Podcast: Love in Islam

What is the importance of love in Islam?

You may be surprised by what you hear in this special episode of Soul of Islam Radio, in which we discuss the deeper reality of love, its utter importance in the life and spiritual path of the Muslim, and how it is love the propels creation back towards its Absolute Divine Source, the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty.

Love in Islam

Podcast : Love in Islam

Podcast: Love in Islam

Love, the single most powerful driving force in the lives and existence of sentient beings, is also perhaps the least understood.

In this special episode of Soul of Islam Radio, discover the deeper reality of love in Islam, particularly as it relates to religion, spirituality and the divine destiny of humanity.

You will learn the secret to true and everlasting love, the key to healthy relationships that eternally grow in love rather than diminish in it, how to draw nearer to the Divine Presence of God through the experience of real and transcendent love in Islam, and much, much more.

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Experience True Love in Islam

Love is the essence of the Universe, and it is for love that humanity has been created.

Yet worldly love pales in comparison with true, eternal and divine love. When real love fuels our lives, our relationships become blessed and supported by divine grace and light.

Learn how to cultivate true and real love, and awaken to life and eternity in the Divine Presence of God.

Rediscover the light of spirituality and love in Islam with INSTANT ACCESS to a FREE multimedia mini-course, and learn to live in true and eternal love.

Discover Divine Love in Islam


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