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Islamic Meditation Program

Enroll now and become one of the thousands who have transformed their lives with the premier and leading-edge personal and spiritual development program in the world.

With the Islamic Meditation Program, you will have the opportunity to take your religious and spiritual life to an entirely new level of experience.

Now is the time. Rediscover the light and beauty of the spiritual path and awaken your divine potential. Reconnect with the Divine Presence. Transcend fear, stress, anxiety and worry. Ignite the light of your soul.

In the Name of the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.

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Please note: In the video above, I make reference to the introductory mini-course, Rediscovering Islamic Spirituality, which includes a four-part instructional video series as well as a sample meditation audio soundtrack, and which you can access instantly and entirely for free.

"Have Never Been So Happy"

Alhamdulillah, I have come to the final week and I must say that I feel so happy inside! I have never felt like this before. There is always happiness within me and I feel that Allah is with me always.

Thank you so much for showing this wonderful path to our Creator and our beloved Prophet ﷺ. May Allah shower His endless oceans of mercy upon you.

— Hasib (Bangladesh)

The Most Valuable Course You Will Ever Take

Overwhelming Value

Greetings of divine peace and light.

My name is Ihsan and I would like to thank you for your interest in the Islamic Meditation Program.

The Islamic Meditation Program is an evolutionary leading-edge online training program designed to help you rediscover the divine depth and incomparable beauty of authentic Islamic spirituality.

I look forward to welcoming you to this evolutionary educational portal and community where you will have the opportunity to master the art and science of Dhikr, the quintessential meditative spiritual practice, recommended above all else by God Almighty throughout the Holy Qur’an and by the Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, the Last and Final Messenger to humanity.

The Islamic Meditation Program takes advantage of the latest developments in technology and content delivery to create a rich and robust personal development and spiritual growth training system that is designed to augment every aspect of your life.

With the Islamic Meditation Program, you will have the unique opportunity develop your personal spiritual practice and discover the profound and divine depths of Islamic spirituality, while progressively developing deep inner peace and naturally attracting abundance, prosperity and success into all areas of your life.

The evolutionary Islamic Meditation Program delivers overwhelming value, and we have an unparalleled 99% customer satisfaction rating.

Included in this pioneering and premier course in meditative spiritual development and practice are a guidebook and manual, six weeks of exclusive online video training, six meditation audio soundtracks, six guided meditation soundtracks and six proprietary Heart Rhythm Technology audio soundtracks.

For a nominal tuition fee of only $295 $195, you will receive lifetime membership and instant access to this leading-edge course.

 1 Manual and Guidebook
 6 Weeks Online Video Training
 6 Meditation Audio Soundtracks
 6 Guided Meditation Soundtracks
 6 Heart Rhythm Technology Soundtracks
 Lifetime Membership and Instant Access
 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
 Course Tuition: $295 $195

Zero Risk

With an unparalleled 99% customer satisfaction rating, we are confident you will love the Islamic Meditation Program and that it will have a profound and positive impact on the quality of your life.

Nevertheless, we want you to experience this unique and life-changing course at absolutely zero risk, and so we offer an unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the course and program, simply let us know within 30 days and we’ll happily refund your entire enrollment fee, no questions asked.

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I look forward to welcoming you to our growing community, learning more about you and working with you.

To your divine, eternal and absolute success.

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Course Curriculum

The Islamic Meditation Program is a comprehensive multimedia course in meditative spiritual practice and development that is designed to exponentially augment your experience of the spiritual path and deepen your connection with the Divine Presence of your Creator.

Below is a comprehensive course curriculum.

Week 1: Relaxation

In Week 1, you will learn about the implicit relationship between the mind and the body, and how learning to physically relax and surrender the body can bring you into an internal state of surrender and submission, also known as the state of Islam.

  • Video Lesson: The Power of Relaxation
  • Audio Meditation Soundtrack: Ya Haleem
  • Guided Meditation Soundtrack: Relax in Divine Surrender
  • Heart Rhythm Technology Soundtrack: Surrender

Week 2: Affirmation

In Week 2, you will learn about the power and importance of consciously affirming truth so as to progressively bring the mind into alignment with the benevolent and blessed will of the Divine, and thus to heal the heart and soul from a lifetime of misprogramming.

  • Video Lesson: The Power of Affirmation
  • Audio Meditation Soundtrack: La Ilaha Il Allah
  • Guided Meditation Soundtrack: There is Only Truth
  • Heart Rhythm Technology Soundtrack: Know

Week 3: Visualization

In Week 3, you will learn about the vital necessity of purging and purifying the mind of negative images, and of consciously visualizing that which is consistent with Truth and the Will of the Divine so as to begin rapidly moving towards goodness, grace, abundance, prosperity and success.

  • Video Lesson: The Power of Visualization
  • Audio Meditation Soundtrack: Return to God
  • Guided Meditation Soundtrack: Bismillah
  • Heart Rhythm Technology Soundtrack: See

Week 4: Transcendence

In Week 4, you will learn about the "ego" and how the transcendence of the sense of self is the key to awakening to the Eternal and Absolute Divine Presence of God, thereupon experiencing life through the perception of perfection, awe, wonder and beauty.

  • Video Lesson: The Power of Transcendence
  • Audio Meditation Soundtrack: Melt in Mercy Oceans
  • Guided Meditation Soundtrack: Allah Allah
  • Heart Rhythm Technology Soundtrack: Dissolve

Week 5: Divine Presence

In Week 5, you will learn about the power of presence and how to maintain awareness, focus and rootedness in the now so as to deepen your connection with the Divine Presence of God and increasingly live life through a state of peace and inspiration.

  • Video Lesson: The Power of Presence
  • Audio Meditation Soundtrack: Hu
  • Guided Meditation Soundtrack: Welcome Home
  • Heart Rhythm Technology Soundtrack: Be

Week 6: The Way of the Prophet ﷺ

In Week 6, we conclude the Islamic Meditation Program with the deepening our connection and relationship with the appointed noble emissary of God, the last and final Prophet, Sayyidina Muhammad al-Mustafa ﷺ, who is the divinely established bridge to the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty.

  • Video Lesson: The Path of the Prophet ﷺ
  • Audio Meditation Soundtrack: Prophetic Presence
  • Guided Meditation Soundtrack: Prayer for the Prophet ﷺ
  • Heart Rhythm Technology Soundtrack: Connect

Exclusive Bonus Content: Version 1.0

As a supplement to the current iteration of the Islamic Meditation Program (Version 2.0), we have included extensive bonus content consisting of the entirety of the original Version 1.0 course, which includes hours of additional video lessons to help add additional value and resource material to your understanding of the program.


With the Islamic Meditation Program, you will have the opportunity to take your personal, practical and spiritual life to the next level.

When you enroll, you will become part of an evolutionary spiritual community committed to the highest standards of spiritual excellence, and with the grace and guidance of God Almighty begin to realize the very state of ihsan described by the Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ as the very goal and purpose of Islam.

The following testimonials have been taken directly from within the Islamic Meditation Program.

“Just So Beautifully Done”

The Islamic Meditation Program is just so beautifully done — well organized in terms of artwork, audio, text, calligraphy and all related elements. One can access these sublime practices literally within one minute of arriving on the site. Of special importance, is the way in which you have identified the four different forms of Islamic Meditation along with the specific various zikrs associated with each.

Highly recommended for someone wishing a comprehensive yet succinct overview of a topic which is actually the core of Sufism. Indeed, your course opens wide the Gateway to the most refined mode of contemplation and meditation in the Universe. Masha’Allah, may God be pleased with you. Ameen.

— Shaykh Hakim al-Chishtiyyah, Author of The Book of Sufi Healing

“Impressed, Humbled and in Love”

Thank you sooooo much for such a beautiful experience. I come to this from a long search for the Divine through Buddhism to New Age thinking to Christian Mysticism… And as I’m an eager student of the traditions and teachings, this meditation has brought the experiential aspect to it all so powerfully.

Since I work as a online marketing strategist for spiritually-aligned companies, I can congratulate you on your amazing online presentation and the first class recordings. I’m impressed, humbled and in love. Can’t wait for next week! Blessings and peace to you and all who have the privilege of experiencing your work.

— Christiane (United States)

“Informative, Interesting, Non-Judgmental and Innovative”

Twenty years spent in Sufi circles with hadra, dhikr, khalwa and recitation led me to a place of confusion because there was no outer guide that had kindness like I feel from Ihsan. As soon as we all broke up from hours of chants and dhikrs, the pettiness of life began to overtake us, and I think if Ihsan had been giving his informed intros and concise meanings to terms, events and life as he does here, many of us would not have just been following the leader but also trying to find the inner parts of ourselves that dhikr offers.

Ihsan gives you time to think and still be yourself. Thanks for this. Please keep this practice informative, interesting, non-judgmental and innovative, like you have it. Shukran!

— Diana (United States)

“Deliriously in Love, Fear Has Flown Out the Window”

SubhanAllah! Thank you for sharing this with us, Ihsan! Listening to these heavenly Guided Meditation audio tracks have opened up so much for me, it is incredible! I understand now when you say Islam is Peace. I always knew the fact that Islam means Peace. But it drove home to me in these past couple of weeks! Ameen!!!

Shukr, Ya Rabbi shukr! All I can say is that I am deliriously in love! I feel so much at peace, knowing now for certain that Allah (SWT) is loving us so much, guiding us always to the best that is for us, always with us, our very best Friend!

Our Lord’s grace, fear has flown out of the window! Thank you Ihsan for all your efforts and love, and helping in making a difference! May Allah(SWT) bless you and Daud and all our families, and above all our beautiful Shuyukh! Ameen!!!

— Fatima (United States)

“Simple, Profound and Personally Transformative”

I am REALLY loving the Islamic Meditation Program! It is, without exception, the simplest and most profound, creatively-radically orthodox and personally transformative thing I have encountered to date with regard to Islam, that is to say, with regard to true, authentic, universal spiritual Haqq!

Mega-masha'llah’s to you, brother, and jazakallah khair!

Amir (United States)

“Grateful and Honored to Be Part of this Program”

Assalamu’alaykum dear brother, I just enrolled, am a new Muslim and am really grateful and honored to be part of this program. My heart is full of joy, I know with certainty this is what I needed and was looking for, I cannot explain it. Am going to do my best to benefit from your gift and efforts, from your generosity.

I am a long-time follower of Soul of Islam Radio and just discovered you are driving that program too. This is so great to meet you here again in this path. Alhamdulillah!

May Allah SWT reward you and bless you, your team and your family abundantly and endlessly. Ameen. I know am in the right place and that you will answer to my need, to my thirst for Allah.

Marie-Hélène (France)

“Mind-Blowing, Taking Shahada”

Thank you for such a wonderful course. To let you know, I intend on taking my shahada in the next month, Insha'llah!

Before learning about Islam, I’ve always been fascinated by topics such as qigong, meditation, binaural beats, sexual energy, sound therapy and more. To find out that ALL of these topics are covered in your course is honestly mind-blowing, Alhamdulillah.

By the grace of God I came across this program and knew it was for me. Thank you for your hard work and may Allah reward you with many bounties.

Marlon (Canada)

“Changing My Life”

Alhumdulilah! Wa shukrulillah! Beautifully written. Thank you so much, you are changing my life, inspiring me to follow the best Allah (SWT) has offered humanity!

My soul has been reached and is giving, giving, giving in thanks and asking Allah (SWT) to support this program insha’llah!

Safiya (United States)

“Deep and Touching”

May Allah bless you and the Muslim Ummah. I downloaded and listened to your work, and find it very deep and touching. I have never seen a work like this before!

Gokhan (Turkey)

“Cannot Thank You Enough”

Salaam, I’m on week six of the program and can’t thank you enough for this experience!

Amra (United Kingdom)

“Very Effective in Producing Relaxation”

Masha'llah! Very helpful indeed. May Allah support this wonderful endeavor! I found this very effective in producing relaxation — something I certainly need more of. Thank you, Ihsan.

Hassan (United States)

“Peace and Respite in Your Work”

Thank you for all your links and help. I didn’t know I would be receiving such a vast array of informative information on a regular basis when I initially signed up, so thank you.

Also, it’s very interesting from a psychological point of view because I studied psychology as a degree, and the links between Islam and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy are quite extraordinary, particularly regarding the core beliefs and belief system.

Anyway, I’m a revert in the UK and currently encountering some rather tough times struggling with the transition and a number of other factors, but have found some peace and respite in your work, so thank you once again.

N.S. (United Kingdom)

“Very Relaxing, Marvelous and Wonderful Job”

Assalamu’alaykum dear brother, I have been using the program since Saturday and masha’llah, I must say that I feel very relaxed when I use the meditations!

You and brother Dawud have done a wonderful job! Your course is marvelous. Alhamdullilah, may Allah always guide you and give you success.

Ameen. Asalamu’alaykum.

Hasib (Bangladesh)

“Truly Amazing and Life Changing”

This program is truly amazing! Thank you brothers Daud and Ihsan for your efforts, and may you be blessed!

Months ago, I suffered from a depression along with tensions in my body, and I started to explore different methods of meditation as I tried to get better. It was soothing, but there was always something missing. I needed the bigger picture, I needed to find truth, to find the way back to Allah.

So I came across this program — to say it was by accident would be naive. Up until then I didn’t know that meditation was such a big part in the practice of Islam. I did the mini-course and later on enrolled in the program, and since then my life has just been better and better.

It has truly been life-changing. Tensions and depression are all gone, and I’m looking forward to continuing the program. Insha'llah with it we all can keep on getting closer to the Truth.

I just wish you all the best and that you keep helping people to change their lives as you do. May Allah bless you!

Intuit (Sweden)

“At Last a Logical Explanation of Islam”

Salaam Ihsan, I’ve been in meditation on and off since I started yoga several years ago but had yet to experience enlightenment. However, on the fifth day of practicing dhikr followed by sitting in stillness, as you suggested, I experienced something. I felt blissful and I could not stop smiling, and was overwhelmed and joyous. I am indeed grateful and thank Allah for this.

I must thank you for this beautiful program. At last I have found a logical explanation to the religion I was born in. Islam is indeed peaceful. Thanks again, Ihsan. God bless.

A’edah (Australia)

“Makes Total Sense and Speaks to the Heart”

Asalaamu‘alaykum Ihsan, today is my first day and I am feeling totally inspired about starting this course. I’m also extremely relieved as for over five years I’ve tried different paths searching  for “the meaning of life,” “why are we here?,” etc., and I was left in total confusion.

The videos and information here are clear, make total sense and speak to my heart. I’m really looking forward to the next 6 weeks. Thank you soooo much!

Claire (United Kingdom)

“Amazing Course, More Connected in Prayer”

Salaams Ihsan, I enrolled in this amazing course on Tuesday and spent two days working through the videos and manual. Thursday morning I started to meditate, trying to remember your advice from the deep relaxation video. Friday and Saturday I’ve been using your guided meditations — they are amazing, and already I am experiencing a sence of inner peace.

I am aware of the chatter in my mind and irritations, tensions, etc., and I’ve been able to let go, and recognize when the next ones arise. I have been using a dhikr for a few months, and I am feeling more connected as well in my prayer. I enjoy them all and feel much more engaged with my practices.

Thank you all so much for creativing a wonderful Meditation Program.

C. Shaw

“Thank Allah”

Amazing, I cannot say anything more than what has already been said about the Islamic Meditation Program by those who have taken part. I can only thank Allah for guiding me here and yourselves who have been given the blessing to relay this practice across.

Ferzanah (United Kingdom)


Wonderful! I almost cried! Thank you again. May Allah’s love be upon you.

— Tchatchibara A.

“Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful”

Salaam, I just wanted to say this was so peaceful and beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!

Insha’llah, may Allah give you brighter days, lots of sunshine and roaring rivers.

— Marlene (Canada)

“The Real Meaning of Islam”

Thanks for sharing this valuable information, and I know now what Islam really means. May Allah bless you for all the good deeds, insha’llah.

Sarifah (Singapore)

“Even More Amazing Years Later”

I cannot describe my feelings while listening again to the course after almost 3 years. I am experiencing new spirit and more understanding. It is really an amazing and more light filled feeling than the first time. May God reward you with goodness.

Manar (Dubai)

“Even Years Later Helping Me Manage Symptoms”

I joined your Islamic Meditation Program many years ago, and I am still utilizing the soundtracks until today. They actually help me manage many physical and mental symptoms resulting from having an autoimmune condition called multiple sclerosis, or MS.

Towards the beginning of last Islamic year, 1440, I came to a profound realisation that the “mindful mindset” through Qur'an and the true Sunnah was one of the main teachings of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ about Islam.

Mohamad (United Kingdom)

“Incredibly Rich, Amazingly Pleasant and Peaceful”

So much to go through, and this is my first exposure to Islam except for just a bit of Hazrat Inayat Khan. This is an incredibly rich material. I might even call it intimidating if it wasn’t so amazingly pleasant and peaceful. Wonderful work, Ihsan.

Balie (United States)

“A Vastly Improved Upgrade”

This is indeed a vastly improved upgrade of the earlier version of this course. I have had the opportunity of comparing them with each other. I was away for a few years but now I am back. Thanks so much for keeping my subscription intact!

Jonathan (Canada)

“Thanks Be to God for This”

Peace brother Ihsan. You have managed to bridge Islamic spiritual practices with western meditation methodology. Thank God what you have managed to do, the Ummah is in desperate need of this.

Where Islam has become a set of physical practices without the heart involved, you have made it easier to find the Divine through the heart. Jazakallahu khayran.

Samer (Australia)

We couldn’t possibly include all of the feedback and comments we’ve received regarding the evolutionary Islamic Meditation Program here, so we created a separate page.

You can read more testimonials about this unique course at the link below.

To be posted!

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