Podcast: The Divine Decree and Destiny

The concept and principle of destiny is of such importance in Islam that it constitutes one of the very Articles of Faith, and is thus an affirmation of the divine power, omnipotence and glory of God the Creator.

A proper understanding of destiny and decree is essential to a life of balance and walking the subtle and straight path of Islam that leads to felicity, grace and success.

The power and presence of destiny most notably manifests in Laylatul Qadr, the Night of Power and Destiny, which, according to the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad (saws), is said to occur in the last ten days of Ramadan, and is of incomprehensible value and spiritual blessing, this one night referred to in the Holy Qur’an as “greater than one thousand months.”

The Divine Decree and Destiny

Soul of Islam Radio : The Divine Decree and DestinyThe principle of destiny is often misunderstood, and rather than leading to success and peace, can easily miss the mark of excellence that Islam calls for.

In the Divine Decree and Destiny, with the grace and light of God Almighty, you will learn to understand the subtle concept of Qada’ wal Qadr in a way that is fruitful and balanced, applicable and relevant, and that leads to success both in this life and the next.

Podcast: The Divine Decree and Destiny

Belief in divine decree and destiny is so important and essential in Islam that it was taught by the Archangel Gabriel (as) and the Prophet Muhammad (saws) as one of the Six Articles of Faith that lead to iman, or true faith and belief in the heart.

In fact, real faith, a proper experience of divine decree and a divinely guided way of living with regards to attaining true success and pleasure is only possible when living from the heart and through the attainment of heart-based consciousness.

In this episode of Soul of Islam Radio, you will learn about the importance of the essential Article of Faith known as destiny and decree, and how to avoid the all too common error of tending towards an imbalanced interpretation and application of the principle of destiny.

You will also learn about Laylatul Qadr, the single most important night of the entire year, in which manifests divine will and that provides the single greatest opportunity for true self-realization, awakening and enlightenment.

In the Divine Decree and Destiny, we also address the fundamental questions of life and living, purpose and meaning, and how we are to live in a way that is not only in alignment with divine will, but that also leads to the realization of who we truly are.

We also discuss the importance of self-knowledge, not only for personal health and happiness, but also for attaining experiential knowledge of the Divine.

Additionally, in this podcast, you will also learn about the importance of the Way of the Heart, and of shifting and awakening to heart-based consciousness as the key to spiritual success and enlightenment, and the attainment of maqam al-ihsan, the Station of Spiritual Excellence, that is the very goal of Islam.

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Rediscover Your Divine DestinyDivine Decree and Destiny : Islamic Meditation Program Testimonial

Allah Almighty created humanity with a beautiful and divine destiny, yet our true purpose is only realized to the degree that we transcend the temporal world of dunya and reconnect with the Divine Presence of the Eternal.

It is through meditative spiritual practice and the blessed experience of dhikr that we learn to still, quiet and surrender the mind, and so transcend ego-consciousness that is the single greatest veil between us and God.

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4 Comments on “Podcast: The Divine Decree and Destiny”

  1. Asalamu alaikum brother
    Thank you for your beautiful ideas and talks. I really like your videos and ideas.
    On the other hand zikr with music does not make me feel spiritual and
    I cannot therefore use your podcasts and prefer to make quiet zikr.
    for this reason i am unsubscribing from your site.
    Jazak Allah khair however for all your efforts and i am sure they
    will benefit those people who love music.
    Many thanks

    1. Blessed salaams Jamila. The best dhikr is that which is done silently and in deep stillness. However, for the benefit of those who are entirely new to meditation, we do provide soundtracks as part of the Islamic Meditation Program to initially facilitate the experience. Thank you for your feedback, all the best.

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