What is Spirituality?

Feet on Earth, Roots in Heaven

Spirituality is to have your feet firmly planted on the earth, yet your roots in Heaven.

Often, the term spirituality tends to be vague and undefined. Consequently, confusion typically arises when referring to it. And this then leads to conceptual ideas that ultimately take one away from the real purpose of spirituality: To consciously move towards the Source, the Origin, God, the Creator, the One.

To simplify, the spiritual path may be defined as the journey back to oneness and unity. It is the return to the Divine Presence. The essence of spirituality is divine presence.

What then is the context of the path? It is life itself. Your life. For life is the greatest teacher.

And so only by engaging life rather than running from it can one truly advance spiritually. Otherwise, delusion is easily attained. For it is easy to be “spiritual” on a mountaintop (and that has it’s place), yet the real test lies in the midst of things. Although spiritual seclusion is a valuable (even essential) practice, one must ultimately always return to the world.

This is why the Prophet Muhammad and those who followed in his footsteps lived a normal life. He went so far as to say that adhering to a normal life and marrying, having a family, working and the like is “his way,” his sunnah.

Humanity, human beings, are one. Isolating oneself has its place in reconnecting with Truth by disconnecting from the illusion of the world, yet that light must then be brought back to others. Our duty is to help others in reconnecting and healing, and so we serve the divine purpose of assisting creation in returning to the Creator.

One measure of spirituality thus becomes the degree to which we serve. And this through self-lessness, in a way that does not then contribute to our own egoism.

Humility is the hallmark of authentic spirituality. And humility is simply the degree to which the ego is not present.

Spirituality is not measured by the degree to which we separate ourselves from others, but the degree to which we are connected to others.

This is known as love.

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