Podcast: Sufism and Islam

In this episode of Soul of Islam Radio, Ahmad and I discuss the topic of Sufism and Islam.

You will learn about the origin and meaning of Sufism, its etymological roots and its historical development. We also discuss the vital importance of both the inner and the outer dimensions of religion, the importance of one’s lineage in the transmission of knowledge and of a living connection to the Prophet (saws).

Sufism and Islam

Podcast Sufism and Islam

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In Sufism and Islam, I explain the importance of dhikr, or the meditative remembrance, recitation and chanting of the divine names of God, as a tool for self-purification and the awakening of the Heart.

I also explain how ego-consciousness is destroying our world and culture, and how real spirituality, which is the development of consciousness and compassion, is the cure. We as a species are at the precipice, and awakening, change and spiritual evolution are now necessary both individually and collectively.

I also provides suggestions for a daily practice of dhikr, meditation and contemplation, and explain that identification with Sufism is an error and in fact counter to the very principles of Sufism, the goal of which is the transcendence of all temporal identity.

Ahmad and I also explain the meaning of zuhd, or spiritual asceticism, and how one can live and thrive in the world, yet not succumb to its attachments.


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  1. Please send me more information on THE SOUL OF ISLAM RADIO.The world needs a Renaissance of pure Islam and not just Islamic Renaissance and I wish we would partner on this.

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