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“Overwhelmed and Happier Than I Could Imagine”

Your support has been a great source of direction and strength in this journey to Allah’s Divine Presence. When I realize that in seven and a half weeks I have not missed a dhikr meditation and that each day I am aware of the joy of dhikr, I am overwhelmed and happier than I could imagine.

— Rain (United States)

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Personal Coaching is the most effective way to make accelerated progress in any area of your life.

Personal one-on-one coaching is not only helpful, but often even necessary to help us make accelerated progress upon the path and in life.

With the unique mentoring and support available with Personal Coaching, advance in your career and business, improve your health and wellness, and amplify the experience of love with your spouse and children while awakening to your greater divine purpose.

Get the personal and professional support you need to create outstanding results in every area of your life.

Get One-On-One Coaching with Ihsan
Deepen Your Knowledge and Your Practice
Get Real Results in All Area of Your Life
Improve Your Relationships and Your Health
Increase Your Inner Peace and Your Success
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Cost (6 Weeks): $695

Get the personal and professional support you need to create outstanding results in your life.

Why Personal Coaching?

Emil Ihsan-Alexander TorabiThe benefits of personal coaching are many and well established, yet the unique benefits of an approach based upon a spiritual and faith-based foundation are not only most effective, but also transcend the limitations of temporal benefit and contribute to true, real and eternal success.

With Personal Coaching, not only will you advance in every area of your life, but you will also heal your heart and soul as you progress spiritually and draw ever nearer to your Lord and Creator.

By working closely together, we can address your unique needs to ensure the most rapid and beneficial progress towards your personal and spiritual goals.

With Personal Coaching, you make a greater commitment to your personal transformation and thus to real and actual change both inwardly and outwardly.

It is my belief that it is the Will of the Divine for each human being to flower and blossom into their most beautiful possibility and potential. By corollary, although it may not during times of great hardship and hurt be obvious, our life circumstances are such so as to necessitate personal growth and spiritual development towards greater levels of consciousness and presence. In fact, our life circumstances are precisely what are required for us to awaken to our greatest possibility and personal potential.

One-on-one coaching will help ensure you are making real, actual and sustained progress towards your goals, and that you are aligning your life and personal practice in such a way as to ensure success and prosperity in both this world and the next.

How are Coaching Sessions Conducted?

Once you enroll in Personal Coaching, we will meet once per week for the allotted term, and each session will last approximately 40 minutes. However, please schedule to be available for up to one hour, for we may run longer if necessary.

For the purpose of presence and focus, simple audio communication is most effective, as video can be distracting and in fact detracts from the benefit of the experience. Thus, coaching sessions are conducted via telephone.

Each Personal Coaching Session is unique and dependent upon your specific needs in the moment. You will find the experience not only enjoyable, but also profoundly transformative.

Terms and Conditions

By enrolling in Personal Coaching, you affirm that you are committed to new and better results in your circumstances, and to a deeper, more powerful and more actualized spiritual life.

Growth often takes place outside one’s comfort zone, and although Personal Coaching is normally a wonderful and enjoyable experience, you recognize and welcome that I may challenge you to grow, and that this is for your benefit.

A good coach sees the potential in his or her student and client, and pushes them gently to become the best version of themselves. In spiritual and faith-based coaching, the goal is the progressive transcendence of ego-based consciousness, and this can at times be challenging. Yet the reward for doing so is well worth the effort, and results in a life connected to the Divine Presence, and thus to peace, grace, light, blessings, goodness and true success.

Alhamdulillah, by the grace and light of Allah Almighty, we have been given tools and practices based in light and wisdom to minimize and circumvent discomfort, struggle and suffering, and with Personal Coaching, you will learn how to best take advantage of the limitless potential of blessings and guidance that are always accessible and literally at your fingertips.

With Personal Coaching your life will rapidly change for the better, and by engaging this opportunity, you commit to learning, growth and development, and to change, transformation, metamorphosis and personal evolution. By enrolling in Personal Coaching, you commit to the greatest and most noble possibility of you.

Please note that Personal Coaching is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition, and you are advised to seek appropriate professional care should any such condition exist. Neither is Personal Coaching intended to replace the professional services of a therapist, psychotherapist or psychologist if and when required.


What are our clients saying? Read the testimonials below.

“Overwhelmed and Happier Than I Could Imagine”

A truly moving and motivating experience, your support has been a great source of direction and strength in this journey to Allah’s Divine Presence. When I realize that in seven and a half weeks, I have not missed a dhikr meditation and that each day I am aware of the joy of dhikr, I am overwhelmed and happier than I could imagine.

I am accomplishing more of my responsibilities and able to maintain patience through some difficult moments. Twice during these sessions someone at the co-op as I was working said that I seemed different, brighter and more confident.

Again, thank you for your time and commitment to the wake-up call to Muslims all over the world. We need it. May Allah be most pleased in you and bless your work.

Humbly and Gratefully,

Rain (United States)

“Blessed for This Opportunity”

My Dear Respected Brother Ihsan,

I feel that I have been blessed that Allah brought you into my life. My initial period of dhikr and meditation coaching coincided with a very difficult period in my life where I was planning to get a divorce. I have since reconciled with my wife and we have begun a fresh start on our marriage. I am trying to learn to be more tolerant and patient.

I had been drawn to the Sufi way through listening to various lectures by Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, but I also felt a need for a personal connection for further guidance. I believe that Allah fulfilled that need through you.

My initial coaching sessions with you provided me an opening into the deeper, spiritual dimension of Islam. I have learned that the Sufi way is not a deviancy, but rather the essence of Islam. I highly recommend your personal coaching for all Muslims who desire to develop their inner spiritual practice of Islam.

I greatly appreciate your patience and your interacting with me on the level where I am and within the reference point of my own very personal life. May Allah bless you with success in your efforts and reward you richly in this life and in the akhira. I look forward to working with you and to meeting you one day in person, insha'llah.

With Prayers for Your Continued Success,

Mustafa (United States)

“Feeling Good All Day”

Asalaamu’alaykum Ihsan,

I just want to say thank you again for today’s session, it made me feel good all day! It was really a pleasure to finally talk to a Muslim coach!!! Alhamdullilah.

I am so blessed that Allah lead this to me!!! I thank you for doing your programs and appreciate you for doing all that you do!!! Thank you.

Iman (Canada)

“Thoroughly Enjoyed Our Session”

I thoroughly enjoyed our first session and I look forward to future sessions. I benefited from your guided meditation technique as well as the stimulating conversation that confirms what I have known for quite some time now.

May Allah continue to make your light shine BRIGHT, and may Allah nurture your ability to enlighten ALL minds in the pursuit of intellectual curiosity and spiritual wellness!!

With Gratitude,

Tunisia (United States)

“Cannot Thank You Enough”

Dearest Ihsan,

Thank you so much for yesterday’s coaching session and all the ones before, I really am enjoying them. Thank you also for creating the Islamic Meditation Program and Soul of Islam Radio.

You have a gift for describing things I’ve been reading about for years, but somehow you bring it all together in a way that is crystal clear. It’s amazing how so many things are being answered for me and how somehow things are beginning to fall into place after many years of searching.

I don’t know quite how to express it. In a nutshell, I can’t thank you enough. I feel truly blessed to have crossed paths with you and feel my prayers at the Ka’ba to understand what Islam really is have been answered.

May Allah bless you and your family and grant you all the success, health, peace, happiness and light in life and hereafter. Barakallah feek.

Sara (Jordan)

“Achieved in Weeks What I Couldn't In Years”

I’m very excited for this program and I’m honored to have Ihsan to be my life coach. What I’ve achieved in 5 weeks, I couldn’t achieve in years!!

After I completed the Islamic Meditation Program I decided to enroll in the Personal Coaching Program to help me bring more peace, love and joy to my life and to be a better Muslim and better person in general.

Thank you Ihsan. We are all lucky to have you. God bless you.

Iman (Canada)

“The Whole Family is Benefitting”

Thank You Ihsan for all your support. I am so happy that my whole family is taking part. The best is that my daughter listens to you. It meant a lot to me. May Allah bless you!

Naeem (United States)

“So Much is Opening Up”

I want to thank you (I wanted to wait to say this next week on our last session and I remembered that there’s no time like the present).

Thank you so much for your teachings and being in my life thus far. I realized that now, compared to when we started with sessions, I’m so much calmer, I’m sleeping through the night, I’m thinking clearer, I’m smiling again and I have more focus. My mental and physical states have improved so much.

Alhamdillallah, so much is opening up. I’m grateful for your point of view and guidance. It makes me feel less alone. I feel like Allah has lifted a veil from my eyes and I can see things for what they are.

Sa’adah (United States)

“A Gifted Approach”

As a seeker on the path of spirituality for many years, I have finally found the master key to the secret door of the heart through the Islamic Meditation Program. While the spiritual endeavours of 20 years have helped me greatly in making it through the maze of ego, this program has taught me how to STAY connected to the Divine Presence via the very legacy of all the blessed Prophets.

Through Personal Coaching, within these mere six weeks, brother Ihsan has helped me identify my obstacles to the Divine Presence. Alhamdulilah.

Masha'llah, he has the gift to make the spiritual path tangible and simple. May the path least trodden and much misunderstood become the highway to the Almighty undertaken by all of humanity.

Sara (Malaysia)

The Noblest Possibility of You

A good coach sees the potential in his or her student and client, and pushes them gently to become the best version of themselves. With Personal Coaching, you will learn how to take advantage of the limitless reserve of blessings and guidance that are always accessible and literally at your fingertips.


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