Dr. Daud Scott, N.D., is a Certified Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy and also a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner (CHNP) with the noble and prophetic goal of empowering his clients to get the most out of healthy eating with mind, body and full presence for true wellness, health and healing.

Dr. Daud began his path to conscious healing and nutrition in his third year of college while attending Hampton University in the mid 1990’s. He took it upon himself to address his own food choices and lifestyle patterns, a choice that rapidly led him to the holistic path of health, wellness, lifestyle and nutrition.

As a Naturopath, Ustadh. Daud’s specific area of health focus is boosting internal Life Force Energy through vital foods, targeted herbs, reflexology and iridology for the individual. He continues to work with individuals who have suffered from cancer, lupus, high blood pressure, Celiac Disease, thyroid imbalances, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, persistent weight gain, skin issues and other illnesses and health related imbalances.

Dr. Daud Scott believes in a holistic approach to life, health and wellness, and he emphasizes that all issues related to the body have a significant impact on one’s state, experience and progress upon the spiritual path.

Ustadh Daud has made it his mission and life work to support individuals throughout the world in raising the state of their health and vitality, and to then use that liberated energy in walking the spiritual path of excellence and transcendence. He presently owns and operates Nature’s First Path, a holistic health practice in Los Angeles, California.

Client Testimonials

Dr. Daud is both a great holistic nutritional and life coach. Although there is a general structure to his coaching program, he will tailor it to your specific needs. My main issues at the time were fatigue and low energy levels. Over the six weeks, brother Daud helped me to understand which foods and spices would help me boost my energy and guided me to tap back into the vital life force that runs in all of us. The whole process felt very natural and pure.

He will provide you with the nutritional tools you need to bring your body back into a state of homeostasis. Even after completing the program, he was always more than happy to be contacted for any nutritional advice.

I have been in the medical field for more than a decade now as both a physician and a surgeon, and cannot emphasize enough the importance of good holistic nutrition. Too often now I am seeing diseases in my patients, which are entirely preventable, and brother Daud’s passion and vision for the community is truly inspiring.

Dr. Helena H. (UK)

Thank you! I am so grateful to have come across Dr. David’s program. I have been struggling with symptoms of GERD for almost an entire year and tried several supplements and over-the-counter medications. Nothing was working. As a 24 year old female I began losing confidence in myself. David gave me the opportunity to learn about Natural methods to relieve pain, fatigue, depression and inflammation.

Within the first two weeks of following my plant based diet that David had personalized along with a list of recipes to consider, I felt like myself again. My anxiety and insomnia were almost not existent, and my energy levels shot up which allowed me to get back into the gym again. Thank you again David for all the encouragement and educating me on everything my medical doctors didn’t!

Katie F. (USA)

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