manifests in the body and the mind.

With meditation in Islam, we learn how to still, calm, quiet and surrender the lower self, which includes the desires and movements of the mind as well as those of the body.

Through meditation in Islam, we progressively develop the capacity for selflessness and emptiness within, the necessary condition to carry, manifest and transmit the Light and Will of the Divine.

Meditation in Islam: Peace

Peace cannot be realized in the outer world unless peace has become manifest in the heart, and this applies to us individually as well as collectively.

With meditation in Islam, we learn to transcend the story of “me” and the drama, violence and conflict that arise from ego-based consciousness, which as a result of its inherent state of separation necessitates competition and conflict.

Meditation in Islam teaches us how to remain rooted, anchored and present in the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty regardless of external circumstances and situations. Thus, the believer becomes a mountain and pillar of faith, strength and security, and can fulfill his or her true function as a selfless vicegerent, or khalifa, of God serving the wellbeing of all others.

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Rediscover the Spirituality of Islam

Al-Islam is a profound path of spiritual growth and development, designed to ultimately culminate in God-consciousness, peace and tranquility.

The key to awakening to the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty is true internal spiritual surrender, and meditation in Islam is the key to emptying the self of the self so as to attain true success and happiness in both this life and the next.

Now, more than ever, an Islamic Renaissance based in spirituality is necessary to lead the human race forward in a new culture based in enlightenment, awareness, consciousness and clarity.

Be part of the spiritual revolution with your own personal transformation. Discover how Islamic Meditation can help you discover your true self and your true divine purpose.


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  1. asalamu aleykum warahamatulahi wabarakatu.I am glade that when u send me more about our religion.I was understand so many thing from countinous

  2. Thank you very much for sending me video ” Meditation in Islam ” because of your videos and teachings I have started meditations and feels relax and calm .

    1. Masha’llah, may your periods of meditation, contemplation, reflection and presence be a doorway unto the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty. To your eternal strength and success.

  3. assalamou alaikum brother ihsan i have a question, what you teach is it linked to sufism? jazakallah khajr

    1. Walaykum salaam Xenja, I suggest you watch the following video for an explanation of the term “Sufism,” which only means the inner dimension, the spirituality, of Islam. Islam is not complete without its inner dimension and component, and the forms of religion are but to protect its essence. To your divine and blessed success.

      What is Sufism?

      1. I believe Every monotheistic religion today has had books sent from the One true God and I quoted proofs below from the Holy Quran (which is said to be the last book God sent) to prove my belief.
        This meditation session was made to break the illusions that one religion is better than the other.

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  5. I believe Every monotheistic religion today has had books sent from the One true God and I quoted proofs below from the Holy Quran (which is said to be the last book God sent) to prove my belief.
    This meditation session was made to break the illusions that one religion is better than the other.

  6. Hello Dear Ihsan,

    I am a kurdish who lives in iraq, i am expierencing kundalini awakening and its quite difficult at time for me, i was wondering to reach you and discuss a few things with you, can i get your email address or do you have Skype sessions?

    Thank you

    1. Blessed salaams Peshawa, if you are experiencing spiritual expansion, you are part of a growing community of believers being called to an awakening within the Ummah. My recommendation is to join us in the Islamic Meditation Program which will provide greater clarity and insight, and through which we can connect directly. I look forward to connecting further.

  7. You are a blessing from Allah dear Ihsan. I’m from Morocco a muslim country… Here there is a misundestanding of religion. They care only about the superficial side of Islam but no inner dimension. You changed my perception of Islam and Sufism. May Allah bless you.

    1. Allahumma Sali ‘ala Sayyiduna Muhammad ﷺ. Masha’llah, Morocco is a very blessed land with many of the noble Awliya buried there. May their light awaken the hearts of the people, and may Allah Almighty use you as a means to the purity and perfection of al-Islam. To your divine success.

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