Dear ,

Blessed greetings of peace, light, beauty, truth and success.

We have an important and critical mission ahead of us. This mission is nothing short of the awakening of light within our nation and the progress of human culture upon our planet.

This divinely appointed mission necessitates of us two things:

  1. Personal Excellence. Extreme sincerity in our own personal lives, and this is the Greater Holy Struggle, al-Jihad al-Akbar.
  2. Collective Excellence. Concurrently required of us is our best efforts in the external world at large, and this is the outer struggle in the practical dimension of collective life, society and culture.

Our world and our own very lives are now at a critical juncture, and we must act positively and constructively, using the tools and technology available to us in guiding towards that which is good, true and righteous.

Now, we must take the manifestation of this mission to the next level, and I am seeking help. If you are inclined and feel a calling to proactively contribute and be part of an exciting new project fueled by love and passion, I am now calling upon you to join me that together we can make a significant positive impact in the life and culture of humanity, particularly within the Muslim Ummah.

We have a mission, and this message is a call for all talent and desire to help share the vision that fuels Spiritual Excellence to help share and spread the work, which is now of paramount importance in the world and within our Ummah.

As a member of the Spiritual Excellence Community, you first have the first opportunity to join in a new project and contribute your unique skills, talent, love and passion. That new project is Islamic Renaissance Magazine.

Islamic Renaissance Magazine

Islamic Renaissance Magazine will be an online digital publication with curated leading-edge content produced from within our immediate group and the community at large with the primary purpose of pushing forward with evolutionary knowledge and to help re-establish sincere and humble believers as global leaders in every field of knowledge.

We are now entering the Age of Spiritual Awakening, for there is no other choice now but to evolve and to awaken. We as a species and as an Ummah are at the precipice, and spiritual awakening and evolution are absolutely necessary now more than ever before, both individually and collectively, for both our individual and collective survival.

It is important here to note that Allah Almighty does not want us as human beings, the Crown of Creation, to simply survive, but also to thrive. We have been created to grow, to awaken and to thus serve our divine purpose.

Islamic Renaissance Magazine will initially be an online and digital publication that will host and share articles and posts related to subjects in all major fields as they pertain to spiritual growth and awakening. These include:

  • Spirituality and Spiritual Practice
  • Health and Wellness
  • Marriage and Family
  • Culture and Community
  • Science and Spirituality
  • Art and Architecture
  • Personal Development and Positive Psychology
  • Success and Effectiveness
  • Outdoors and Nature
  • Ecology and Sustainability
  • Food, Cooking and Nutrition
  • And Much More

We will be striving for the global distribution of professionally produced and excellent content that can help move the human race forward. Insha’llah there will be a beautifully bound print publication in the near future.

Islamic Renaissance Magazine will serve as a platform and voice for members of the Muslim Community and provide an additional and collaborative outlet for leaders who are wise, providing a medium for inspired voices that speak from presence and inspiration on topics that are relevant and necessary.

Additionally, we will move towards sustainability as quickly as possible. I know that many within our community can use extra income, and this will be a means to provide that as well.

Calling All Talent

How can you help?

First of all, if you are inclined and have a field of knowledge you practice or are passionate about, you can contribute articles and content. If anything, you can share in your own words and experience what you learning through the Spiritual Excellence Programs and Awakenings Academy, and how this movement can help others.

We are in need of writers, essentially anyone who would like to share and create content based in either personal or professional experience. In addition to professionally written content by leaders in the above mentioned fields, Islamic Renaissance Magazine will feature a blog of community members, they who are upon the path of spiritual growth and development, and who are committed to the purification of the self and the awakening of excellence.

I want to briefly mention here that such articles and posts will be directly monetized via the Awakenings Program Affiliate System (to be deployed ASAP). In other words, content you create will link to all available courses and programs, and subsequent sales and enrollments will result in direct affiliate commissions.

I realize this is not necessarily a driving need for many of you, and should not be a primary motivation for any of us, however I wanted to mention it as it is my dream and goal to empower members of our community in all ways possible towards progressively transcending dunya from a place of peace, purpose and spiritual connection and surrender.

Furthermore, with the growing body of collective and collaborate content, Islamic Renaissance Magazine will insha’llah ta’ala become a hub for leading-edge content and an ever expanding audience and reader base.

Your content will thus be highly leveraged and can even support your personal projects that are in alignment with the fundamental principles of the Islamic Renaissance (for example, your homeopathy business, health and nutrition counseling, yoga instruction, fitness and martial arts instruction, other forms of coaching, counseling and therapy, professional services, etc.).

Additionally, I am looking for the following:

  • An EDITOR to edit and curate content for professional presentation. Ideally someone with blogging and publishing experience.
  • A BUSINESS STRATEGIST to help grow, evolve and develop the project and platform, and to help achieve sustainability and empowerment for members within our immediate community and beyond. Extremely helpful would be someone with learning platform development and design, and the structuring of effective education systems.
  • A WEB MANAGER, someone to manage, develop and evolve the digital platform. A working knowledge of WordPress is essential, and any experience with digital publications and online magazines would be highly valuable.
  • A GRAPHIC DESIGN ARTIST to create marketing material, assets, etc., and who can also assist with site layout, design and user experience.
  • An SEO SPECIALIST to help with Search Engine Optimization and effectively rank in search results to improve reach.
  • A PUBLIC RELATIONS SPECIALIST, someone with experience in getting attention, creating and broadcasting press releases, arranging interviews and speaking engagements, etc. This would ideally be someone who understands how the world works and can get exposure and attention.
  • A MARKETING MANAGER with marketing experience, primarily online, though off-line experience would be extremely helpful as well. Someone familiar with effective social media marketing.
  • A PRINT AND PUBLICATION MANAGER. Someone with experience in physical print and publishing, ideally with a magazine and periodical. Although Islamic Renaissance Magazine will initially be online exclusive, I envision and hope to move towards a beautiful print publication and journal in the near future, insha’llah.
  • An ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT to help with various tasks including communications. Someone who can also function as a talent seeker to identify, communicate and coordinate with those that have value to contribute.
  • A VIDEO EDITOR AND AUDIO PRODUCER with digital production experience for content creation. It is absolutely vital we create high quality digital content, eventually producing full scale documentaries.
  • LEGAL ASSISTANCE. It is always good to have someone on board with legal expertise, ideally within the corporate environment, for if and when the need arises. Experience with copyright and trademark law would be extremely helpful.
  • ECOMMERCE and AFFILIATE MARKETING SPECIALIST. Someone with experience in electronic commerce systems, shopping carts and the management of an online store. Yet another aspect of development is the creation of a marketplace and bazaar where high quality goods that service and support the spiritual path can be offered. Some of these goods will actually be provided and sourced by members of our own community.
  • A PROJECT MANAGER, someone with whom I can work with closely to oversee and manage all of the tasks and components involved, and who can help to guide and manage the team and the platform. Ideally someone with working knowledge and experience in project management and all of the systems involved above, and with a demonstrable ability to guide and manage a team.

Initially, Islamic Renaissance Magazine will launch as a labor of love and vision, and of purpose and service. However, we will aim to move towards sustainability as quickly as possible, yet to do so without compromise in integrity.

, if you feel called to participate in the birth of what can be one of the most significant projects taking place in our world today and with the potential to reach and inspire millions, please get in touch with me directly so that we can setup a time to speak and begin coordinating.

If you feel you may fit one of the specific positions above, or are simply ready to allow the Divine to use your voice to communicate the greater message and mission of His Messenger ﷺ, please contact me.

Sincerely, and to your divine and eternal success.

Yes! I Want to Be a Part of This!