Podcast: Transcending the Matrix

The movie The Matrix, originally released in 1999 at the end of the millennium, was a powerful tour de force of special spiritual significance, unveiling subtle and valuable concepts to common consciousness, and providing a framework with which to understand enlightenment and awakening, particularly with regards to Islamic Spirituality, or Sufism.

In a special episode of Soul of Islam Radio, we discuss a spiritual movie review of The Matrix, diving deeper into the subtle and metaphysical concepts alluded to in the film, and using the essence of the story as a platform to discuss the potential for human development, awakening and transcendence.

Transcending the Matrix

Movie Review : The Matrix

Podcast: Transcending the Matrix

In essence, the Matrix is a story of awakening and enlightenment, and in this movie review of the Matrix, you will learn about some of the more subtle aspects of the film with regards to the development of human potential and divine destiny.

We discuss the importance of zuhd, or spiritual asceticism in Islam, as well as the power of love and belief to ultimately transcend the illusory world of form, known as dunya. We answer the question, “What is the Matrix?”, and do so not only from a spiritual perspective, but also from a scientific understanding based in quantum physics.

In this movie review of the Matrix, you will also discover the way of the spiritual warrior, and the divine secret with which Prophets and Saints of God have not only bent the rules of the world, but at times entirely transcended them.

And lastly, we connect the relevance of the story of the Matrix to the current age and stage we live in, reminding regarding the End of the Age, known as Akhr az-Zaman, heralding the advent of the Mahdi (as) and the second manifestation of Jesus (as).

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Movie Review The Matrix : Square Free Your Mind

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