Discover the Power of Light in Ramadan

The holy and blessed month of Ramadan provides an unparalleled opportunity to increase in capacity and in connection with light, and it is in this blessed month that descends power, energy and light from the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty.

As we increase our submersion in and subsistence on light, darkness naturally diminishes from our lives. This results in greater ease, peace and prosperity as the grace and goodness of God and are allowed to flow unhindered throughout our beings and thus through our lives.

In this Group Coaching Call, you will learn about Ramadan as the Month of Light and Energy, the 5 Forms of Light and how you can increase your connection with light, the mind-body-spirit connection, the importance of fasting in cultivating light, the importance of love and how Ramadan can deepen the bonds of love and light between you and loved ones, and much more.

Learn more in Ramadan is the Month of Light.

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