Discover Presence with the Power of Gratitude

Awakenings Academy Group Coaching Call : The Power of Gratitude to Awaken Presence

Faith, or iman, can be equated with gratitude, and disbelief, or kufr, is explicitly equated with ingratitude in the Holy Qur’an.

By developing an attitude of gratitude and learning to focus on the positive and what is present rather than what is missing, you restructure your mind to be in harmony and in alignment with the Light and Presence of God, and so naturally attract to yourself better and more positive events, results and circumstances.

In this Group Coaching Call, you will learn about the incredible power of gratitude to help keep you awake and aware of the present moment, how gratitude deepens and develops the power of faith, the attractive power of gratitude, how to effectively practice gratitude on a daily basis, and much more.

Learn more in The Power of Gratitude to Awaken Presence.

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