Awaken to Level 3 State Consciousness

The Holy Qur’an refers to three distinct levels of consciousness, or states of the self, corresponding to the particular potentialities within the human being to live and act out of multiple levels and localizations of awareness.

In this training module, you will learn about the three fundamental states of consciousness, the corresponding aspects of our beings with which they are associated and localized, their unique drives, desires and ambitions, how to recognize the dominant state of consciousness within yourself at any given moment, and how to progressively transcend lower levels of consciousness and states of self so as to attain to divine pleasure and divine purpose.

The goal of al-Islam and the way of the warrior is to progressively attain Level 3 State Consciousness, referred to in the Qur’an as an-Nafs al-Mutma’ina. It is at this state that one truly realizes the reality of al-Islam and is welcomed into the Divine Presence of God amongst the sacred and sincere servants of the Eternal.

Learn more in The Three Levels of Consciousness.

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