Expansion and the Increase of Knowledge

In Chapter 3 of Rejuvenation of the Soul, Imam Fode draws significant parallels and connections between the ever expanding nature of the Universe and of consciousness, and the thus necessary continual increase in the depth of knowledge and light that is made available in the Universe.

As creation continues and advances in its journey towards its destination in the Presence of the Divine, the veils and barriers between the worlds of light and dark, awareness and unconsciousness, spirituality and matter become thinner and diminished allowing for greater potential and possibility of transcendence and awakening.

The believer is he or she who is in a state of continual movement and ascent, in essence a traveler and one who is continually increasing in surrender and the transcendence of ego so as to continually learn and advance upon the path.

Also discussed are the importance and significance of the “West,” the cumulative and progressive history of revelation and knowledge, the evolutionary nature of life and of the way, the imminent Age of Spirituality, the honor and rank of the humble and pious, and much more.

Learn more in Chapter 3: Expansion and the Increase of Knowledge.

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