Podcast: The Light of Muhammad (saws)

There are many spiritual paths, yet the Abrahamic lineage of prophets is based specifically upon reconnecting humanity to the Divine Presence and Light of God, and to the greatest realization of human potential as spiritual beings of blessed and pure divine light.

This noble lineage of prophets from Abraham (as), continuing through his sons Ishmael (as) and Isaac (as), progressively reaching perfection through Moses (as) and Jesus (as), finally manifest in the last and final prophet and messenger of God, the Prophet Muhammad (saws).

In the person of Muhammad (saws), this divine light reached its perfection and shone brilliantly, utterly liberated from the density of the lower self through selflessness, humility and spiritual surrender.

The Light of Muhammad (saws)

Podcast : Light of Muhammad

Podcast: The Light of Muhammad (saws)

In this episode of Soul of Islam Radio, we connect with the Light of Muhammad (saws), and remember that his path, Islam, is one of transformation, evolution and the perfection of human character.

You will learn about the importance of developing a real relationship with the Prophet (saws) through Murabita and salawat, and that true development and change is made possible by the Light of the Prophet (saws), which is but the Light of the Divine.

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The Holy Prophet Muhammad (saws) is referred to in the Qur’an as the “Mercy to Creation,” and was a messenger of light, love, compassion and grace. He stated that he was “but sent to perfect excellence of character,” and to truly follow Islam and the Messenger (saws), we must do our best to purify ourselves of darkness and negativity.

The path of Islamic spirituality, aimed at perfecting human character and connecting with the Divine Presence, is most effective when we connect and associate with the Light of Muhammad (saws).

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