Podcast: The Mission and Message of Jesus

Jesus (as), known as Isa (as) in Arabic, is considered one of the Ulul ‘Azam, one of the 5 Greatest Prophets in Islam, and has a unique place in the hearts of Muslims throughout the world.

Jesus (as) is the last of the great Israelite prophets, and the one who immediately precedes and gave good tidings of the Final Messenger, Sayyidina Muhammad (saws)Al-Amin, the Spirit and Messenger of Truth and Light, the last of the great Ishmaelite prophets and he would be honored as the Seal of Prophethood, with whom would be complete the long line of prophets and who would bring the Final Revelation, the Holy Quran, affirming and clarifying all that came before.

The Mission and Message of Jesus (as)

Podcast : Mission and Message of Jesus

Podcast: The Mission and Message of Jesus (as)

In this episode of Soul of Islam Radio, you will learn about the essence of the message and mission of Jesus (as), who was created and sent by the Divine Creative Force, Allah Almighty, to lead humanity back to humility and sincerity, back to the spirit and soul of religion.

In the Mission and Message of Jesus (as), you will discover the unity of the teachings of the prophets and messengers of God, the hidden secret and power behind divine miracles, the utter necessity of selflessness upon the spiritual path and return to our Source, the possibility of human potential and the divine destiny of mankind, and much more.

Given the conditions and circumstances of the world today in which materialism and form-worship have permeated and saturated both common culture and the understanding of religion, nothing could be more important than the essence of the message and mission of Jesus (as).

In this episode, we also discuss the Way of the Heart, the deception and error of the Antichrist, and the necessity for the return and second coming of Jesus (as).

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The message and mission of Jesus (as) is extremely relevant and pertinent to our lives today, in which our Community has largely forgotten the essence of the Way, which is the spiritual transformation and evolution of the human being.

What is one thing you could do personally to incorporate greater humility, light and love, as was the Way of Jesus (as), in your life?

9 Comments on “Podcast: The Mission and Message of Jesus”

  1. As Salaam Alaikum,

    May the Light and Love of Allah be with you through your sacred breath that He provides.

    My brother this is so needed and so beautifully delivered with clarity.

    Al Hamdulillah.

    Your sister in Love and Light,
    Linda A. El-Amin (Zahra Deen)

    1. Many salaams dear Linda, thank you, and may Allah Almighty support you and your work in reviving the light and love of the Eternal. We look forward to more of your beautiful dhikr recordings. To your divine success!

    1. Blessings and peace, Mohammad, nothing scheduled at the moment, but I hope to make the visit there and connect with the beautiful community in the UK insha’llah in the near future. In Allah’s love and light, blessed regards!

      1. hi may Allah bless and grant you strength for all the enlightenment that you are passing on to us i was wondering if there is any community or teachers that exist to connected to recommend from yourself in London that we can attend on regular basis or debates. if there is any sufi classes here that we can connect to attend their seminars or lectures?
        very eager to learn more

  2. May Allah Bless You Brother

    Alhamdullilah.. Alhamdullilah..Alhamdullilah, thank you for this

    Ana Elsiana Missa

  3. Way to go Cindy! Thing is though this site is only a shadow of what it once was. Now it’s only promises but not fulfilling them and letting others do the work. Why are the numbers way down? Because it’s non interesting stuff we’re shown. Show us real intensity weight training, then the numbers will rise again.Not trying to be a prick, but just sharing my straight to the face view of things.

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