Meditation: The Single Most Important Life Skill

As we advance upon the course of history, it is increasingly becoming evident that meditation and mindfulness are not simply luxuries or esoteric practices for the spiritual devotee, but an increasing necessity in the lives of ordinary human beings.

With perpetually increasing levels of stress and disconnection, meditation and mindfulness are becoming preeminently necessary not just to reach heightened states of awareness and transcendence, and to thrive, but simply to survive.

Meditation is unique in that it augments every area of our lives and so is a foundational practice upon which excellence in life is built. Through developing presence, which in reality is light and love, meditation and mindfulness enable you to significantly improve the quality of your life by healing the body, mind and heart, in addition to qualitatively improving the quality of your relationships and your ability to succeed professionally, all the while cultivating an awakened and connected spiritual state of consciousness.

With the increasing load and pressure from the world, or dunya, the debilitating effects of persistent stress, fear, anxiety and worry are becoming undeniable and have been clearly shown in countless studies to contribute to the demise of human health, as well as directly contributing to the onset and aggravation of disease. Is it any surprise that dis-ease leads to disease?

By learning to meditate, and thus to simply become present, surrender, relax and let go when necessary, we develop what is known as tawwakul, or trust and reliance upon our Lord and Creator, while simultaneously developing taqwa, or God-consciousness.

Meditation and mindfulness lead to an expansion of the self, and thus to a greater connection with the Divine Presence, whereas chronic stress, fear, anxiety and worry lead to a contraction of the self and to a solidification of the ego structure, resulting in a diminished flow of light and energy, in disconnection from the Divine Presence, and in greater struggle and hardship in the circumstances and experiences of our lives.

Only by learning to tune into the peace and power of the present moment, you awaken your divine human potential and that for which you have been created to manifest and awaken as an honored servant and deputy of the Divine. Consequently, from this state of presence and transcendent awareness, you begin to experience life fully and profoundly, again in a state of fitra as an innocent child filled with awe, love and wonder.

To your divine and eternal success.

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  1. I love your articles Ihsaan. I so resonate with them. I feel we so much on the same page. You explain it so well and so elequently. Thank you and I hope that more people will become more open and broad-minded. All the best Ihsaan. Thank you

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