Podcast: The Islamic Renaissance

Perhaps nothing is more universally misunderstood in the modern era than the way of life known as al-Islam. Although originally revealed as a divine and prophetic path to peace and prosperity, Islam has in recent times become globally associated with violence and terrorism, with intolerance and ignorance. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

Islam was revealed as a divine spiritual path of enlightenment meant to lead humanity to the highest ideals of personal and spiritual excellence, and it incumbent upon Muslims to rediscover the truth and light of Islam, and to again exemplify the beautiful and pure way of the Prophet Muhammad (saws).

In a world that is plagued by materialism and conflict, by ignorance and violence, by greed and selfishness, nothing is now more necessary than a proper understanding of Islam.

In an age in which Islam is not only misunderstood by non-Muslims, but nearly entirely misunderstood my Muslims themselves, it is necessary now more than ever for the emergence of an Islamic Renaissance.

Now more than ever is the time for the Muslim community to allow for the emergence of the Islamic Renaissance by awakening to our true purpose and re-establishing our connection with the Eternal Divine Presence of Allah Almighty.

The Islamic Renaissance

The Islamic Renaissance

Podcast: The Islamic Renaissance

In the arising Islamic Renaissance, you have a unique and essential role in a global shift and awakening. And you are being called to herald in a new age of Islamic wisdom, understanding and light.

It is said that it is darkest just before the dawn. Out of this darkness the truth must arise. Light must arise. The Muslim community must arise and again embrace spiritual and cultural excellence, and reclaim its role and responsibility as real representatives of the Divine. The Islamic Renaissance is overdue.

Now is the time. Now is your time. A new dawn is rising. The Islamic Renaissance is now. And it begins with you.

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  1. Oh gawd, the irony, she is rich. One of the recent developments in the battle for Islamic supremacy has been the implementation of “Lawfare,” the use of the courts to get what they can’t get through the legislature or on the battlefield. Enter the Israel Law Centre.Not to go all stereotypical or anything, but, who do you think has access to more and better lawyers, the Jews, or the Mohammedans?Cry havoc, and let slip the (law) dogs of war. And pass the popcorn.

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