Podcast: The Spirituality of Salat

Salat, the Islamic prayer practice, can be said to be the fundamental expression of Islam. Although involving physical postures and movements, as well as recitations from the Holy Qur’an, salat is in essence a spiritual practice and experience, and by understanding the spirituality of salat, we can truly reap the rewards of this divinely revealed meditative spiritual practice.

Although salat is the most common spiritual practice in the world, ironically it is also the least well understood, applied and exercised. By not understanding the spirituality of salat, the true benefit of this incredibly valuable spiritual experience is lost.

The Spirituality of Salat

In the Spirituality of Salat, you will The Spirituality of Salatlearn how to obtain maximum benefit from this quintessential heavenly Islamic practice which is meant to involve the body, mind and heart, ultimately culminating in transcendence of the body and the mind, and resulting in the awakening of heart-based consciousness through connection with the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty. By progressively improving the immersive spiritual experience of salat, you increasingly benefit from this heavenly meditative spiritual practice.

Podcast: The Spirituality of Salat

The essence of the spirituality of salat is about developing a deep and real connection to the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty. In fact, the root word from which salat originates literally means “to connect.”

The spiritual practice of salat is so valuable that is was in fact revealed in the Divine Presence to the Prophet Muhammad (saws) during Laylatul Isra wal-Mi’raj as an obligatory spiritual practice for Muslims  when the holy Prophet (saws) transcended the physical world of form beyond space and time.

We can enjoy a proper experience of salat by honoring the spirituality of salat. It is only when, in addition the mind and body, the heart is actively engaged through the spirituality of salat that we can truly obtain it’s transcendent benefit and establish a blessed connection to Allah Almighty.

It is through our connection to Allah Almighty that we establish a connection to the Source of peace, prosperity, strength and success. And it was precisely this divine connection to the Eternal Divine Presence that originally fueled the Islamic expansion and golden age, and it will be this holy and spiritual transcendent connection to Allah Almighty through the light of the Prophet Muhammad (saws), the final messenger and prophet of God, that will fuel and ignite the Islamic Renaissance.

In this episode of Soul of Islam Radio, discover the spirituality of salat and take your prayer practice and experience to a deeper level and more profound level and experience.

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