Demonstrate Faith By Taking Action

In the latest training module as part of the Mastering the Law of Attraction course, you will learn about the importance of taking action not only to demonstrate faith, but also to strengthen belief.

There is a directly proportional relationship between belief and action, and the results we obtain. And based upon an extremely important tradition of the Holy Prophet ﷺ, action is in fact equated with belief. Furthermore, Allah Almighty affirms in Surah ash-Sharh the relationship between the hardship of action and effort towards the goal, and the ease that results as belief increases.

Learn more in The Power of Action.

2 Comments on “Demonstrate Faith By Taking Action”

  1. As an insan we are not always aware of what we wish from Allah. The things we think is good for us might not be. Therefore not all of our wishes come true.

    Just to protect us! Beceause “He” knows the consequences for us! As an example richdom can bring a lot of issues with it…so in that case it is better to life an avarage live. Insallah my interpretation makes any sense.

    1. Hence, brother Djumalee, it is always good adab when seeking and making dua to always do so with istikharah, to act and choose to the best of our abilities and levels of awareness, yet without attachment, and continually asking for divine guidance towards what is best. I suggest to always include in dua, in humility, asking for what you seek “or for that which is better” for you. It is surrender and non-attachment that lead us the divine pleasure of Allah Almighty. Blessed regards.

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