Podcast: Emotional Freedom

When well understood and practiced, Islamic spirituality results in what may be termed emotional freedom, a state in which we attain freedom and independence from the negative emotions that arise as a result of the conditioned and misprogrammed human mind.

Islam in essence is a path of personal transformation based upon divine revelation in the understanding that the will of the Divine for humanity is peace and prosperity. Yet given the nature of the human self, the nafs, or ego, very often the experience of serenity, freedom and liberation eludes us as a result of being bound to the negative emotions of the self.

In seeking true freedom, peace, tranquility and joy, we must attain to what may be called emotional freedom, or in other words, freedom from the negative experiences of our own emotions.

Emotional Freedom

Soul of Islam Radio : Emotional FreedomWhen we fail to attain emotional freedom in Islam, we remain subservient to the negative tendencies of the human mind to misinterpret events and circumstances, resulting in unhappiness, depression and the loss of hope.

In this episode of Soul of Islam Radio entitled Emotional Freedom, you will learn how to transcend the negative emotions of the self, and so rise above the gravitational pull of the ego.

Through emotional freedom, you will learn how to experience a transcendent state based in serenity and tranquility that will progressively lead you into a life of increasing peace and prosperity.

Podcast: Emotional Freedom

Without emotional freedom, we find ourselves often experiencing emotions of fear, frustration, anger, jealousy, depression, hopelessness and despondency. At times, enslavement to emotion can even lead to the even darker experiences of hatred, bitterness, rage and revenge, rapidly taking us out of the state of Islam.

In Emotional Freedom, you will learn how to recognize when you are under the unconscious experience of negative emotions, and how to begin cultivating greater personal power and heart-based consciousness so as to rise above the pull of negative emotional energy.

In Islam, freedom and liberation of the soul are the goal, and the ultimate freedom is freedom from the very self. By learning how to transcend the human ego, we can attain emotional freedom and thus return to the pure and blessed state of original innocence known in Islam as fitra.

In learning how to attain emotional freedom, we must first learn to recognize and become aware of the very emotions we are experiencing. By simply becoming aware of your emotions, you begin to transcend them.

As you progressively attain emotional freedom, you become increasingly independent of external circumstances, more and more becoming in-dependent, dependent solely and purely upon Allah Almighty. This then becomes realization of true faith and belief in the Divine, and leads to the realization of spiritual excellence known as ihsan, the goal of Islam.

Only when through emotional freedom we become free from the tyranny and control of the self, the ego, or nafs, is it possible to realize the true depth of what it means to be ‘abdullah, an honored servant of the Divine.

In Emotional Freedom, you will also learn about the deeper meaning of worship in Islam, how environmental programming and conditioning lead to ego-based interpretation of events that results in emotional instability, why the mind tends towards negativity, and how you can liberate yourself from ego-consciousness to attain true peace and tranquility in the state of Islam, a state of sublime internal spiritual surrender.

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Experience Emotional Freedom

Islamic Meditation Program : Fatima So Much at PeaceIn seeking to attain emotional freedom, it is essential to cultivate the capacity for transcendence and stillness.

The ability to be still and present, and to thus create space between consciousness and ego, is of utmost importance in attaining emotional freedom.

Meditation is essential to calm and still the mind, and to anchor yourself in the Divine Presence of Peace.

Follow the link below to learn how Islamic Meditation can help you attain true emotional freedom, liberty and peace.

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