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Soul of Islam Radio: Peace

It is with great excitement that we launch Season 4 of Soul of Islam Radio, which will focus on the emotional health, wellbeing and state of the believer.

In this first episode, I discuss the centrality of peace in Islam, and explain how through internal spiritual surrender, one can attain to peace both internally and externally.

We also learn that this is the very meaning of the word Islam, and that in the Last Days, known as Akhir Zaman, it will be a return to the foundation and essence of the Islamic spiritual path that will herald a spiritual revolution that can, with the grace, mercy, light and power of God, enable humanity to shift forward into a greater level of consciousness, awareness and spirituality.

Also covered in Peace are developing trust and reliance through tawwakul, the development of consciousness, referred to in the Noble Qur’an as taqwa, the station of wilaya and the awliya, the Holy Qur’an’s relationship to prior revelation and the messages and paths of previous prophets, the realization of khilafah, or divine deputyship, and much  more.

Listen: Peace

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Be the Change

Our world is in desperate need of change, and in desperate need of peace. Yet peace can only be realized in our world when it is realized in our individual hearts. This begins with you, and it begins at home.

With the Islamic Meditation Program, you can learn how to anchor and root yourself in the unshakable peace that flows from the Divine Presence, and be the change that you, your family and loved ones, your community and the world desperately need.

Anchor Yourself in Divine Peace [hr]

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