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Eternal Warrior Way Program

In a world in which honor, light, love and purpose are lost and lacking, nothing can be more vital than a return to the sacred path of the spiritual warrior.

Now, in this most blessed and holy time of the year, join us in an exclusive launch of the Eternal Warrior Way Program in which you will awaken to your divine purpose and rediscover your connection and access to divine power within.

In the footsteps of the prophets and messengers of God, it's time to reclaim the way. It's time to get strong. Empowered. Awake. Alive.

In the Name of God. It's time to go warrior.

"Awesome and Valuable Training"

I am so grateful to be a part of this awesome and valuable training. I took the Islamic Meditation Program and found it profoundly nurturing in my spiritual growth. So when the Spiritual Warrior Program became available, it was a no-brainer. Ihsan is a wonderful teacher who seems to have the gift in bridging the spirit of the Qur’an to the quest of the soul.

Sakinah (United States)

Discover the Way of the Warrior

The Eternal Warrior Way Program is a leading-edge comprehensive online course in personal growth and spiritual development designed to empower you unlike anything else.

Retake control of your health and wellness, your psychology and your spirit, your marriage and your family, and learn to thrive fearlessly in every area of your life.

Join us in this evolutionary course and awaken your divine potential with an exclusive Ramadan 2018 bundle filled with lifetime value.

 12 Core Training Modules
 21 Bonus Modules: The Way of the Spiritual Warrior
 3 Bonus Modules: The Way of Fasting
 Lifetime and Instant Access
 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
 Course Cost: $395

 Improve Your Health
 Empower and Heal Your Relationships
 Thrive in Your Career and Business
 Awaken Your Spiritual Potential
 Overcome and Transcend Fear
 Rediscover Your Divine Purpose

Course Curriculum

The Eternal Warrior Way Program is a comprehensive course in personal growth that addresses all aspects of your development: physical, psychological and spiritual.

Below is scheduled comprehensive course curriculum.

Awakening the Warrior Within

  • The Eternal Warrior Way Program is designed with leading-edge information based upon original and classical sources to empower you to strength and success in all areas of your life.
  • The Summer 2018 launch will include an additional series of 12 entirely new training modules.
  • Reach new levels of effectiveness in your health and wellness, marriage and family, business and career, and religion and spirituality. Discover strength and success from within.

Bonus: Way of the Spiritual Warrior

01: The Eternal Way of the Spiritual Warrior

  • Discover the eternal way of the spiritual warrior.

02: The Power of the Pen

  • Discover the power of the pen.

03: The Power of Intention

  • Discover the power of intention.

04: The Way of Divine Purpose

  • Discover the way of divine purpose.

05: The Way of Personal Purpose

  • Discover the way of personal purpose.

06: The Way of Faith

  • Discover the way of faith.

07: The Way of Non-Attachment

  • Discover the way of non-attachment.

08: The Way of Presence

  • Discover the way of presence.

09: The Way of Transcendence

  • Discover the way of transcendence.

10: The Way of Awareness

  • Discover the way of awareness.

11: The Way of Illumination

  • Discover the way of illumination.

12: The Way of Strength

  • Discover the way of strength.

13: The Power of Exercise

  • Discover the power of exercise.

14: The Power of Focus

  • Discover the power of focus.

15: The Power of Reflection

  • Discover the power of reflection.

16: The Power of Framing

  • Discover the power of framing.

17: The Power of Environment

  • Discover the power of environment.

18: The Power of Worship

  • Discover the power of worship.

19: The Power of Prayer

  • Discover the power of prayer.

20: The Power of Dhikr

  • Discover the power of Dhikr.

21: The Power of Fasting

  • Discover the power of fasting.

Bonus: The Way of Fasting

01: How Fasting Strengthens the Body

  • Discover how fasting strengthens the body.

02: How Fasting Purifies the Mind

  • Discover how fasting purifies the mind.

03: How Fasting Awakens the Spirit

  • Discover how fasting awakens the spirit.

“This Course Has Awakened My Soul”

Subhanallah! I cried at so many points whilst listening to you.

Being on this course truly has awakened my soul. So many things you have said resonated with my own thoughts, feelings, experiences and realizations. Allahu Akbar! God is truly Great!

I I feel so overwhelmed with love right now, knowing and truly believing now that God loves me. Thank you so much for bringing me back to the path of love, the path of light.

 Alhamdullilah! Alhamdullilah! Alhamdullilah! In God we trust. I surrender.

— Shana (Brunei)

“Beautiful and Valuable Information”

Masha’llah, again a beautiful lesson with a lot of valuabale information. After understanding the law of attraction, lots of puzzle pieces have fallen into place.

I have been asking myself continiously, why am I facing so many similar scenarios in life? The law of gravity explains why. We are attracting the same to its kind.

This is a real eye-opener, understanding that Allah wants us to become successful and happy. Taking responsibility for everything in our life and not playing the victim will make us stronger.

Thanks for sharing this valuabale visdom with us!

— Djumalee (Netherlands)

“Truly Wonderful and Very Helpful”

Truly wonderful.  I will use the suggestions you provided about humbly serving others for the sake of Allah, forgiving myself and others, and moving toward gentle change in life patterns. This was very helpful.

— Ameedah (United States)

“Very Impactful”

Alhamdulillah, your courses are impacting my life immensely!

— Thomas (Belgium)

It’s Time to Warrior Up

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