Expansion and Trust

In Chapter 5 of Rejuvenation of the Soul, we dive deeper into the realization that all of Life and the Universe are fundamentally one, and that by progressively transcending the self, we progressively transcend separation.

While the mind and the ego that arises from its processes are based in separateness and disconnection, the heart seeks oneness, unity and love with all things, and by shifting consciousness from the mind to the heart, we deepen our connection with the Universe and all that it contains, ultimately rising into gnosis and God-consciousness, ma’rifah.

Because al-Islam (the Way) is a living path, it is continually expanding, evolving and increasing, and likewise so too must its understanding and the depth of one’s practice. Thus, it is of absolute importance to seek knowledge from and be connected to living masters of the path and the way, realized and enlightened human beings through whom Allah Almighty preserves the religion.

Learn more in Chapter 5: Expansion and Trust.

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