Expansion and the Heart

Today we begin the new course and series Rejuvenation of the Soul in Awakenings Academy, and this  blessed and beautiful journey begins with Expansion and the Heart.

In this session, we cover the centrality of the heart in both the physical and spiritual life of an entity. We learn that the health, state and condition of the heart is foundational and affects the very structure a thing attracts to itself, and that as consciousness becomes more awake, aware, refined, purified and transcendent, its physical structure undergoes a parallel evolution and transmutation.

Also discussed are the awareness of the consciousness of all things, both animate and inanimate, and the necessity of honoring, valuing and respecting all created things.

Additional topics include the two oceans of creation, the secret of the dot beneath the ba and above the nuun, the ship of faith and enlightenment upon which sail the prophets, messengers and saints, the relationship between growth and expansion with breath and the state of surrender, in contrast to contraction and tension with unconsciousness, death and separation, the importance of perpetual growth, learning and development, the internal and experienced states of both heaven and hell, and much, much more.

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