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Awakenings Academy Group Coaching : The Prophet ﷺ is the Portal to the Power of the Divine Presence

The blessed and noble Messenger and Emissary of God, the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, was sent and established as a means and a bridge to the grace, power and presence of God.

So long as we as human beings remain connected to the Prophet ﷺ and his holy and sacred Sunnah, we will be divinely supported and successful.

Yet if we lose our focus and love for the Prophet ﷺ, we will fail and lose both in this world and the next, for the believers having been granted knowledge, wisdom and guidance are held to a much higher standard.

In this Group Coaching Call, we discuss the preeminent position of the Prophet ﷺ in the lives and focus of the believers, both individually and collectively, and how to remain connected to him and his Sunnah in a real and substantial way.

By remaining true to the sacred Sunnah of Rasulullah ﷺ, we learn how to be divinely supported and thus ultimately and absolutely successful in both this world and the next.

Learn more in The Prophet ﷺ is the Portal to the Power of the Divine Presence.

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