Seeking Sacred Knowledge with Ustadha Linda Ayyash

Ustadha Linda Ayyash is a student and teacher of sacred knowledge. She has spent most of her life in the pursuit and study of this most noble of all fields of knowledge, and in this interview with Soul of Islam Radio, shares not only her personal experiences in seeking sacred knowledge, but also valuable and key insights and suggestions for those hoping to pursue a life of greater purpose while living in the modern world.

In this inspiring episode, Ustadha Linda Ayyash highlights the supreme importance of seeking authentic and classical sacred knowledge from those who have personally gone through the rigorous path of self-development and purification themselves and who have been granted ijaza, or permission, to pass on and teach the prophetic inheritance.

Ustadha Linda Ayyash affirms that in the pursuit of sacred knowledge, suhba, or companionship is of absolute and vital value, and that only through actually accompanying and studying with qualified teachers of tarbiyya, or discipline and development, can one attain to ihsan, the state of spiritual excellence the Holy Prophet ﷺ called humanity towards.

Towards this noble and excellent goal, Ustadha Linda Ayyash points out that one must above all learn to think, feel and act with adab, or excellence in conduct, thought and feeling, and that only through such humility does one’s heart become purified of ego and selfishness, that which veils human beings from the light and love of God and His Noble Messenger ﷺ.

Ustadha Linda also shares that in the pursuit of sacred knowledge, the company of such Awliya, or close Friends of God, is essential in purifying the heart of spiritual diseases.


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  1. lovely.
    … westerners are too much in thought rather than in the Presence. They should learn from the most humble, the most huddled, the black, rather than distribute pity. Material need is not a reference. Companionship in the court of the law (Allah) is of the essence. The court needs to be erected where ever one is. Then, tawwasuf, the subtle fitra, manifests automatically. Unspoken, it invites to insight, glaaddening hearts.

    Emphasis must be much less on study, and much more on being aware.

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