Breath and Energy Systems within al-Islam

Although not known to many in the modern era, great masters of classical Islamic spirituality have historically had a profoundly developed understanding of subtle energetic realities. With a proper understanding of spiritual and energetic systems based upon the illuminated foundation of al-Islam, the Muslim is equipped unlike any other to dive deeper into such fields of knowledge that pertain to healing and subtle realities.

In our most recent Group Coaching Call, you will learn about the subtle energetic reality of the human system known as the Lata’if, its transmission into Western spiritualism as the “Enneagram,” the transcendent and sacred power of the breath, the Divine Ocean of Power, Light and Energy known as Bahr ul-Qudra within which creation manifests, the vital importance of “space-consciousness,” and much more.

Experience more in Breath and Bahr ul-Qudra.

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