Expansion and Our Universe

In Chapter 2 of Rejuvenation of the Soul, we discuss at length the evolutionary and ever expanding nature of the Universe, as well as the divine relationship between consciousness and creation.

It is through the power of the Divine Breath that creation is brought into existence and maintained, and by deeply connecting with and becoming your breath, you deepen your connection the Transcendent and Eternal Divine Presence of God.

This spiritual connection with the Heavens is the basis for bringing into this world the Light, Power and Presence of the Divine, and to truly being a holy servant of God.

Also covered and discussed in this lesson are the role of prophets, messengers and awakened saints in the expansion and awakening of the Universe, the oneness of all creation, the secrets of the letters ba and nuun, the divine support of Ruh al-Quddus (the Holy Spirit), the importance of relaxation and surrender to enable the stretching and expansion necessary for transformation and metamorphosis, the imminent birth of a new earth and a new reality, and much more.

Learn more in Chapter 2: Expansion and Our Universe.

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