Podcast: The Life and Legacy of Moses

Moses, known in Arabic as Musa (as), like Noah, Abraham, Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad, divine peace and blessings be upon all the Messengers of God, is also known as one of the 5 Great Prophets of Islam, the Ulul ‘Azam.

Perhaps more than any other prophet, Moses (as) is mentioned through the Qur’an, numerous examples from his life and legacy remembered to guide and instruct believers in the Way, in righteousness, sincerity, discipline and faith.

For the Muslim, the life and legacy of Moses (as) is of extreme importance, and we are commanded throughout the Holy Qur’an and in the teachings of the Prophet Muhmmad (saws) to remember, study and reflect upon the lives of the great prophets as well as upon previous nations and ages, that we may continually learn, grow and develop in sincerity and in excellence.

The Life and Legacy of Moses (as)

Podcast : The Life and Legacy of Moses

Podcast: The Life and Legacy of Moses (as)

In this episode of Soul of Islam Radio, we discuss the life and legacy of Moses (as), and how dive deeper into the importance and relevance of his struggle for freedom from the Pharoah.

You will learn about the ego and its tendency towards tyranny, either towards one’s own own soul or towards others, and how the path of humility and self-purification, or tazkiyyah, is essential for those who seek to live and lead a balanced spiritual life that will lead towards the Divine Presence of the Almighty.

In the Life and Legacy of Moses (as), we also discuss the ego’s need to worship form and self, and how only through the path of transcendence and the surrendering the mind in a state of Islam can one attain true nearness to God.

The great prophet and messenger Moses (as) is a powerful example of complete and total faith and reliance upon Allah, the Way of the Heart, and how the Path leads to faith, peace and prosperity, in contrast to the way of the ego-mind and its dependence upon self and the material world, a path that leads to loneliness, isolation, fear and failure.

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Moses (as) is mentioned more than any other prophet in the Holy Qur’an, and many lessons can be gleamed from his example and leadership.

What is one thing we could learn and apply as a Community from the life and legacy of Moses (as) to grow and develop in Islam, and in faith and sincerity?

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