The Universe is Love

Although it may not appear as such when we tune to the media and the constant negative news, the truth is that we live in an Ocean of Divine Love and Mercy, and that fundamentally the Universe is Love.

By healing and correcting our perception, and by increasing our level of awareness and consciousness, we increasingly become aware that in essence the Universe is Love, and so heal our very hearts, minds and bodies as we learn to surrender to the subtle manifestation of divine peace and beauty that is all around us.

We Live in an Ocean of Love

For millenia, philosophers and more recently scientists have sought to quantify and understand the very nature of the fabric of space itself. Often, this was referred to as the aether (also spelled ether), literally meaning the “upper air” or “pure fresh air,” and the very medium through which light and electromagnetic waves propagate.

Through spiritual insight, realization and awakening, and through the teachings of the great prophets and their inheritors, the spiritual masters of the way, we increasingly realize that air and light themselves are manifestations of divine love.

Both light and air are manifestations of spirit, referred to in the Holy Qur’an as Holy Spirit, and thus are a bridge and connection to the Divine Presence of God, the One, the Eternal, the Source and Sustainer of all life.

The Universe is Love

As consciousness awakens and evolves, as Allah Almighty wills creation to increasingly become aware and informed, wise and knowledgeable, the Universe itself reflects the awakening of consciousness and so increasingly manifests the foundation and source of all creation: Love.

It is with Love that Allah Almighty creates and sustains the Universe and all life within it. Light, which nourishes and provides energy to all living things, making possible growth and evolution, is love.

Each breath we take is a gift of love from a Loving, Benevolent, Merciful Creator Who is utterly and absolutely transcendent, independent and without need, yet has nonetheless willed life into existence with but a word and divine breath, “Be!”

As human consciousness awakens and evolves, mercy and compassion not only fill the hearts of human beings, but is also increasingly reflected in the very nature of the Universe.

Albert Einstein once stated, “The most important question we can ever ask is, is the Universe a friendly place?”

The most important question we can ever ask is, is the Universe a friendly place?

— Albert Einstein

The answer to this simple yet profoundly important question determines not only the operating paradigm of the individual and of the resultant collective, but it also determines our very understanding and concept of God.

We are taught in the Holy Qur’an and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ that the fundamental Attributes of God, known as the Asma ul-Husna or the 99 Names of God, are in essence positive, loving and benevolent.

In Islam, Allah Almighty is described as the Most Loving, the Most Compassionate, the Most Kind, the Most Forgiving, the Most Patient, the Most Merciful, the Most Generous, Light, Peace, Beauty and so on.

Hence, it is absolutely important for the believer to reflect this understanding in his or her belief system and affirm with thoughts and with feelings, with both mind and heart that indeed, the Universe is Love and based in benevolence and providence.

For the Holy Prophet ﷺ taught in a Hadith Qudsi that God has stated, “I am to My servants according to their expectation of Me.”

It is only the negative inclination of the ego and the mind which is based in fear that tends to focus on lack, scarcity, fear and separation. Yet by consistently remembering and consciously affirming that the Universe is Love, we shift from an unhealthy and unproductive ego-based conscious to a loving and peaceful state of awareness rooted and based in the heart and soul.

In truly realizing and seeing that we are in fact surrounded by Light and Love, by becoming aware of the Divine Presence of God that is all there is, by learning to take each breath in gratitude, humility, consciousness and grace, we support the health of our souls and the evolution of our spirits.

In truth, and it cannot be otherwise, for God is Good, the Universe is Love and it is only the insistence of the human ego that necessitates otherwise. If we simply surrender, trust and rely upon God, we will find ourselves gently being carried back to the Garden of Grace, the pleasure of our Lord Most Hight, and success and peace in both this world and the next.

To your divine, eternal and absolute success.

Awaken Your Heart and Soul

The great 12th Century Khawajagan Master Shaykh Abdul-Khaliq al-Ghujdawani (qs) stated that the first pillar of the spiritual path is conscious breathing, and taught that human breath is sacred and directly connects one to the Divine Presence of God.

Through relaxed, conscious and mindful breathing, not only do we deepen our spiritual practice and connection to God, but also improve our overall health and wellbeing.

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  1. I love my my life:)
    Isn’t that Allah’s Rahma, kindness and giving is unconditional?
    Allah don’t love whats evil

  2. I particularly appreciated the discussion that “Islam” means “surrender” and that “surrender” means recognizing resistance and letting it go. That is totally what is UP for me right now … recognizing resistance however great or however subtle, thanking it for its opinions, and letting it go! Blessings to you, Ishan, and great gratitude to the One, for guiding you in your mission of service.

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