Podcast: Black Holes and the Voids Within

In this unique episode of Soul of Islam RadioAhmad and I discuss the science and significance of black holes, particularly as they relate to spirituality and spiritual development.

You’ll learn about the significance of black holes, which are at the center of each galaxy, and their significance to the awakening and development of consciousness, the Divine Presence, the Hajj pilgrimage and the Holy Kaaba, as well as the relevance of all of this to the human heart.

Black Holes and the Voids Within

Podcast Black Holes and the Voids Within

Listen to Black Holes and the Voids Within

In Black Holes and the Voids Within, Ahmad and I explain how black holes relate to death and the concept of the annihilation of the self in the Divine Presence, known as fana fi-llah, in Islamic Spirituality.

We also share the secrets of the sacred geometry behind the design of the logo for Soul of Islam Radio, the importance of meditation and spiritual practice, the importance of learning to surrender and let go, and the necessity for awakening consciousness.

Also discussed are the inspired elements of the movie, Interstellar, which prominently features the role and significance of a black hole, and how they relate to the evolution of the human species.

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