The Islamic Golden Age

Often, when we think of the Islamic Golden Age, we tend to think of the past. Muslims, when invoking the glory and splendor of the Islamic Golden Age, are quick to point out the numerous and significant achievements of the inspired Muslim sages of history. Yet few seem to see the cause and impetus that led to, fueled and propelled the Islamic Golden Age. Fewer still yet realize that perhaps the greatest Islamic Golden Age actually lies ahead, beginning to take shape now and to bloom in the very near future.

What exactly was the Islamic Golden Age, what led to it, what is the Second Islamic Golden Age, and perhaps most importantly, what’s your part in it?

What Was the Islamic Golden Age?

The Islamic Golden Age is a period in history during which Muslims made significant advances in nearly every field of science known to man. Achievements were made in fields such as medicine, physics, astronomy, chemistry, mathematics, architecture, and other existential fields and sciences.

Yet most the most profound and significant advances in understanding during the Islamic Golden Age were actually in the dimensions of spirituality and psychology. It was during the Islamic Golden Age that emerged the greatest thinkers and poets the world has ever known, men and women of incomparable stature and realization. These rare and unique individuals contributed immensely not only to the understanding of Islamic Spirituality, but are now read, studied and loved by people from every tradition and in every part of the world.

It was during the Islamic Golden Age that the world was gifted with the sublime poetry of Rumi, the incomparable intelligence and perception of Ibn Arabi, the sincerity of Rabia Basri, the vision of Hallaj, the absolute realization of Shah Naqshband, as well as the many contributions of countless others.

What Led to the Islamic Golden Age?

Although few speak of it now, it was precisely this spiritual realization based in traditional Islamic Spirituality that was the key to the emergence of the Islamic Golden Age. And it will be a return to this foundational root of Islam, Islamic Spirituality, that is beginning to and will continue to fuel the Second Islamic Golden Age.

This profound and infinitely deep spirituality, beginning with the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S) himself, was the key to an expansion the likes of which the world had never seen before or since. It was not love of power, love of the world, nor any other base drive or motivation that propelled the Islamic Golden Age. The passion and divine purpose of the Islamic Golden Age was fueled by a profound love for God. Although many contributed in many fields to the Islamic Golden Age, it was the Men and Women of God that were the true leaders in that age of light during which much of the world was steeped in darkness.

Now, the Ummah, the Muslim Nation is perhaps at the lowest point ever in its entire fourteen hundred year history. Many are trying to find a way out of the current unfortunate circumstances they find themselves in, a world where it seems no longer a point of honor and dignity to be a Muslim, but where it seems Islam must constantly be defended from slander and accusation, from misunderstanding and prejudice.

The Second Age of Ignorance

Ignorance about Islam is now the norm, and this ignorance applies not only with regards to non-Muslims, but to Muslims as well. Few now know or remember what Islam actually is, its original meaning, purpose and path lost.

Prophet Muhammad Quotes

There will come a day when there will remain nothing of Islam but its name. –– Prophet Muhammad (S)

We are, without doubt, in the Second Age of Ignorance.

God Almighty declares in the Qur’an that a condition of a people will not be changed until they change themselves. And it is only by embracing personal responsibility, finally and completely relinquishing the role of a victim, that the Muslim Ummah can again rise to its inheritance.

Qur’an Quotes

Verily, God does not change the condition of a people until they change themselves. –– Surah Ar-Rad (Holy Qur’an Quotes, 13:11)

Islamic Spirituality led to the Islamic Golden Age, and it will be Islamic Spirituality that will enable the Ummah to rise out of the current abyss it has fallen into and usher in a Second Islamic Golden Age, an age of peace, prosperity and divine purpose during which the honor, integrity, nobility and beauty of Islam will be restored.

The Second Islamic Golden Age

As Muslims, it is our divine duty to be exemplars of excellence, demonstrating perfect conduct and character in all situations and under all circumstances. This Spiritual Excellence naturally emerges from an authentic and real spiritual center, root and foundation.

In the Second Islamic Golden Age, a Muslim will again be a real example of Islam, one who lives in a state of internal peace, presence and sublime surrender, free of conflict, violence, aggression and resistance. Such a Muslim will have no self-created enemies, for he or she will have transcended and dissolved the self, the ego, that requires conflict and hatred to survive. The Muslim of the Second Islamic Golden Age will be so rooted in Divine Presence that he or she will be a jewel in the world, an oasis in an utterly dry desert, and will be sought out by all for wisdom, clarity, guidance, direction and leadership.

Your Part in the Second Islamic Golden Age

The Second Islamic Golden Age has begun. Small groups of Muslims throughout the world are beginning to rediscover the divine depth of Islamic Spirituality and its ability to raise a human being to the highest of heights, the deepest of realizations and the clearest, purest, states of existence.

The Second Islamic Golden Age will unveil the Divine Destiny of humanity, an un-limiting of human potential, and a realization of self and of truth beyond all illusions and beyond all veils.

If you are here, now, reading this, then you very well may be destined to not only be part of the Second Islamic Golden Age, but to be a leader within it. A new world is about to be born, and it is your destiny to first and foremost make the shift to a new state of consciousness, realize the very purpose of Islam and of creation, and to become a bridge to peace and Divine Presence for others.

Qur’an Quotes

“This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed My favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.”

–– Surah Al-Ma’ida (Holy Qur’an Quotes, 5:3)

A new world beyond violence and beyond conflict. A new world based in peace and in divine surrender. A Second Islamic Age of wisdom, understanding and divine light.

Qur’an Quotes

“We created not the heavens, the earth, and all between them, but for just ends. And the hour is surely coming when this will be manifest, so transcend with gracious forgiveness.” –– Surah Al-Hijr (15:85)

Return to Islamic Spirituality

The way forward is inward. The final frontier is the space within. And the journey to your soul, to your heart, is the journey to the Divine Presence.

The Ummah will not be able to create positive change through force of any kind. Rather, positive change will result as a return to Grace and true belief, and this can only be achieved through Islamic Spirituality.

In the Second Islamic Golden Age, the Muslim will be rooted deep within, a pillar, a mountain of faith and presence in a world deeply in need of reconnection with its Creator.

You can begin this journey right now.

The original Islamic Golden Age was a time of great progress and enlightenment, and it was fueled by a profound and deep Islamic Spirituality. Although the Muslim Nation now finds itself in a Second Age of Ignorance, its hope in the realization of the Second Islamic Golden Age lies in a return to Islamic Spirituality and thus a return to the very goal of Islam: To accelerate the evolution of a human beings towards a state of perfect character and so, through self-purification and Divine Grace, awaken into consciousness.

Through the science of self-realization, you can come to know your true self.

Prophet Muhammad Quotes

“One who knows himself is as one who knows his Lord.” –– Prophet Muhammad (S)

The Holy Prophet (S) was sent to lead humanity into Spiritual Excellence.

Prophet Muhammad Quotes

I was sent but to perfect your character. –– Prophet Muhammad (S)

By embracing Islamic Spirituality, you now have the opportunity to partake and lead in one of the greatest spiritual and cultural rebirths the world has ever known, the Second Islamic Golden Age.

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  1. Salamaleikum brother. es bueno que se hable de el Islam y la verdad , es necesario desmitificar , sacar a la luz la verdad que en definitiva es una sola para todos.No queda mucho tiempo, inshallah abramos los ojos del corazon y podamos sentir la union con Dios, es maravilloso.
    gracias Ihsan ( the perfection)

    1. Thank you Kamilah for your comment. Translation: It is good that Islam and the truth are spoken about, it’s necessary to demystify, bring into the light the truth that in reality is the same for everyone. There is not much time left, insha’allah we will open the eyes of our hearts and be able to feel union with God, it is marvelous.

  2. Assalamu’alaikum.

    Alhamdulillah, I’ve just signed up for the Islamic Renaissance newsletter.

    I think it would be most appropriate for the people behind this website to post some background information about themselves; such as what Tariqah (Sufi Path) and/or Shaykh they’re following, etc.

    Forgive me if this information had already been posted somewhere. I couldn’t find it.

    Jazakallah Khayran…

  3. Well you people should put on GCSE HISTORY .In our school Indus Academy My test are going on Ineed GCSE HISTORY ON ISLAMIC RENAISSANCE.

  4. AWW,i love i Allah and his messenger Muhammed/peace up on him/ and i also had strong position on muslims brotherhood .
    i get some hint about the golden era of Muslims and i also appreciate highly you call and our role on the building of second golden era of muslim.
    As you mention Allah(sw) keep his promise as far as we could stand stick on the way /Qu’ran and Haddis/of Allah.

  5. asalam walekum rahamathulla hi barkatu trully islam gave us light of knoledge today sintist call as modern invention its a gift of islam today we muslim are neglating khoran suna of our propeth so we are laking behind

  6. could you provide (historical) time references in your advancements. That would certainly help situate the reader.


  7. Aslam alaikum
    This website gave me a lot of information for islamic golden age. I appreciate it as it can help many people but sorry some more information can be added. Jazakh Allah! May God blees His mercy on all people of my nation.

  8. It is a great inspiration reading The Islamic Golden Age. By Grace of the Lord or God or Allah we have Ihsan teaching us to go deeper and deeper into ourselves and nearer and nearer to Supreme

  9. This article didn’t help me at all. Sure, the Golden Age of Islam was when Islam’s works flourished, but why? You have to add things Islam flourished in, like medicine, technology, or maybe literature. Therefore, this article didn’t help at all.

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