Ten Forms of Quranic Recitation with Shaykh Mostafa Muftah

There are literally but a handful of master Quranic reciters in North America qualified to recite the noble and sacred scripture in all ten forms of recitation. Shaykh Mostafa Muftah is one of them, and in this engaging and inspiring episode of Soul of Islam Radio, he shares with us the profound depth and beauty of the perpetual miracle of Islam and its blessed Messenger ﷺ.

In this rare interview, Shaykh Mostafa Muftah shares the history of the many forms of Quranic recitation, which originate with the Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, and even sheds light on what is known as the “incorrect form of recitation,” based upon notes from the noble Companions of the Prophet ﷺ.

Shaykh Mostafa Muftah also gives a rare performance in which he recites portions of the Holy Qur’an in the ten acceptable forms of recitation, and shares the profound beauty and breadth of the sacred scripture that was revealed as God’s final revelation, and is meant for all times and for all peoples.

The Holy Qur’an is light, literally a “Light from God,” and when honored, breathed and recited with precision and with excellence, has a profound effect upon the human heart.

Shaykh Mostafa reminds us, based on a statement by the blessed Messenger, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, that we must “hold fast and tight to the Qur’an as one would hold the reigns of a camel, lest it departs.”

Shaykh Mostafa Muftah is a world-recognized master reciter and teacher of the Holy Qur’an, one of the top reciters in the world and but one of a literal handful of Qur’anic reciters qualified to recite the sacred scripture in all ten classical forms as taught by the Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

In addition to his mastery of Qur’anic recitation, Shaykh Mostafa Muftah has also completed advanced studies of Tafsir, or Qur’anic Exegesis, Fiqh, or Islamic Jurisprudence, and more.

In this enlightening episode of Soul of Islam Radio, you will discover the subtle depth, beauty and breadth of the holy and noble Qur’an as Shaykh Mostafa Muftah shares his extensive experience and knowledge of sacred recitation.

The Holy Qur’an is a known as a “Light from God,” and its recitation, particularly with excellence, consciousness, awareness and sincere intent, has a profound effect upon the human heart, awakening the soul and attracting the divine blessings and grace of God.

By learning how to recite the sacred scripture with precision and increasing perfection, we draw nearer unto the Divine as His holy and incomprehensibly beautiful words take root in our beings.

To learn more about Shaykh Mostafa Muftah and the art and science of Qur’anic recitation, please visit his website at MustafaMuftah.com.


Discover the Key to the Holy Qur’an

The great masters, scholars and teachers of Islam have taught that the key to the Holy Qur’an is a pure and sound heart, and that the light present in such a purified soul will allow the student of the sacred scripture to dive deeper into the limitless oceans of meaning and beauty that constitutes the eternal Word of God.

Discover the classical and sacred science of self-purification in a way that is modern, relevant, practical and effective, and that can take both your worldly and spiritual life to the next level.

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