Discover True and Eternal Life Through Divine Love

Awakenings Academy Group Coaching : Love is the Essence of the Water of Life

The great spiritual master al-Khidr (as), who is mentioned in the Qur’an in Surah al-Kahf (18), is one of the few who were able to attain to the secret of the Water of Life and discover that the eternal Fountain of Youth is holy, sacred and Divine Love.

It is Love that gave birth to creation and that continues to sustain it, and it is this Divine Love that flows from the Presence of God to the heart of the Prophet ﷺ, and therefrom to the hearts of the righteous, the pious, the pure and the polished.

By learning to connect and remain connected with the Prophet ﷺ and the true and sincere, we become sustained by Divine Love that then propels and changes us, and gives and guides us to true, real and eternal life.

In this Group Coaching Call, you will learn about the secret that flows from the Divine Presence, through the Prophet ﷺ and into the hearts of the true, the sincere, the humble and faithful. You will also learn about the importance of keeping the company of the believers, the importance of turning inward to reach to Divine Light, the key to happiness and success, the highest levels of attainment in the Hereafter, and much more.

Learn more in Love is the Essence of the Water of Life.

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  1. On time!!! My intention yesterday was to participate in a study circle, and bingo!

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