Adam, Between Faith and Knowledge

In Chapter 9 of Rejuvenation of the Soul, Imam Fode continues to expound on the unique quality of the human being to have the capacity to carry the Holy Spirit of God, Ruh al-Qudds, and thereby to be honored with the responsibility of the Deputy of the Divine.

In this lesson, we are reminded of the importance of deepening our connection with the Divine Presence by expanding our capacity for Sacred Breath, shifting from a paradigm of self-reliance to one in which we truly and sincerely trust and rely upon Allah Almighty, the necessity to allow and invite the grace of God into our lives and thereby raise us from a world of problems and drama, the inherent pitfall of the spiritual path itself and of attachment to the way, the significance of this moment in time and our great responsibility in the present, and much more.

By learning to return to our fitrah and reconnect with the Divine Source through Holy and Sacred Breath, Allah Almighty supports, sustains and strengthens you. Thus do we return to the Garden of Peace.

Learn more in Chapter 9: Adam, Between Faith and Knowledge.

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